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14-05-2014 01:41

I'm 26 years old and I currently work as a freelance writer for a few different agencies and private parties. I am also a ghost writer for a production company called BladEdge located in China. Since I work from home, I am left with lots of time to kick around in Syrnia and fulfill all those blasted fish orders for TKBs Questing Service...

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05-11-2015 21:05

I've been put in a Wheelchair over the last couple of years but I try to assist
others with my WEbsite. as I prepare myself with Physio and others ways to hopefully gain the strength in my legs to be able to use my Walker that I have not been able to use yet, my website is for every body but I set it up mainly for others that need assistance with Depression and Mental Health my website link
is karlenepike1.com I hope that you may visit my website and please sign my Guest Book?
06-11-2015 12:12

Im an Environmental Geologist that specializes in hydrogeology
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06-11-2015 23:21

I fight demons and keep them from attacking innocent people like yourself! No buggy!
30-11-2015 10:27

It is interesting to see the posts from 2005. Almost all gone now. To think M2H put this together when he was 17 and it still lives. Pretty impressive.

Next April will mark 9 years in the game for me, hard to believe (was originally "Osuch34". Just enjoy the relaxation of this other little world. That and the very important friends I have made here that have carried over into RL.

I work for Target (large American retailer) in one of their gigantic regional distribution centers. Good company and I get exercise.

My first goal now is to get to Australia and insult zared to his face rather then in forum.

My second is to get to Wales and have a rum with pedro

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30-11-2015 16:23

June of 2015 marked 9 years since I first started here. Seems like forever. moc1 got me playing. Here I am a woodcutter but in the real world I am retired. I was a Jill of all trades. Most interesting jobs were: bus driving and later driving the rescue truck for the State Emergency Service. A volunteer rescue organization in most states of Australia.

Now I travel to the UK for the Summer of each year. Have been doing this now since 2012. I go over for the Summer Music Festivals. I've met up with a few Syrnia players too.

Rejoined the SES and am enjoying updating all my skills.


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FaNgZ RoCkZ!
01-12-2015 10:04

I also like looking at the posts from 05/6/7 etc and wonder did those people get to where they wanted to go.

Myself, Im a father it takes up most of my non working time, I play football for a few hours a week to relax and work in a college, exciting stuff!!
Im not crazy!

Im just a little unwell
02-06-2020 15:52

It has been completely humbling reading through these posts, there have been a number of high achievers pass through these forums. It is amusing to think that many of those who were students could now be considered professionals in their field. It'd be intriguing to see updates on where in your life you are now.

Myself, I am a Study Programme Manager for Animal Sciences in a college in the South West (UK), where I manage and lecturer on the FE and HE zoological courses teaching on campus and onsite at a zoo.

I am also completing a Research Masters in Biological Sciences (Ecology and Evolution) where I am exploring evolutionary stable strategies and mechanisms underlying fitness. Sounds fancy, but it means that a lot of my spare time is watching fruit flies have sex..
02-06-2020 16:26

Saw Pirates post so thought id update mine from here *Checks all the way back*

Im Steve and im from Edinburgh Scotland
Im 22 Male and 6'6.
Im a Warehouse Man by trade.

Outside of syrnia i enjoy Weight lifting, cycling and Amateur Rugby.
I play at No.8.

Had interest from some clubs when i was young but a severe knee injury ended any chance of becoming a profesional that and my crap ball handling skills.

Now aged 24
Full time forlift Driver.
Gave up any and all contact sports due to a back injury.

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Now Aged 35
Work at the largest food distribution hub in the UK.
Gave up weightlifting for above injury and switched to more cardio work.
Single, no kids thank god and in my spare time i like to go hill walking and i do some video editing.

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02-06-2020 17:51

Aww figured I should go look at mine too and update it. I was 13 in OG post, now 26. So I ended up finishing middle and high school! Went to college got a bachelors in Computer Information Systems... finally learned how to program a bit but forgot most of it in the 3 years since college not doing any programming.

Moved from North Carolina to Oregon just last year. I now work IT at a large corporation and it is a lovely job. I want to move into a more managerial role but that will come with time.

I still spend most of my free time gaming. I still also listen to metal a lot but more rap now as well, even electronic stuff. Hell I listen to most things these days. I have also been collecting insects as pets(usually spiders or ants) and watching them and seeing how even different spiders of the same species all have different personalities which fascinates me since insects are not known for intelligence.

I also design games that I would like to play, those that work in a 2D platform and turn based I build my ideas into RPGmaker using plugins others have made and customizing them to work with my ideas. My goal is to just move all of my ideas into games I code myself and I am working on relearning to program as well as learning how game devs specifically program.

