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Syrnia the free online RPG game
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  • A lot skills to train, the skills are listed at the right.
  • PvP: Kill other players and gain their posessions...
  • Monsters to kill
  • Quests to complete: Each quest is unique and will gain you experience and rewards.
  • Choose your own way of playing; If you want to you can concentrate on just one skill. To become the best trader you do not need to fight at all.
  • Free to play
  • Not turn or tick based
  • 15 Skills
  • 500+ Items
  • 100+ Locations
  • Discover treasures at dangerous places
  • Online multiplayer:
    Interact with friends/foes
  • Collect rare weapons/armour/items
  • A good community. Syrnia supports a chat & forum.
  • You can become famous in the world of Syrnia
  • The game offers a lot more you will like for sure! Experience it, and join this free game :).

What's this RPG about?

Syrnia is the new online adventure land where the world changes according to the players behaviour. Are you able to discover the land of Syrnia, are you brave enough to beat other players on skills as mining, fishing, fighting, thieving and many more?

You will soon find out when playing Syrnia. You will never get bored because of the many upcoming updates and the many things to do in game.
When travelling across the Syrnia lands, you will meet a lot of new friends, which can help you, and if you really feel like a team you can build up a clan with it's own clan headquarters to fight other clans.

There will be a lot of different things to do, bad or good, it's all in Syrnia. Will you be the one who plunders the houses and robs the shops in Syrnia? Or will you be the hard worker, who fishes, mines or smiths very often? It's your decision! But you don't have to choose, you can practice all of the skills with the same character!

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Syrnias skills:

-Combat (Attack, Defence, Strength, Health) Kill monsters or other players (pvp).
-Farming Plant seeds, wait... and then harvest your crops.
-Magic Enchant armour or Orbs, then use the magic to gain mystical powers.
-Smithing Use your hammer and ores to smith your own armour and weapons.
-Mining Train mining a lot until you are able to mine the very rare and valuable ores.
-Cooking Support the mighty warriors, sell them your cooked food in exchange for some of their loot.
-Fishing Keep patience and fish a lot, maybe you will find an old treasure chest in your net one day...
-Construction Learn construction at school, then build houses and shops for other people, they will pay you well!
-Trading Own your own shops at various locations, track your sales and try to bring your products on the Syrnia market.
-Speed Walk a lot and you will gain more speed every day, while walking you can also start to collect beautiful flowers.
-Woodcutting A lot of wood is needed in Syrnia, can you supply enough wood for the constructors?
-Thieving If you do not like the above skills, thieving might be your way to live in Syrnia...You will not be liked though.

If you do not like any of the above skills you can always choose to become pirate and invade the islands of the normal players.

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Type game: Free browserbased text based multiplayer rpg game.


Thanks go to the following persons, which have helped making Syrnia as it is now.
Muaat 3D artist for inventory images, work images etc.
Also big thanks to all the moderators!

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