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11-02-2021 Anders used "Upgrade", it's super effective!

Anders used "Upgrade", it's Super Effective!

Since their release a few months ago, we've been observing the interest in the new Bosses and their engagement and are pleased by their reception on the whole. We recognise there were a few small *ahem* oversights early in the process but we appreciate your patience as a community for sticking with us on this and agreeing to work with us while we make them suitable to form a lasting part of Syrnia.

We are aware some of them are a little too easy and their experience reward is rather high, something we took onboard and needed a good few months to try and adjust, so we are grateful for your continued patience.

Since their release there have been a number of changes to the first four Bosses (Emma, Antha, Karkinos and Anders) which have been covered briefly in patch notes however to summarise the changes so far before we introduce what we expect should put them in a good place:

  • Bosses gained a lot more health and their stats were substantially increased to make them a slightly more daunting target.
  • Their rewards were a little too generous on release, we're blaming Halloween Ghosts and Gremlins messing with the database which have now been chased away, and rewards have been substantially reduced.
  • Abilities were changed, some of them weren't quite hitting people hard enough. Bosses just weren't that challenging, so we sent all four of them back to Boss school and taught them some new tricks.

In the next update scheduled to release in the next few days, we are amending the bosses with a few further changes to toughen them up a little more and get them catching out players trying to be too sneaky. While we wont say what will be changed, as a general rule if a boss destroys your equipment you probably should replace it and try to use appropriate equipment. There's a reason why they break the gear they choose to break, and it is recommended players keep themselves equipped as best they can or these bosses will catch you out for that. In addition we are also raising their health and damage profiles of all abilities and reducing their experience further following that feedback from players. Players will find that Bosses average damage has increased as well as some of their maximum damage levels in some cases. By and large the CL 100 guideline does remain appropriate for the Level 1 bosses although this is dependent upon the right skills as well as items and is only a guideline.

We can confirm though that Emma will remain as she is, she remains the introduction to Boss combat and her effective combat ability is still aimed at players of at least CL 60. We have however adjusted her combat ability slightly, her default attack will now be more effective against those of a much higher CL just in case, although this is more likely to affect those of treble digit combat levels.

Anders does deserve a special mention in all this, his damage and stats will be raised significantly to make him worthy of being a higher tier boss, so many of you who have defeated him previously should be careful...he's gotten wise to some of your techniques now!

Following these updates, the team does not anticipate any major balance changes to the current four and we believe they are in a better place compared to where we were at release. While we may make individual minor adjustments to them now and then to fix problems, they should be remaining how they are for quite some time!
*Knocks on the Ancient Wood desk for luck*

(Whoops, shouldn't mention those. Spoilers)

We would like to wrap up this news post by thanking players for providing your constructive feedback in this process on how to improve them and many of the suggestions have been taken on board and will be reviewed. We would also like to especially thank those players who were consulted directly by development staff for their insight on this content post release (you know who you are), your input has been greatly welcome in shaping this content and we appreciate your time on this.

31-10-2020 A new challenger appears!

A new challenger appears!

For some time now, many of you may have been helping to fund the Rima University, wondering what exactly it was you were helping towards. Well, now we can reveal exactly where some of your hard earned gold has been going.

Introducing Emma

Emma, a renowned lecturer at the University has been spending her time since Calmere was discovered, studying new creatures that appeared throughout the Syrnian region called Bosses. She has collected extensive knowledge of these creatures down in the University Archives but isn't quite able to defeat them herself to get a little more information, this is where you come in...

Anyone wishing to start encountering Bosses will need to find Emma and pass her initiation test, although be warned this isn't an easy fight in itself. Players are advised to have at least CL 60 just to defeat her and it is recommended to bring friends along. Once she has been defeated at least once, others will become available for you to encounter.

A New Challenge

Bosses represent an evolution in combat. Designed as encounters for larger groups of strong players, these enemies have plenty of health, can hit extremely hard and have access to abilities never before observed on any creature throughout Syrnia. Underestimate them at your peril as they can deal high amounts of damage to those unprepared or damage, even destroy some of your equipment with devastating strikes. However there are ways to protect yourself against these creatures and their abilities, and with the right skills or even equipment you may find them not quite so troubling...

Note that others within this update require much higher levels, it is suggested to be around CL 100 before encountering others after defeating Emma although survival is still not guaranteed even with that...

The locations of these Bosses are hidden in new places throughout the game world and unless you have completed the initiation quest, you will not be able to encounter them.

