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Remer Island

Now that you're acquainted with the playing screen, let's delve into the game itself. By this point, you've reached Rynir Mines, where you can commence mining Tin and Copper ores. Once you attain level 10 mining, Iron ore becomes accessible. Combine Tin and Copper ore in equal amounts to craft Bronze armor, weapons, and equipment. Equip your pick and choose either "Mine Tin" or "Mine Copper" (refer to Mining for details).

If exploration beckons, head north to Lisim. Here, you can fish Shrimp with your net. Upon reaching level 5 and acquiring a rod, you can also catch Sardines, Herring, and Mackerel. As you progress, Trout becomes an option. Check Fishing for more details.

Continuing north to Valera, you can purchase Mules or visit the Training Grounds. It's advisable to engage in combat once equipped with a full set of Bronze armor and a weapon, along with a supply of cooked fish or crops for healing. Optionally, consider building a house for secure storage of GP and valuable items (250 or 750 wood to build, refer to Combat for details).

Post-Valera, you have two choices. West leads to Endarx, where you smelt ores into bars and then forge items with a hammer (see Smithing). North of Endarx lies a dead end with the city of Rile, featuring a school for training Construction and Trading skills up to level 10 for GP (see Construction and Trading).

East of Valera is the city of Isri, where you can Woodcut with a hatchet. Seeds found during woodcutting can be planted on farmland at your house/s (750 GP buys a small 25-slot farm made with a spade). Continue further to the right to reach the market city of Eully, where you can engage in player trading, auctions, and quests. Visit Quests or Magic for details.

South of Eully is the city of Harith, ideal for cooking fish provided you have sufficient wood and a tinderbox equipped. Harith is also home to Remer's House of Floral, where you can sell flowers and send bouquets to other players (see Cooking).

The final stop on the Remer Island tour is Port Senyn, where you can fish using a small boat. Catch Pike, Cod, or Salmon once you achieve the required fishing levels. For a fee, set sail for Dearn Island, and later, The Outlands when you have the necessary levels. With your boat, travel across Syrnia for free, noting that certain boats are faster than others.

A Warning!: The Outlands is a PvP area where you can fight and be killed by other players. Entry requires 60 Total Skills or a Combat Level greater than 5 to protect newer players.

The Islands of Syrnia

Syrnia proudly boasts twelve distinct islands. To facilitate travel between them, each island features a port town, with Port Senyn acting as the port for Remer Island. Utilizing the port, you have the option to pay a nominal fee for ferry service to the next island or construct a boat using Wood through the Construction skill. Alternatively, you can sail to the next island on your own for free. Accessing certain high-level islands may require navigating the perilous PvP-enabled Outlands or employing teleportation orbs created through the Magic skill.

Dearn Island
The Outlands
Menzo Island
Elven Island
Skull Island
Heerchey Island
Kanzo Island
Serpenthelm Island
Exrollia Island
Webbers Island
Anasco Island
Calmere Island
Vote for us

We've introduced a new voting system to welcome fresh faces to Syrnia, including newcomers like yourself. In this system, you can cast votes on 7 links daily on topsites, earning a crystal per link (totaling 7 daily). Accumulate these crystals to redeem rewards, specially designed to assist new players in acquiring items that can be sold for GP in Eully if not needed. To access the voting system, look for a link called "How to support Syrnia?" beneath your inventory. Click on it and then select "Vote for Syrnia" (Option 1). Follow the instructions to cast your vote and claim your crystals.

What can you redeem with Crystals?
Item Name Crystals Required Notes
Green gift 3 Check for its contents
Carnation 10 Can be sold to House of floral at Harith
Lady sunshine 10 Can be sold to House of floral at Harith
Purple rha 10 Can be sold to House of floral at Harith
Tulip 10 Can be sold to House of floral at Harith
Blue gift 20 Check for its contents
Red gift 35 Check for its contents
Mustang 40 Mount - Reduces travel time by 81%
Sturdy cauldron 100 More durable version of the cauldron
Sturdy tinderbox 100 More durable version of the tinderbox
Sturdy fishing rod 100 More durable version of the fishing rod
Sturdy net 100 More durable version of the net
Your Journey Begins!

Congratulations on completing the foundational overview of Syrnia! While we've covered the essentials, there's always more to discover and delve into. For in-depth information on each skill, feel free to explore the detailed sections accessible by clicking on the skill pictures located at the top of the manual.

Should you encounter any challenges or have queries about the vast world of Syrnia, don't hesitate to reach out in the Game Help chat [5]. Our vibrant community is filled with helpful members eager to assist and provide guidance on any aspect you may find perplexing.

As you embark on your Syrnian adventure, we, the Syrnia team, extend our best wishes to you! May your experience be filled with excitement, growth, and enjoyable gameplay. Remember, the journey is yours to shape, and our community is here to support you. Have a fantastic time exploring the enchanting realm of Syrnia!

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