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24-05-2012 21:05

Mom of 3 and pre-Radiology.
Married to dark reaper and spend 80 percent of my time with family.
Started Syrnia 3 years ago and tooka break for a bit but back.

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25-05-2012 08:02

I graduated from university two weeks ago with a BA in Creative Writing and also a BM in Performance (flute). I'm 22 presently, which I had to calculate--I'll be 23 soon. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, which is a terrible feeling. I was recently promoted to the first level of management at the fast food restaurant I've worked at for the past five years.
Dark NeroxusTemp
25-05-2012 11:08

not sure if I recently updated this xD

I am 22 male I am studying in 3D design and games development

I will be enrolling for university this year and hopefully start attending next year. Ill be doing Level design and concept art with bits and pieces of programming and graphic design (so if syrnia needs me )
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25-05-2012 19:42

18/male from Ireland. Studying Electrical & Electronic Engineering at university, will graduate as an Electronic Engineer. I also work as a bartender in a castle.
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25-05-2012 20:56

I'm a 47 year old Male, born in Boston, now living in California and I'm a Doorman for a fancy schmancy hotel.

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08-06-2012 19:40

I am a 14 year old Male from the US. I love robotics, and am part of the FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge). My team made it to the state competition 2 years in a row (only a 2 year old team). I plan to go to MIT for Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. I also have NO life, so I spend a majority of my day on here.

I attained the Rank of Eagle Scout on September, 12, 2011. 1 week before my 13th birthday. I get grades in the top margin (Rarely any lower than an A). My entire life is Boy Scouts, Robotics, and this.

I studied Latin in 9th grade. I can Translate pretty well. Nomen Latinus mihi est Bacchus.

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12-08-2012 04:21

I'm 23 and a writer. I also study professional writing and more to the fact editing and publishing. Occasionally I still pick up photography jobs as well.
13-08-2012 21:41

Stay at home momma! Best job in the world
Anarcho FooBear
14-08-2012 05:47

I am 14 and do about absolutely right now as my classes are very easy and am never asked to do anything.
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05-09-2012 21:05

I'm 18 in the UK. Finished college about 6/7 weeks and now I'm a professional street free styling dancer. I'm not brilliant at it but I do love it and I'm learning new stuff daily
The Lost Shadow
05-09-2012 21:07

I'm 16 in the UK. I have just started college a few days ago and am Studying Business which I will study for 2 years. I like meeting new people and having plenty of fun.
05-09-2012 21:52

Inhale and exhale
07-01-2013 20:33

I am 20, that's all.
09-07-2013 23:42

I have a Btec in Performing Arts, I currently work for a 5 star holiday village as part of the Tech Crew and I'm an amateur street dancer
10-07-2013 00:16

I am a Farmer and Haul Salvage in the off-seasons..
Have a couple College degrees (Worthless) but other wise.. I do what i want pretty much now.. unless its planting or harvesting time...
10-07-2013 15:50

18 currently, working on getting all my welding tickets, like working on diesel trucks/machinery and heading out to alberta to work for the next 5 years after the winter. then coming back and starting my own manufacturing business
14-07-2013 12:20

The Crash Test Dummy business is not what it used to be. I am employed for Organic Removal of Human Waste.
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14-07-2013 12:37

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16-07-2013 07:58

am a 33 yr old taken female living in new mexico, and yes there is a new mexico, lol...am currently not doing anything outside of games, other than taking care of my 4 fishies, 2 cats, and a rat- i am disabled and have been turned down for so many jobs it is pathetic, so i gave up normally am not one to give up, but eh, to me it is no use since people do not want to see past the wheelchair and me being a little person(3'3-3'4)

it is my hope someday to finally settle down and have a home that is accessible to me
16-07-2013 08:57

20 male from west texas usa. full time student majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. plan on going to texas tech for med school in the near future. I work in retail trying to get by and pay for school..
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Kit fisto
15-09-2013 01:24

I'm 16 going on 17 from the UK.

Intelligence and maturity wise, I seem quite old. Don't have the grades to support it due to dropping out of School before finishing. I've always been a drifter that would gladly not leave my house for weeks on end. I like being alone, I'm not an unhappy person just social intricacies, girls and stuff is too much for me, I'm more than happy watching movies and chatting to some really good Syrnian friends! All I need .

Currently in College but looking at getting a job instead due to my mother being too sick to work.

Edited on 15-09-2013 01:24
micky manymoons
27-09-2013 17:03

make Jam
27-12-2013 02:01

It's interesting to think where all these people that posted in 2005 now are
27-12-2013 03:37

I haven't updated since 2008. I'm now 56 years old (in some circles that makes me an official senior citizen.Lol). I still work as the Corps Secretary at The Salvation Army in Jefferson City, Missouri (USA). My 17 year old son still plays also. We are both 7 1/2 Syrnian years old.
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13-05-2014 13:50

Old and from london UK

Earn a living in many ways:
Black ink tattoo designer
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