Risks and Reward

For all of the damage that these creatures can inflict, the rewards in terms of experience and loot is potentially great. With possibilities of high tier resources, gemstones and rare equipment up for grabs, they should prove an enticing foe. Each boss also has a slim chance of dropping a collectable item unique to them. Consider it a trophy to prove you have been able to defeat them!

A final note

Please be advised that while these Bosses have undergone development testing to ensure they are functional for players as well as challenging, their statistics as well as their rewards is still subject to review and will be monitored closely after release. As stated these creatures are extremely strong to those unprepared and some can do damage in excess of three digits.

The Syrnia Development team will continue to review and may update these opponents after release, including their rewards or abilities based on player feedback. We also plan to continue to work on new Bosses as the game develops with potentially even more unexpected mechanics to them in other new places.

We hope you will find them as challenging and fun to encounter as it was to design them.

21-10-2020 Scrolls and Rare Drops

Scrolls and Rare Drops

Since their addition several months ago, the mysterious scrolls from Calmere have been a source of intrigue among the community over what they do, how to get them and all that. Initially it was decided to keep the specifics out of public knowledge as best as possible so that those wanting to experience this for themselves are allowed to do so without fear of spoilers. This also gives players a chance to try and piece this together themselves. However now we are towards a point where it is becoming beneficial to start releasing details to combat any potential disinformation or concern among the community as well as prepare for future content.

In terms of how they work and their functions, this has already been explored and discovered by the community so will not be covered in this topic.

Rare Drop Skills

We can confirm that Scrolls are part of a mechanic termed as a "rare drops". This differs from any existing skill or combat drop and follows entirely new mechanics. As the name suggests, the chances of receiving any of these is rather low. A player can be eligible for a rare drop when they are performing any of the following skill actions:

  • Combat
  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Smelting
  • Walking
  • Woodcutting

At present, rare drops are being used for items such as Scrolls and Squirrels but were previously used for Calmere maps in bottles that were provided prior to its launch and may be used for more items as the game develops. We are not publishing the specific drop figures for these items not least since it is still under constant review however needless to say they are difficult to acquire.

Receiving a Rare Drop

When the code determines a player is eligible to receive a rare drop a check is made against each option in the list to see which item the player receives. Some items on the list have a higher weighting than others and are therefore more likely to appear. These checks of whether a player is able to receive a rare drop are irregular to avoid unnecessary calls on the database and we are choosing not to release the specifics behind this. On average though it is expected a player could get a chance at any rare item every few days. However this may be adjusted in due course and may be changed on a per item basis but will continue to be reviewed by the team as necessary.

Limits and restrictions

We can also confirm that there are currently some limits set on players, limiting the number of certain rare drops that can be acquired although we intend to review this as the game progresses and may adjust or remove limits accordingly. This mechanic may also be applied to future rare drop items as the game develops.

We hope that this will clear up some of the confusion on this topic and the Syrnian Development team would like to reassure you that concerns are being listened to and we continue to observe and modify as necessary. The implementation of rare drops and scrolls has been designed carefully within the team and there are further plans for this which are taking time to develop, so while we appreciate some players are concerned, this is still a work in progress and we hope you will continue to explore and enjoy the game.

07-07-2020 Day/Night, New Work Images, Squirrels, and an Update on Scrolls

Day/Night System and New Work Images!

To help Syrnia feel more alive, we've created a day/night system in-game, including new work images for most actions.

Nighttime runs from 19:00-05:59, and daytime runs from 06:00-18:59.

During nighttime, all applicable work images appear as their night variants, and vice versa for the duration of daytime. However, since mining is a main gathering skill but takes place in a mine and is therefore unaffected by sunlight, we've created unique work images for mining each ore.

We hope to add some specific functionality in the future that depends on the time of day, but for now, we've created a small quest at Bidou docks introducing the function.

We've added a clock to the right of the "report" link under the chat that displays the current time in-game, down to the second.

Pet Your Pets?!

You can now interact with your pets by clicking on them in your inventory, and a new pet is now dropping Syrnia-wide.

The Hot Topic.

To touch on scrolls: over time since the release of Calmere, we have monitored the drop rates of the scrolls and tweaked them by a decent bit. We know scrolls have been very controversial; we want them to have a place in the game in their current state, but make them more accessible to other players over time. Apart from having been tweaked over time, global rare drops, such as scrolls, can now be found while cooking, smelting, as well as while walking. These rare drops also have a higher drop rate in the Outlands.

21-5-2020 Squashing Calmere Bugs

We've been working hard on fixing any bugs that have reared their ugly heads since the release of Calmere Island yesterday. Most that have been reported are no longer issues. Thank you to the community for reporting them, and don't forget to report any future bugs, should they arise.

