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07-06-2011 04:43

I am a proud mother of 2 wonderful little boys. I run a website called Good Reads Missoula that features local authors and artists in and around Missoula, Montana (US). In my free time I am a volunteer for the local fire dept., search and rescue, as well as YWCA (helps battered women & children) and Meals on Wheels for the elderly.
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Mr. Addy
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Burnt Cod
07-06-2011 04:51

I am a High-School Student. I sent in my resignation and I am officially done with that job in the spring of 2014. I will then be a College Student.
07-06-2011 06:17

Is this post still alive? Just read through some of it and it was kind of cool to find out more about some of the other players, so I thought I would add my little bit

My name is Dan, i'm 34, male, and live in the suburbs of Chicago. I have 3 young kids at home (ages 9-2) who keep me pretty busy at times. I've worked in construction for the last 12 years or so, it pays the bills well enough, but it's hard dangerous work so I am trying to get out of it lol.

I go to school in the evenings, majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in mechanical engineering. Getting close to getting my bachelors (4 year) degree finally and will most likely work in either a coal power plant or a nuclear power plant close to where I live...that's enough about Dragosani
13-06-2011 02:01

Hi, I'm Deanna and right now I am 20 (6-12-2011)

I live in Montana obviously. I am currently a stay at home mom with my two little girls 2 & 4. I also love hanging out with my sister in-law MontanaKimberly (MK) and letting our kids play. My hubbie and I love to stay in at nights and watch movies and play games. If you want to know more ask me
13-07-2011 02:43

Hey I'm Day, I live in San Antonio Tx.

I work in customer service at a grocery store. I'm a Criminology major with a minor in sociology. I like to dance, swim, play volleyball, sing, write songs, and just have a good time

MAJOR Drum Corp International fan. I currently belong to the original drum corp of Texas, Revolution. We have made finals over 5 times in the last 10 years and I will continue in participating until I age out at 21.

Wanna be in the FBI one day. Favorite TV shows are So You Think You Can Dance, Bones, Criminal Minds, anything on the History Channel and Glee :3 Love all types of music. Except harder genres of rock. >.< but I'll give it a try if you think you can get me hooked lol.

Graduated hs from a fine arts academy (Vocal/Theatre major). Love movies and good jokes.

Live with my wonderful boyfriend and in-game hubby Atomkinder and family.

Edited on 22-09-2011 03:11

And i live with the spawn of the Devil in cat form... Nacho.

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13-07-2011 03:22

I don't think I've ever done this so...
I'm 16, a guy, called Joe in real life (and here too, except my clan always forget my real name...) and English. I'm moving onto college for level 3 IT diploma (also called a national diploma) before hopefully moving onto studying something in software development or coding (or maybe web development if a course is available) in uni. But that's not for ages, like 'till I'm level 100 mining

I'm not married, have no pets or partners, and I don't plan on fixing any of those any time soon. I'm a lone wolf, or troll, who knows ;)

I don't take much serious, if I die tomorrow then I'll take the day after seriously; but not a day sooner.
Mr Tiddles
13-07-2011 05:41

i wake up everyday and drive 4 wheelers and gators and play with tigers and clouded loepards. thats my job. when im not working i skateboard and write music
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05-08-2011 21:28

I'm 20, male, living in Juneau. I'm taking classes there. My major is in education. I visit back home in Texas once a year.
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The Couch YetiTemp
06-08-2011 09:28


Hey everyone,

It's been 4 years since the last time I posted on this post, so I am gonna update it quite a bit.

To start off with, my name is Devin.

I like in Ohio, and am twenty at the end of this month.
Currently, I am working on going to college; Making changes to better my future, and to try and find an adventure in life.
My favorite types of discussions involve History, partial politics(Because they cause drama, I tend to try and avoid them anymore.) Of course, we cannot forgot good ol' fashioned science. Who doesn't love science? ;)

I've been a member of Syrnia now for 5 years, and in these last 5 years Syrnians good and annoying alike have made ever lasting impressions.
I can say that for any social-outcast from Modern-Society, SyrNerdia is your home. We welcome warm smiles and friendly faces - haha.

