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09-12-2009 00:10

Real name: Kristin
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: June 2, 1988
Location: Michigan, unfortunately.
Occupation: Student, Majoring in Psychology.

I enjoy music more than anything. I've been singing and playing bass for several years now. I have yet to meet someone who has a similar taste in music as I do as much as my father. I also enjoy songwriting and composing, along with prose poetry. I've created tattoo designs for plenty of people. I'm a cat lover. Snowboarding and hockey are still my favourite activities.

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Kaze Enigma
12-12-2009 08:38

Im 19, 180 cm and i live in aus
Oh and im a guy haha

I graduated High School last Year
I work at a supermarket which pays for my syrnia fix!

I also play first grade rugby league in my local competition.

Kaze Enigma

Edited on 12-12-2009 08:39
Panta Rei
The clan thats always changing

I love my beautiful GF
27-12-2009 05:07

30/F Montana (USA) I own a antique/book/gift shop and help run it along with my husband, but we decided to close up for the winter when we realized it was costing us more to keep the heat and lights going in the shop and gas in the truck to get back and forth to work than the profits we were bringing in. Till then we're living on a tight budget and selling a few things online.
29-12-2009 04:22

i go to school play soccer football and watvh tv
30-12-2009 01:07

I'm 26, I operate various presses and lasers for variable imaging.

Edited on 30-12-2009 01:15
30-12-2009 23:53

Well I gues I will finally post. Im a 32 year old married father of two perfect kids. I have been a UPS man for 14 years now. (what can brown do for you) lol And I blame my addiction to this game on my real life father. Mr. Cancun. other then that my facebook is...http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?refrofile&id=1215183350
B double E double R-U-N Beer run
all you need is a ten and a fiver a pack of smokes and a sober driver
B double E double R-U-N Beer run
31-12-2009 01:30

Well I turn 18 tomorrow Female. Class of 2010 So currently a student. I've done the honors of enlisting into the army, I leave June 2nd for basic training Other than that I just go to school, play syrnia, eat, play my xbox and sleep lol.
31-12-2009 02:02

40+ I live in Oregon,Proud father of a 21yr old daughter, SuperDigital ~ Pro Audio ~ Recording ~ Duplication is my home.Also Belong to Portland Mountain Search and Rescue - Operations Support Unit covering West and South sides of Mount Hood
31-12-2009 09:31


im in highschool atm in a program called AFJROTC (air force jr. recruiting officers traing corps) as of right now im a SSgt. athletics NCO. yesh enlisted anyways i do pla on going into the airforce as a pj or you may know them as pararescue men they do combat search and rescue.

Because even seals , Green Berets and Recon Marines need to call 911

they are also one of the only or the only certified medics that can weild a wepon and go into combat if needed to.

oh and im in Nevada U.S.A

Edited on 31-12-2009 09:33
31-12-2009 09:51

hmm.. thought i posted here b4, cant find it now though. i'll be turning 21 and my my trade is masonry, though work in that trade has been hard to come by over the last 5 years, now i work online answering questions until companies start building again. Born and Lived most of my life in Ohio, USA.

Edited on 31-12-2009 09:52
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02-01-2010 03:52

I'm only 17... from Avrig, a small town(15k ppl) from the center of Romania...
born in 05 September 1992 ...
Favorite Music: christian rock, punk, alternative, pop, sometimes Screamo and Metal...
Favorite Music Bands: Skillet, Green Day, Rides Again, Relient K, Simple Plan....
Favorite Games: Syrnia, DotA, WoW(Nelf Rogue )
I love to read sometimes

Favorite Quotes:
Greatest risk is to assume no risk!
Carpe Diem!
...don't remember them all
17-01-2010 06:08

45m, physician
Running an business/office in ND for the last 12 years.
Married, 3 kids...
Dogs, cats, horses, keeps my wife and I busy
mr leathorn
17-01-2010 14:45

im 11/m 4ft 11 i enjoy reading, i have read 8 of the left behind books (adult version) i play soccer, almost year round although im not on select due to expences, for you people who miss read that, i am not poor but my parents would rather spend the money on morgage and electricty, i play rec soccer in the spring and fall and i play for a school during the winter, and we are looking into indoor soccer for the summer. I am homeschooled and am very advanced if youd like to talk to me about physics or electric engineering id be happy to talk to you, i have some questions, and i might be able to awser some.
Mr Thorn
Its a party!

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17-01-2010 15:06

33 year old male from Sweden.

Enjoy playing syrnia and watching movies. Especially horror ones.

Living together with my english partner and 2 cats.
17-01-2010 15:52

like above but 11 years younger and without the english parents and cats(they are harder to teach to hunt)
Take back what was stolen.
15-02-2010 22:18

13, male, Live in Ireland, Starting secondary school (gah!) Cant stand cats, love dogs and that's all I share with people

Edited on 16-02-2010 17:56
<-- How I look in RL XD

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06-05-2010 11:04

Im 17y/o Male in Australia Queensland, and i plan to take over the world,

30-08-2010 01:46

27 years old male from indonesia

You have been playing Syrnia for 3277 hours and 30 minutes.
You joined syrnia 639 days ago, you were player number 248414.
So i'd guess i like syrnia very much

In RL, I'm an electrical engineer for security and access control solution company. I've been working with KABA's access control system for the last 2 yesrs

I'm married (Just now)

Diablo II and Sacred are the PC game that I enjoys so much

09-12-2010 17:41

Im 20 and i am a computer programmer. Im working on picking up software programming atm.
You found 1 Four leaf clover while walking !
24-03-2011 15:24


Used to be a nurse but quit due to back injury, started working as a Deputy Stage Manager, until back injury was aggravated, might have to give up the job that I love.
I'm a semi professional musician and am embarking on a career as a TV/Film Extra. I am a father of 3 fantastic children and I stay in Lancaster (United Kingdom)
24-03-2011 21:18

Finally begun living my real life
Sheepy, Always ever-changing ;)

Current status - Drowning in the Pond

Thanks to Greenlady for her kind donation.
25-03-2011 05:02

im 19 (20 at the end of april), New Zealander, and when im not online im studying at course, doing a Diploma in systems Tewchnology and a Diploma in programming (plus a cert in networking+)
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25-03-2011 05:03

21 male from usa. playing golf to go pro.
Dark NeroxusTemp
23-04-2011 12:53

21/m/uk i am close to finishing my level 2 course in college then im on to a 2 year lvl 3 in 3d design and games development then im of to uni XD
R.I.P Anubis 6th February 2011 - A friend to many and A Friend many have lost
24-04-2011 03:10

17/m PA
Im a Junior in High School I use to work at McDonalds(SUCKS) and currently work at a Gun Club as a Trapper
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