Many of you noted that the link for "create magic item" was appearing, but there were no items to be made upon clicking the link. We've properly implemented a magic item to Rima City University, so go check it out!

We are thrilled with the feedback for Calmere Island, and we hope it continues to bring the joy that it has over the past day.

20-5-2020 Calmere Island Launch!

Calmere Island

Calmere Island Map

Ever since October, 2019, the world of Syrnia has been seeing some small updates to the game, as well as unique, one-off events during holidays. This has been nice, as for a long time, throughout many different periods of Syrnia's history, Syrnia has gone through long dry spells of nothing new happening within the world.

However, the winds of change are blowing once again. Borneo's small team of coders, who have been bringing these small updates, are very proud to finally release Calmere Island. Anasco being the last actual island to have been released back in 2009, we have been very excited to put some real effort over the past few months into creating something that will ultimately benefit Syrnia in a plethora of ways, filling in some gaps and bringing some other unique content.

Bottles? What Bottles?

A few days before Calmere's release, six new types of creatures began to invade the known islands of Syrnia, apparently coming from another land. Very quickly, someone thought to check the map files and found the newly uploaded Calmere map. Once these invasions began, so did the dropping of a mysterious bottle containing a Calmere Island Map! This "Map in a bottle" drop was extremely rare, and it only dropped from Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing actions, as well as combat. Calmere's release was dependent upon all maps being recovered. We hope the community found this more enjoyable than simply finding a few maps laying around on the ground!

Yo, New Quests?

Who doesn't love a good quest? Syrnia doesn't have enough of them, so Calmere Island comes boasting four new quests. Some are fairly easy and can be completed by most players, whereas one is a good bit tougher than average and could pave the way for some really important future content.

Okay? What About Calmere Skilling? Combat?

There will be much to do on Calmere regarding skilling and combat. Unlike Anasco, which focused solely on the highest tiers of gameplay, Calmere seeks to bridge some gaps in skilling and combat, being a conglomeration of low, middle, and high-level content. There is a focus on combat, but the island has a little something for every kind of player! This news post will not spoil anything further, as we want players to explore Calmere and enjoy its secrets as they are discovered in real time.

Ew, Bugs?

Bugs come around, no matter how hard we try to smash them. Calmere went through extensive testing to ensure that it was as bug-free as possible, but sometimes, things are simply missed. If you happen to find anything that you might think is a bug, please contact the staff via the ticket system and wait for it to be handled. We must ask you to not post any bugs publically in any way, as we do not want anything new to be abused.

Calmere Island was a work of love from people who very much enjoy Syrnia and want it to still grow and thrive over fifteen years after its conception. There was great time and effort put into this island in particular. Calmere is a bit different than the other islands, but as to why this is the case will be revealed in time...

What are these mutterings I've been hearing about the pirates recently?!

Firstly, this is NOT an update to the pirates. However, we noticed this weekend that a new Pirate Captain has risen up and been selected to reign due to something that has long been in the code that selects the third person in the -fame list if the Captaincy attempts to switch to a player who has been inactive for a certain period of time. It has been a while since the game has seen a good, ol' fashioned pirate invasion. A big congratulations to the pirates! We hope this will bring back a part of the game that has been missing for so long.

We are thankful for all of you who are still playing Syrnia, and we look forward to bringing this fantastic community and world more updates in the near future. Calmere is only the beginning...

Kind Regards and Hearty Cheers from Syrnia's Staff and Dev Team.

10-04-2020 Easter Additions 2020

Happy Easter to everyone!

We are kicking this year off with a bang as we welcome in this holiday with a bunch of new additions.

Firstly we welcome a good read this year as The Legendarium features an all new magical story to commemorate the new things coming this easter.

The Rose gate Event should keep you entertained as well so make sure you speed on over to check it out.

With Easter we have decided to add some new creatures this year, the Easter Gnome has brought some friends along for the party make sure you check them out and keep hunting for those eggs and goodies.

What will the chase NPC be this year? we have created a theme this year and gone for a Magical time, we hope you have a wonderful Easter and make sure you keep an eye out for all the new things and more

So once again enjoy the holiday this year Happy easter to all of you from us at the Syrnia Dev team.

13-03-2020 Tutorial Island Overhaul 2020

October 12th, 2006: Tutorial Island was added to Syrnia.

Since then, apart from some very basic changes to improve the experience of new players, the Tutorial has remained virtually unchanged.

We believe the Tutorial is of the utmost importance to Syrnia, as it is essentially the first real impression of the game that any and all new players receive.

