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14-01-2006 22:57

I am 22 male and live in Pembroke, North Carolina.

Dodging bullets and knife stabbings is the jist of whats going on in my city. Im currently out of college due to lack of funds. I run gambling machines as a job. i own an arsnal of guns and assualt rifles. Im trying to get out of poverty, but the only ways out are not really safe nor legal. I don't know what i want to do with my life, but if i could be a perfessional sniper(legally) that would have to be my dream career.
Mr. Addy
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15-01-2006 01:30

19/m from Norway, I live in Bergen and I'm studying languages.
next year I'll move to Singapore. Hopefully I'll be able to play syrnia as much as I do now

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31-01-2006 18:28

41/M I didn't feel so old until I read this thread. I have an antiques and collectibles shop in that sprawling non-metropolis of Luling, Texas. I have dealt rare records (those vinyl thingies) for a couple decades before that but lately I'm digging Victoriana. Played Adventure and Star Trek on teletypes in the 70s and have been addicted to digigaming ever since.
17-02-2006 20:23

im 16 yr old male go to school and live in Canada. its mius 40 celsius right now so i can go outside and play hockey like i normally would do.
17-02-2006 20:53

I am a 38 yo male Living in Rhode Island; you can see the ocean from many of my windows. I work as a Sr. Sales executive. I sell web analytics software to fortune 500 companies and government agencies. for hobbies, I host a lot of poker games, brew my own beer, and I enjoy kayaking in the bay and local rivers.
17-02-2006 20:58

14 year old male.I live in Estonia,Tallinn.I'm really short.I love playing football and volleyball and Syrnia of course.I very much enjoy RPG's and sports.I hate basketball becouse i'm so short (1m 57cm).I wanna be no lifer when i grow up(im half way there by the way)
19-02-2006 19:05

19 Student North England
I play 4-5 internet games in my spare time. i shoudnt really be playing as i have a couple of bits of course work that are due soon.

1 question Mercinary8080 you say you play football, is it proper football or the pansy american stuff??
19-02-2006 19:45

19/f. 5'4" I work at Easy Spirit, a shoe store, play Syrnia, read webcomics and am be going to University of Louisville for Computer Science.

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19-02-2006 20:48

Age 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Profession job seeker
20-02-2006 04:19

Name: Marcus
Age: 15
Bday: February 20th
Location: USA,TN

I am a computer phreak I spend up to 7 hours a day ont he comp between school lol.
05-03-2006 22:37

17 male last year college uni next year. (it my bday in 4 days)
05-03-2006 23:06

Sidman and I are the two old guys here.

I live in California, US

My wife and I Work From Home, (see our site www.Checks4Life.com)
06-03-2006 00:56

I am another of the oldersters I guess. I am 53, male, physician. I am terminally educated (medical joke... I am educated almost to death ) I have three advanced degrees, two at the doctoral level. I live in Southern Tennessee. I like this game because it allows for building and exploring without having to face combat all the time. Almost every other game I have tried requires combat just to survive.

I would improve this game by shortening the wait time (number of seconds between actions. The game moves quite slowly.) I would suggest developing the construction skillset to include more items. Of course more islands with more real estate to explore. The entry to the career path of magic is currently a severe bottleneck due to the scarcity of amber. I would suggest altering the farming skillset to allow for the production of seed, as this is currently a limiting factor in this career.

I like the new look!

Edited on 06-03-2006 03:50
06-03-2006 01:52

hmm...seems you included most of my old ideas....
06-03-2006 03:26

I'm Kristyn, 14 years old, and I live in California, USA. I'm 4 foot 10 (yea, that's pretty short), a filipina , and a little crazy at times.

I spend most of my weekdays at school, and then at home, I'm normally on the computer. I'm also involved in robotics. Robotics takes up most of my time. I enjoy doing origami, listening to the radio, and playing with my cockatiels. I also play my Gamecube every once in a while, but other than that, I lead a pretty boring life

Also, I go to church every Sunday mornings, and attend almost every possible youth event there is.
11-03-2006 22:08

im 12 in 2 months ya!!! im male i live in grimsby ontario canada. I like playing video game sbasketball and soccer. Im also in grade 6. O ya my name is Philip!

Edited on 12-03-2006 03:55
12-03-2006 02:06

Chase, 14, male, 5-7 blocks away form goon(never bothered to count)
Fight for honor, fight for your life.
Pray to god that our side is right.
Even though we won, I still may lose
Until I make it home to you: Avenged Sevenfold, M.I.A
15-03-2006 03:52

13/m live in Washington State, US
I mostly sit on the computer all day playing Syrnia and porgramming. Sometimes play Thang Online(http:\thang.ongameport.com) and do whatever. I'm in 8th Grade, mostly As pretty boring life
15-03-2006 15:35

im 14/m just a kid from belgium adicted to games

real world?

Edited on 14-11-2006 18:44
15-03-2006 16:26

20 f France
I work in a book shop and I am studying History of art and Right.
If you want to know something else, I answer on PM with happyness :o)
15-03-2006 17:35

Am 17 Male from The Netherlands
doing 5th year of college ('vwo')
24-03-2006 09:35

Hi... I come from Cyprus though I was born in England, I only moved here less than a year ago... I work in a sandwich bar (at the moment!) and hope to go back to the UK soon. I spend a lot of time on the internet, addicted to blogs... otherwise just cooking and cleaning up after myself and my bf (who also plays here).
Just me... Im boring
29-03-2006 12:37

37/m from Belgium. Working as a software developer (mainly bookkeeping)
29-03-2006 19:07

I am 33 years old, living in Iowa, USA. Stay at home dad because I'm a big meanie making my wife work instead of me. I have all the time of the day to play games, until the wild pack of mongrels (4 boys) under my care decide to either kill each other or make it sound as if they are trying to.
29-03-2006 21:12

dang, i thought i posted to this thread a while ago, but can't seem to find my info, so here i go:

31 married male from Wisconsin in the States. 2 kids and a high-priority job keep me busy.

I'm the Operations Manager and Partner for an Investment Advisory Firm. Also studying for my CFA designation, currenting working on Level II of the test. Update, as of August of 2007 I now received my CFA designation

Edited on 04-01-2008 20:42
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