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28-11-2005 05:44

male 20 live near tilburg netherlands. I am currently renting my life to duke nukem, who wanted to feel what it was like. Though he doesn't use it in the weekends in wich I go out to dance...and write poetry and short stories...hope to finish a book one day
Mr. Addy
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28-11-2005 08:25


i play syrnia and do things
28-11-2005 09:24

Russ 18/male

im upgrading highschool courses goin to mountroyal college in calgary after to become a music teacher
i love baseball and hockey
im six feet tall slim build, dirrrty blonde hair
28-11-2005 12:32

I think i am the only romanian playing this game.If there are other romanians msg me.
I am 15/m/romania.I am in the 9 grade learning economics.My passions are sport and computers
28-11-2005 14:19

14/M I live in the southwest United States, I get good grades. I am homeschooled, so I don't get to play sports except in my backyard, and my hobbies are reading, playing computer games, and basketball.
02-12-2005 00:00

20 / M
I live in Belgium and at the moment I'm unemployed so have a bit more time to play more on syrnia but this will change really soon
02-12-2005 03:35

Well i go to school im a softmore wouldnt be surpised if i spelled that wrong i can spell for anything. Im 15 years old and male and dont have a job really dont need one right now and i play this game once i get home lol

Edited on 02-12-2005 03:35
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02-12-2005 07:36

19 Male, 2nd year Nuclear Engineering in Ontario, Canada. and no i wont build a nuclear bomb for you
02-12-2005 13:03

20 male
us army deployed oeverseas
and really bored with it

other than that into building cars..and racing

Edited on 08-12-2005 08:05
02-12-2005 16:05

High school student. Online gaming addict. Loves writing fanfiction. Played most Final Fantasy games and wishes she owns a PS2 because of Suikoden 3, Guilty Gear Isuka, Star Ocean Till The End of Time and Xenosaga 1 & 2. Studies Japanese, French and Spanish language. Likes using gameshark at PS games. Studying hypnosis, lucid dreaming and OBEs.

And..is now getting slowly addicted in playing Syrnia.

Edited on 02-12-2005 17:50
02-12-2005 17:31

30/M. I currently work in a Quality Assurance department of a biotech company, ensuring that the company's laboratories and personnel are following FDA and ISO guidelines.

From a personal standpoint, I'm married almost 2 yrs, bought a house a few months back (learning about the evils of real estate agents along the way), and enjoy playing board / computer games (especially strategy) in my spare time. If anyone wants a game of chess or Settlers of Catan sometime, shoot me a message.

Update: A year older and now a proud father.

Edited on 18-12-2006 14:48
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02-12-2005 19:02


Im at high school year ten i live in england. i love anything that involves thinking especailly chess i very rarely lose games... then again ive not played anyone thats any good.usually just lucky wins. I love reading books. Im addicted to games like syrnia. i love sports im good at. Very few... nothing else to say
04-12-2005 12:43

16/m Holland
I play on my x box 360 when i not be on school or gym.
08-12-2005 21:51

I am a 60 year old juvenille- probably the oldest inhabitant in Syrnia. I live in England at the moment. Married-she plays in Syrnia also.(Aphrodite)
At the moment we run a community Pub on merseyside. In the past I have had various careers-rock n'roll singer in England and USA (in the 60's), I served in the American Army in Viet Nam, I have managed Factories and Hospitals. I lived in California (13 years),Detroit (13 years), Chicago a couple of years. I am looking to move to continental Europe in the future. Sorry bout the rambling but I am old !!! lol

Edited on 08-12-2005 21:53
15-12-2005 17:32

I am a 33 Year Old Field Service Engineer. I work on Cell sorters and other biomedical(research and clinical) Machines. I have a wife and 2 boys in New Jersey.

JAG my wife is an RA Manager for a Diagnostic Company. She used be in QA.

Edited on 15-12-2005 17:32
21-12-2005 20:37

23/M Houston, Texas, USA Finished by degree in Geology at Stephen F. Austin State University last year. I've worked for a petroleum data management company for the past year and am newly married to my lovely wife, who is a high school social studies teacher

Edited on 13-06-2011 15:36
23-12-2005 10:00

31/M/Texas I'm currently working as an instrumentman on a survey crew. I love the work, even though the company I work for treats everyone like dogs. I enjoy getting outside, and not staring at the same four walls everyday. I do enough of that when I get home, thanks to games like Syrnia!
23-12-2005 11:44

ye im 12/M live in the UK same class as thurg which means im in yr 8...play on syrnia when not playin with mates and stuff
23-12-2005 15:56

i'm from Poland where i learn and live. i born with small city in centrum country. i study in High School(in Poladn that it is LO) I'm 18 years old. hmm what's next. I have played handball for 6 years(ofcourse in category junior) and our place in all club in Poland was 8(city about 8k people).
23-12-2005 19:01

I am 22, going to college, working in a photo department, and publishing a book within the next month or so.

Oh, and worshipping Violent Bob of course. I AM a reverend, of course.
24-12-2005 00:32

I am 22, i am currently going to a university prep course where I will be brushing up on my sciences, such as biology, chemistry and physics. Where than I will apply to the Stanford Univeristy Of Medicine in California, USA. I will than be studying genetics, and work in a lab finding cures for diseases and cancer. I hope I find a cure, it would be so awesome.

w00t! I'm also Canadian. o.o no relavence to the topic, just thought i'd add it in ;p
29-12-2005 07:30

ermm....not much to say apart from im a 19 yr old female.
I live on the isle of wight in England.
Im currently studying BTEC 1st diploma in public services and hoping to enter the national diploma for public services next year.
Hobbie....well im a teenager what more do u need lol.
29-12-2005 09:37

id say goon rocks since he plays hockey.

Anywaysi play on a travel hockey team in arizona. I'm starting game creation classes, hoping to create best selling games in the future. I skateboard and pretty much do dumb stuff alot...lol
14-01-2006 22:05

Trevor 27 6'0 ft and about 100kg of pure man meat.
I am a musician/Pie packer with a lust for the trade aspect of this game i am the founder of Marklaahs Morsels which will hopefully become one off syrnias well known stores.(still looking for 25+ yr olds to help maintain operation and build a friendly relationship)
Im an Australian and in Australia now but i spent 18 yrs in and around england/scotland/wales. I love music,food,women and games of allmost any kind. I play guitar and sing while my counter counts down and my cats name is chicken-dog cookingfat so thats me.
14-01-2006 22:19

Settlers of Catan- JAG this game kicks ... you can play it online?? if so message me where
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