Recently, some of the dev team have been working to overhaul the Tutorial and to simply make it a better-written, more comprehensible experience for every newbie who enters our world for the very first time.

Today, after almost 14 years, a new and improved Tutorial Island has been added to Syrnia.

We are thrilled to have finally finished this, and we hope it only changes Syrnia for the better. Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process.

To keep existing players from getting themselves banned by making new accounts to see the new Tutorial, Pendragon has graciously filmed a walkthrough video from the beginning to the end of our updated Tutorial:

05-03-2020 Syrnias 15th Birthday

15 years ago, a young, aspiring video game designer wanted to create an RPG. However, at the time, there were no real text-based RPGs with a working inventory system. As a joke, he drew up a very basic layout for what his game would look like, and showed it to some friends. They liked it, which spurred him forward to create a second, much more polished sketch of the game. He ran a one-week beta and, during that period, came up with the name "Syrnia".

Syrnia was officially launched on March 5th, 2005, with about 100 members in its first three or four days.

Since then, we have seen 15 years of growth and change. 15 years with so many thousands of players come and gone. We've lived through the exciting periods of new updates and new features being added every few months, to some quieter periods when we simply enjoyed the community and what the game has already given us. We've lost players to the harsh realities of life outside of our little world, and we've gained friendships that will last a lifetime.


Happy 15th birthday, Syrnia!

During this day of celebration, Castle Rose has opened its apiary fields to the Syrnian community, allowing us to partake in the delicious joys of honey and beekeeping. Players can search the hives for Beeswax to turn into Candles, which can be used to bake 15th Birthday Cakes at Rose Gates!

While searching through the beehives, players might find some tasty chunks of Honeycomb to enjoy, and some lucky players might even find a little friend to take with them on their journeys!

Invasions will run throughout the day, as well as some combination chests. We might even see a return of the Jesters from last year's birthday.

Mike (M2H) started something small back in 2005 that has lived on for 15 years, and will hopefully continue for long after this post was written. To M2H and Borneo, as well as the many players who have helped make Syrnia what it is throughout the years: thank you. And thank you to the community for sticking strong throughout the ups and downs of the past decade and a half. This game truly would not still exist without you. You are all appreciated more than you know.

Kind Regards - Syrnia Staff

24-12-2019 Christmas 2019

Christmas 2019

A quick Recap and thank you.

The year of 2019 has seen a lot of special treats and we couldn't be more pleased
with the amount of support the community has displayed.

- We have seen the game becoming more secure with the transfer to https
- We got the chance to try out a new style of event for Halloween
- We received a much needed filler for the lovely fishing zones
- A complete finish to the "Anasco Speed suit"
- A new boat for constructions which is just as speedy as the bald eagle boots
- The oppourtunity to bring back the Battle mage player event along with a few tweaks

These are just a few of the updates mentioned above however there is a lot that goes on behind the scense for staff and updates that the players will not necessarily see or notice. A lot of time has gone into reworking the games core for future projects and even though we may seem to go a little while without seeing anything big or new please keep in mind that in order to move forward you sometimes have to take a step backwards. With that being said we really do hope you have enjoyed the updates and new content thus far.

Christmas Treats!

The Christmas Holiday has always been a very awesome and over powering event as It's the final celebration of the year. This year will not see much of a change from last years or previous events when it comes to chasing. That being said, we do have a few new treats.

Instead of just flat out giving away all the info freely. This year you will have to figure out where the updates are hidden and what there is to do. We really do wish you the best of luck!

Instead of an over powering event handing out lots of little treats we did decide to go a different route for the new content by maybe giving players a bit more of a challenge to find some "rare" loot.

Hopefully with a lot of hard "work" you will be lucky enough to come across something that we thought was pretty neat.

Kind Regards - Syrnia Staff

04-12-2019 SSL Certificate

Our lovely coder has made Syrnia a more secure site by adding an SSL certificate. The https is enforced, which means if you go to http you will end up at on the https site.

15-11-2019 Battle mage Returns

Our amazing development team have done it again! After all the recently added new content and the fun they cooked up for us over Halloween, they have fixed our beloved battlemage for us! So store your food, grab your gear and see if you can get you...

29-10-2019 Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Its that time of year again to celebrate and enjoy the spooky festivities. (We hope we did right by you awful and ungreatful noobs!!!)

For those of you who havent noticed the recent updates. We wont spoil them here but we will give a few details away for those who wish to seek out the new goodies.