15-03-2008 06:18

hi!!! my real name is nathan souza, i was born in brasil but i moved to america only 9months after my birth, i am 13yrs old and turn 14 on may 20th.
i now live in north carolina which is a pretty boring place to live most of the time. my hobbies are playing video games, playing guitar, playing sports, and just hanging out with friends. im in 8th grade and i have tryed to do some programming here and there but hasnt worked out for me. lol i knda need somebody to help me but thats pretty much it, except that im 5 feet 10 inches tall. also i listen to death metal, hardcore, metal, rock, heavy metal, and tiny tiny bits of rap and hip hop

I was so young. :O

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02-06-2020 18:06

Update as well


not sure if I recently updated this xD

I am 22 male I am studying in 3D design and games development

I will be enrolling for university this year and hopefully start attending next year. Ill be doing Level design and concept art with bits and pieces of programming and graphic design (so if syrnia needs me )


I am now 30

Passed my Fdsc but did not finish my BSC in full Upset about that.

Got an FDSC in games development

Finished my studys I now work in retail, I do coding in my spare time, where I focus on Css, Html, PHP, Java, C# and C++.

I game when I am not coding
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02-06-2020 20:28

I'm 23, live in India - and I'm a software engineer at Google
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02-06-2020 22:11


I am 14 and do about absolutely right now as my classes are very easy and am never asked to do anything.

My name is Mason, you can stalk me through the Syrnia facebook page if you want, I think I'm still listed as Foozard there though. I'm 22 now so it has been a while since I last posted. I am an accounting student at a community college and at the moment I work for the state government in Michigan. Crazy place lately with all the protests and the riot just the other day.
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02-06-2020 23:17

OLD from august 14th 2008(side note was a notorious liar in my youth tryin to be -cool- and fit in lol) 18/M Six foot two inches, 210 pounds, In my spare time I do Flash animations and games wth Snipper64. My proffession is Stone masonry but going to college for graphic and simulation design,
pedro[Fangz] quote: *some fear madness,others choose it*

Was only 16 then am turning 28 in July of this year. The job and school was total BS
Didn’t go to college but managed a coffee shop for 10 years and now am a manager of a full service 24 hour truck stop.
I do dabble in art and music and was in a band called Fistbump the Reverend for about 6 years.

Also if anyone want to use my name is fine with me : Merlin

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03-06-2020 03:29

Hatertot! Or Dakota for those that know me that way and live in Iowa - like Fooz, I can be stalked on the Syrnia facebook page.

I play different PC games, and working myself back to powerlifting like my younger days . I work full time as a Retail Wireless Consultant with a cellphone company!
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09-06-2020 15:12

Hey all,

Most of you know me as Cahja, my real name is Samuel. I live in South Dakota and I'm going to be 30 here on June 18th. I am a building manager for a warehouse where we have inbound and outbound loads of additives for concrete. I am happily married to the woman of my dreams have a 7 year old son and 2 pups
09-06-2020 15:34

Ah. Well... I attended Juilliard... I'm a graduate of the Harvard business school. I travel quite extensively. I lived through Coronavirus & the Black Plague & had a pretty good time during that. I've seen the Exorcist about 167 times, & it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it...! Not to mention the fact that you're talking to a dead guy!...Now what do you think?!? You think I'm qualified?
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09-06-2020 16:16


"i go to school play soccer football and watvh tv "


I am 22 years old, engaged, and in graduate school for a PhD in physics.
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29-07-2020 06:20

I cant believe its been 15 years...


20 Male live in PA in USA. I am a sophomore in college studying International Business/Chinese. I work for our schools ITS department fixing viruses. I enjoy playing sports especially volleyball. I love computers and playing online games with friends. Thats about it.


I am 35 Tomorrow. I have a nice family with a a 1 year old son Luke Walker (wife wouldn't let me name his middle name sky) and 4 year old Chloe. I worked as a system administrator at a hospital for a while before I turned to Healthcare. I am currently a BSN finishing my last year up as a Nurse Practitioner and working at the same Hospital.
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31-01-2021 01:34

Well since I'm back, I'll update

Érika, from Quebec Canada. I have a bachelors in computer science and work as a programmer at an insurance company .

These days I game a lot, usually I do between 6 to 9 hours of some sort of circus discipline per week. My main disciplines are aerial hoops and aerial silks, but I am learning tumbling, german wheel and I am trying to get into contortions, it'll take some time . I also sew, knit and do different types of drawing/painting
31-01-2021 10:16


Im an Environmental Geologist that specializes in hydrogeology

Im retired and coach 2 high school aged girls soccer teams every year.
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31-01-2021 17:50

OLD: 13 male Ride four wheelers and dirtbikes! I love basketball, Greenville Mississippi ! Woo

NEW: 26, graduated highschool ! Woo! lol Also managed to graduate college with a BS in Kinesiology with a classification in clinical exercise science. I'm now doing Electrical Muscle Stimulation personal training with a company in Austin, Texas. I also just finished a software engineering boot-camp through University of Texas and am looking to switch careers .
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31-10-2021 16:46

I am Ethan/50 years old/Florida, USA

I played earlier as timetraveler some years ago, but am now TheDoctor!
31-10-2021 16:55

My names Rich(go figure) Played about 12 years ago as Bloodraven135 but had chat disabled the whole time, been back for little over 3 years now. 30 years old and Foreman of a Diesel Repair shop

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