I can say without a doubt many syrnians have found me annoying, tempting, and/or trying, and I must say I thank those that have had patience through my coming-of-age ;)

As for what I do in real life; I recently have found a new job, but it may only be temporary. I will be doing a bit of cross-country traveling for a company that manufactures, constructs, and installs counter tops, tile-laid shelving, booths, etc... for Colleges, Restaurants(High and Low rated, such as walk-ins, reserved, or drive-threws)

With the money I will be saving up with that, will be going towards a fund for me to go to Australia, and perhaps attend college in one of their many Universities.

Bit of rambling, suppose I will cut it - not short, but here.
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Yes, it is possible. This can happen to you, as well. All you have to do is Believe. <3
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07-08-2011 12:19

Wow interesting read,

well ill keep it simple for all of you

21 yr old male

from liverpool england, relocating to surrey

i am a Advanced Personal Trainer/ Massage Therapist

currently working as a Manager at Pennyhill Park Hotel (check it out, its a pretty cool place, England RUFC base camp)

in my spare time i do Figure modelling

play syrnia every day, all day NOW

as i had a 4 year break (think it was 4) as i used to do my job sailing the work on cruise ships.

outside of all that i like helping people, going the gym and talking to the sharks i fish out of elysium

Thanks for reading
21-09-2011 15:50

10th undecided ~SaS~ 75 +252,460 10th for the week in mining gains at lvl 75
28-09-2011 20:25

what i do outside of syrnia is competiton dance and teach.
28-09-2011 20:31

Working at a Customer Contact Center in the Netherlands, calling for NS (Will be known by dutch people) So regarding questions for NS (Train company) dont hesistate to send me a message on here with a question haha.
29-09-2011 00:00

Design and price insurance products, which mostly consists of a blend of computer programming, statistics, marketing, and legal work. That's most of my days since it's a long hour job, but when I'm able to enjoy myself I like to do a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, biking, swimming. Also listen to music and increase my growing wine collection, which I also like to drink on occassion. Also a huge American football fanatic
Every day you learn something dumb
08-11-2011 21:15

Hmm what to say.. what to say...

I am a student at the University of Maine.. Studying Economics and Equine Management, I am a Proud sister of Phi Mu Fraternity for women.. As many of you know I love horses so i try to do as much as I can with them. Of course I do more than just school work, though work and school tend to take up like 80% of my time.. hence why Im not on as much anymore.
"You put your arms around me and I'm home" <3 3/15/11 <3
09-11-2011 08:45

19, Male
Currently at Rhodes University in South Africa studying Software Development, so I can take over syrnia one day.

Edited on 24-05-2012 21:46
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09-11-2011 13:27

I work at a construction company. We build public building (schools/daycare centers/police offices/libraries). I prepare the project to get ready to start, i'm in charge of ordering concrete/steel materials.
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06-02-2012 18:42

high school student
grade 10

i make As
21-02-2012 13:00

I am an EFL Teacher (English as a foreign language)
A true comment in our forums from a past visitor:

"Out of all the clans I've visited, you were the most enjoyable. Real people and decent adult fun. Thanks a lot for having me."
ultimate chaos
21-02-2012 13:34

Im 25 and build furniture for my job
The Couch YetiTemp
21-02-2012 14:25

I work as a Couch Yeti, strifing through world like the abominable snowman.
My skills neglected, my pockets collected, Pirate Life Selected.
22-02-2012 03:00

I am a Lazy good for nothing that sits in front of this screen mesmerized until someone prods me to get up and do something around the house.... and yes this works cause my GF pays all the bills and I own the house.
22-02-2012 04:22

I'm 16. Currently enrolled as a Sophomore (tenth grader) I plan on going into either Computer Programming after college or Computer Engineering.. I love learning new things and absolutely love studying how to write computers. At the moment I'm learning Japanese and will be moving to Japan at some point in my career.

22-02-2012 05:53

19/male. Student in Michigan. Possible double major in politics and philosophy.

And no I am not boring, believe you me.

Edited on 22-02-2012 05:54
22-02-2012 08:29

19/m student at UMSL as a double major in Chemistry and Biology, already have one associates in computer sciences. Licensed by microsoft, also have 4 A+ certifications. Oh and i got 2 kids
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