The Flower shops have seen a face lift, along with adding in the missing flowers.
The Abydos shop has seen the introduction of 2 new speed gear items.
The Construction skill seems to have a fancy new boat to build? (Wonder what thats for?)
Smithing Hardsilks and Softsilks onto certain holiday tools have been removed.
New creatures to fight at Sorer Lair.
New Invasion creature which drops an extremely light weighted pair of boots.
The Syrnia News page has been restored.

Overall the Staff has been busy to say the least. However, the real champions have always been and will always be you guys.
Each and every one of you combined are the reason Syrnia still keeps going. We would like to give a huge high five to the faces.. I MEAN HANDS! of those who
Never stopped loving the game. Thank you so much for the grins!

Kind Regards, Syrnia Staff

3-9-2019 Adventures Awaiting!

Syrnia has FINALLY been reconstructed to the point where we can now move forward with updates.

Fully staffed and now under the complete Guidance of Borneo (Who has been testing things non stop... ) We can expect to see some brand new adventures.

Although many of the "updates" are finished and ready to go live.
Borneo will be hand selecting players to help test some new features.
Please keep in mind that everything tested has been rethought and tweaked around from what EVERYONE previously thought and expected in order to give a surprising element to the new goodies. Many things were leaked so there is literally no surprise to the old ideas therefore they were used where we could and removed and rethought where we had too.
If you are selected or asked by Borneo to help test things for him then please keep it a secret as to what's being worked on and what YOU are testing. We don't mind you telling players that you were selected or letting others know that you are in dev testing "Example:woodcutting" but as for the actual content it's very important to keep hush hush. Thank you everyone for reading and taking the time show your support for Syrnia.

14-05-2010 Mobile/Landline phone donation option added + User feedback

It has been requested quite a lot by users who want to donate to Syrnia but could not do so via any of the currently available donation options: We've finally added a mobile (and landline) phone donation option via DAOpay. You can donate to Syrnia by SMS or by calling a special number via your phone. You can see the details of thsis new donation option at the "How to support Syrnia" page in-game under "Donation options". Other donation options remain more attractive due to the fee of phone donations.

Furthermore, as a little experiment, We'd like to ask users to leave their feedback on this temporary website:

This website can be used to leave feedback, request certain features, report bugfixes etc. Express your feelings about Syrnia, but keep it nice.

At the moment we plan to use this feedback site just this one time to estimate how everyone feels about Syrnia right now. We do not yet have any plans to keep using this feedback site in the future, so do not (yet) put too much effort in it. If this experiment turns out well, we might seriously look at keep using a feedback site, possible a different one then UserEcho though.
We're looking forward to constructive feedback!

11-05-2010 New frontpage layout

We've revamped the entire frontpage to streamline the website for new and existing users. With the new graphics in place we'll focus on the content later on (E.g. thel game tour page).

18-12-2009 Christmas 2009

On the 24th of December 2009 at 18:00 Syrnia time Christmas celebrations will commence with the opening of Party Island.

You can reach Port Party from Port Senyn, Crab Nest, Burning Beach or Eylsian docks. Just like last year you will be able to return to your originating port via Port Party. However, do make sure you leave Party Island before 23:59 (26th) as otherwise you will be returned to Port senyn or Crabs nest.

In hope to avoid any big expectations (as the expectations seem to raise with every event); Party island celebrations are quite modest this year. As the Holiday lake is frozen by now, we will be icefishing this year. Don't forget to bring your rod and you will be all set to catch some Striped *blue* fish.As usual at Festival Forrest there are plenty of trees to cut and many different kinds of seeds to find. However due to excessive chopping last year Christmas trees will be much harder to find. Furthermore you can create Snowwoman and of course you can sit on Santa's lap and receive a personal present. You might also enjoy just walking around on Party island, as it's been a while.

We wish you and your family & friends a fun packed Christmas period!

29-09-2009 Anasco island update

You might be wondering the purpose of these torches that have been dropped everywhere. Those that are curious should check out Anasco Island, the latest island to be discovered in the world of Syrnia. Sail from Elysian Docks to reach this new and exciting island!

While most are aware of the 6 spots, all will now be revealed once you reach Thabis. There are incentives to train every skill as the focus groups and staff have ensured there was something for everything on this island. Feel free to explore and discover what has been done for yourself!

Anasco Island

A long time ago, an ancient and powerful civilization hid from the world of Syrnia within the coral reefs. Here in modern day Syrnia, we have finally learned of its existence due to a new mapping expedition by hardy sailors. While those native to Anasco are all but gone, their towns are still able to be explored. Any Syrnian who has spent time honing their skills to the fullest should find plenty to do. Who knows what new and exciting things you will find?!

Game updates

This island is aimed at high level players and adds new high level content to almost all skills.

  • New combat location
  • 4 new quests
  • A new university for trading&constructing
  • The obsidian metal has been added to smithing, for 100+ armour, weapons and tools.
  • New equipment has been added for cooks and smiths to use
  • New cooking content up to level 165, fishing content up to level 200 (the fishing spot is not always available)
  • Two new forests (75 and 100) with new seeds for farming.
  • In total over 60 new items/images have been added.
  • 5 new mysterious magic orbs..
  • A new flower(ad bouquette)
  • New event type: For some of the islands features you will all need to work together to unlock buildings
  • A new speed set is available at Per ankh

Somehwere today after the launch (once we've confirmed everything is working smoothly) we will be adding a new donation option (Trialpay). This should help those who have requested the ability to donate via mobile payments, besides that, trialpay also offers offer promotion based donations. Once this is added to Syrnia an seperate announcement will be made.

In this update we have not yet addressed two issues that we are aware of: Thieving skill and missing (Eully) shop prices. Both problems are on our radar but need more attention.

Enjoy the updates, have fun exploring the new content!

02-08-2009 Syrnia API for community fan sites

Today we're launching an API for Syrnia fan sites. This enables them access some Syrnia data and do fancy stuff with this information. We hope this will improve/enhance your Syrnia experience! Don't be afraid; we have full control over what data these websites can and can not access.

If you do not like external Syrnia fan sites having access to some of your player details, you can go to "Options" -> "Privacy options" and raise your privacy level.

At the moment the API can be used to gather the following Syrnia data:
- The complete clan list (tag,title), updated daily.
- The complete list of all player names, updated daily.
- The top 1000 of every skill.
- Player profiles, containing: All levels, clan, signature, avatar, join date, current equipment (Players can decide to hide details).

You can request API access for your Syrnia fan site by emailing support( ) Please note that we will only allow access to a limited amount of websites. You should already have a Syrnia website running before applying.

Let's see how this changes the Syrnia fan sites!

Edit: Forgot to mention; we now have a RSS feed of the Syrnia news.

08-07-2009 Happy holidays!

First of all: We hope you're all enjoying, (or about to enjoy!), your holidays!

The initial results of the focusgroup meetings which took place a while ago have finally taken shape. The first result of these meetings will be released in the form of a new high level island near Kanzo. We expect this new island will be discovered in August/September.

We have noticed many fansites are doing their best to provide the players of Syrnia with the best possible guides to assist players in discovering the many secrets Syrnia holds. We certainly appreciate all the effort the players take to make those fansites and therefore we are planning to provide an "API" to a selection of webmasters.
This will provide fan/community websites with easy and lightweight access to Syrnia information like highscores and maybe even player profiles (gear/stats/signature etc.). We will of course keep player privacy in mind by allowing players to have the option to enable or disable player profile visibility. We will release more details about this will in August/September.

We would like to apologize for the delays in the answering and solving of bugtickets. We are currently in the process of reorganizing the bug (ticket) department and have started going through all open tickets. We hope to have the bug department running smoothly by August/September and are aimining for as close to no unsolved bug tickets as possible.
Due to popular demand we will now allow players to change their name. Make sure you Choose your new name wisely as you will only be permitted to do this once! Obviously changing your player name will not clear your personal record regarding previously received punishments. All namechange requests can be sent to the multi/cheat department where the names will be reviewed first to see if your newly chosen name is appropriate and not too close to an already existing player.

Last but by no means least, some special news for all those flower collectors amongst you: All the flowers that appeared to go missing lately due to excessive use of horses, have been replanted and can be found again whilst walking on the roads of Syrnia.

17-02-2009 Desert arena & Trophy's

Today we've finally launched the desert arena rewards. Every player can exchange desert arena medals to receive a random item from any of the arena sets(16 new items). There are four arena sets: Equites, Retiarii, Hoplomachi and Samnites. The items from these sets don't require attack/defence levels, but instead require you to have a combat level of 30,50,70 or 90. We also increased the arena fights by about 25%. The arena now has a new group: The 40-150 group has been divided into 40-59 and 60-150

What use are rare items without being able to show them off? At the 12.50 donation level we've added an option to show off an item in a Thropy slot on your character. This 8th slot can contain any item (From the "Worldmap of a new island" to a Syriet axe you can't yet wear). Throphy items can not be damaged in combat, but be carefull; trophies can be lost when dieing. Enchantments/upgrades on trophys are not used. You can edit your Trophy at the Options->Donation options screen. All those who had already donated 12.50 or more can of course use this feature right away.

23-12-2008 Christmas 2008

At 00:01 Syrnia time on 25th December the 2008 Christmas celebrations will commence with the opening of Party Island. You can reach Port Party from Port Senyn, Crab Nest, Burning Beach or Eylsian docks, and this year you will be able to return to your originating port via Port Party. However, do make sure you return to your originating port before 23:59 as otherwise you will be returned to Port senyn or Crabs nest. This celebration will last 24 hours.

We don't like to disappoint so this year will involve the now firm favourates of chest opening competitions and invasions in addition to sitting on Santa's lap. A new "Dress your own Christmas Tree competition" has been created and to add some extra Christmas spice to the day we have introduced one or two new monsters. Who knows you might even find one or two new items!

Can we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support during 2008 and wish you and your family a fun packed Christmas period!

05-11-2008 Moderation and rules changes

We've made some changes regarding the rules and moderation to improve Syrnia for both the staff and the players.

First of all, we updated the rules to be more accurate and relevant. Please read them over again, to look at the changes and to refresh your memory of all of the rules in the game. There were quite a few changes made, but most were minor in nature. We regret to tell you that we don't have a master list of all changes made. The new rules will apply immediately.

To encourage everyone to behave and get used to the new rules, we've cleared all past moderation logs. This means all logs of previous mutes/forumbans etc. have been cleared. These logs are used to determine if a player is a repeat offender. If a player has a big moderation log, the punishments are accordingly. This log clearing is a fresh start for everyone.
There is one minor exception to this: there are a few (3 or 4) players of which we will take their history in account if they return to their old behaviour. Their history has of course also been wiped and we hope everyone will benefit from this.

From time to time, the moderators may send a warning to different chat channels when the situation requires it. This can be send via a whisper or in the public chat, depending on the situation.

Last but not least, we've once again expanded the moderation team. There are also a few more public moderators that you may see from time to time.

As usual we welcome constructive feedback about any of the changes on the feedback forum.

01-09-2008 Game updates: Chat, smithing and more

Region chat

The "Region" chat channel has been added. This channel will allow you to talk to, and hear from, players who are at the same island or cave.
Login messages have also been moved to region chat.

The new region chat should do the community well. You can now talk to players who got the same level range/interest as you, as they are at the same island/cave.
The world chat has not been removed, but it has moved to channel 2.
The chat channel ignore option has been reset because of all the changes, you will need to reselect the channels you want to ignore.

Chat report

A new link has been added next to the chatbar; "Report".
Using this link you can report unacceptable chat behavior. You simply need to enter one or multiple usernames, select one or more channels and add a description. Moderators can then use your report and take action where necessary. The report function has replaced chat tickets. Please note that we've chosen not to give feedback about reports. This saves us a lot of work (just imagine how much reports are sent when someone abuses world chat), but besides that you also do not have to worry about it any more.
We hope that you'll notice that sending in chat reports does help, instead of receiving feedback about every single report.

Adding the chat report function, and the region chat also changes the way that players experience moderators. Moderators will no longer talk in chat. This also means no more confirmations of mutes etc. are given in the chat. This could be nasty for some players when they cannot reply to players that are talking to them, but it's pretty safe to say that people who are muted deserve just that ;).

Furthermore, the last moderation change is that players can notice if their tickets have been replied to by a senior moderator due to it being marked as such.


You can now whisper players privately. You can do so by typing "[email protected] there!" in the chat input bar. This will send "Hello There!" to the player Joe. It does not matter what channel you've selected, as the @ sign will overrule the channel selection. The ignore function works on whisper, and do also note that the chat report function can be used against whisper abuse too.

Some new options for donators

Hide public login:
You've got the option to enable and/or disable the public login message. There are three options: "On", "Disabled for region chat" or "Disabled for both region and clan chat".

Double history chat lines:
The chat history's chat lines double.

Show yesterdays chat history:
You can now view the last part of yesterdays chat history.

Two of these options have been added in the higher donation range, but don't worry: We will be filling up the gaps, and always try to add more donation options for all donation levels.


We've added 11 new seeds, in the range level 53 to 100.
Two of these have been added to Aloria, and some of the new seeds have also been added as monster drops. However, lacking proper forests, and monsters not all seeds are truly in-game yet.. We will be adding the seeds where possible.


The smiting tables always were pretty inconsistent. Because of this, and other changes in this update, we have changed the smithing tables.

The following table now counts for all metals (bronze,iron...syriet).
You only need to add the base metal's level.

0 Pickaxe
0 Dagger
0 Hatchet
1 Sabatons
2 Medium helm
2 Short sword
3 Scimitar
3 Small shield
4 Mace
5 Hands
6 Long sword
7 Medium shield
8 Chainmail
9 Legs
10 Large helm
11 Axe
12 Large shield
13 Two handed sword
14 Plate

The metal base levels:

-5 Bronze
10 Iron
25 Steel
40 Silver
55 Gold
70 Platina
85 Syriet

Because the items have been moved around, experience has too. Looking at the tables, it doesn't look like experience has changed much for smithers. If we somehow notice it has affected smithing (experience wise) we will consider the feedback and balance it where necessary.

Weapon and armour level requirements:

Until now, most of the smithed items were useless.

Level requirements have been added on every single smithable item. These level requirements are the same as the smithing requirements.

Reasons to add it:
  • Motivation and more reasons for every level up
  • The smithing items all have use now
  • More trade
  • The rare sets (such as Elven) have more use too, but do not rule out smithed items.
  • Also, because we wanted this change, it needed to be added now, at introduction of Syriet.

We realize there is one reason to complain for some players: You are not able to wear some items, that you were previously able to wear. This means it could be possible you are now 'weaker' than you would have been before this change.

This problem only really affect players that are level 10,25,40,55,70 or a few levels higher, as higher level players will be able to wear almost or exactly the same as before. Luckily, the above problem doesn't count for all players. However we've tried to reduce/eliminate the problem.

1. This is a 'temporary' solution for the complaint. You can keep wearing any items you were wearing before the update (even if they would now be a too high level for you to equip).

2. More sets will be added, such as at least two arena sets (that can be gotten by exchanging arena medals). Sets like these are of course rare, but will allow equal or better stats than before on the same levels. About the arena sets: We expect to add these in one of the very next game updates.

3. The most important fix for this complaint is that we've raised a lot of the items stats, according to their level. E.g. a plate now requires a higher level to wear, but also has more armour. A lot of the weapons and armour have raised stats, so that they should be close to, or better than before.

We have tried to combat this one and only complaint against this level requirement change. However, we hope that there are plenty of players that not only look at their own player, but also at whats good for the game itself. In the end that's what we had to do too.

Changes to other level requirements:
Finally, we felt it was necessary to change the level requirements on the following three item/sets:
Valera sword: 5 ( was 1)
Ogre: 10 ( was 1)
Lizard: 20 (was 1, and 25 for hatchet)

Syriet (ore) in game !

Syriet ore has been added to the game, this allows smithing the best available items at the moment.

Syriet ore has been spotted in the Arch. Caves. Syriet smelting is now also possible. It is not sure if the Syriet ore will exhaust in the future, and if the smelting conditions will stay as favorable in Arch. Cave 4. (We want to be able to give it a better spot if required ;) ).
The platina ore respawn amount has increased at the Arch caves.

Some other changes:

  • Fighting: A "Critical hit" message will appear if you hit very high for your doing, taking the weapon into account. In other words; The critital hit message will appear if you hit close to your maximum hit thats possible with your weapon. This has changed nothing to the actual damage done and received.
  • Warning for everyone who links to Syrnia: All links that used to end with ".m2h" have been renamed to ".php".
  • A rare inventory display bug has been fixed
  • Fixed the ":(" forum smiley that disappeared after an edit.
  • Changing your avatar will now also change all old (clan) forum posts
  • New username restrictions (only a-Z 0-9, spaces and "_" allowed in your username)
  • The Platina, and Gold hatchet smithing level has been fixed (was level 2)
  • Based on feedback: Soft spider silk, and Hardened spider silk drops are a bit more rare
  • The tutorial no longer allows camping.
  • New players only see the help channel, they can see and use the other channels after completing the tutorial.
  • All tutorial locations now use the map to move on.
  • A lockpicking and cooking "work" images have been added.


While we have thought a lot about balancing/changes, it might still be possible we need to tweak some things that we've missed. So it could be possible we adjust some of the changes a bit later, we will be also watching your positive feedback about the changes.

28-06-2008 Happy Holidays!

Dear all,

While we wanted to launch some big new updates before the holidays, we decided to postpone the plans to be able to properly test them. Adding a great new, but bugged, feature would ruin everything.
We can (for a change) tell you some details about these planned updates though:

1. Syriet ore will be coming to the game. This will unlock the best available weapons and armour for now!
2. We will have something set up for any desert medals to be exchanged for special weapons and armour.
As a reminder, we still are working on resolving all bugs.

These are just some expected updates for the month of August.

One last thing, every few days there will be an invasion. This will start this Sunday, 29/6, and go on until 21/7, a Monday. No location will be used twice during this to ensure that every location is utilized with the invasions and that everyone can join in as they wish.

Enjoy your holidays!

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