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22-04-2009 09:03

I am a soon to be 38 year old father of 2, and I work as a saw operator in a Steel Warehouse.
Mr. Addy
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23-04-2009 11:18

27 year old PhD student and the father of beautiful daughter
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28-04-2009 12:35

I'm 18/M from Liepāja, Latvia..
I do variety of things..
I listen heavy music, love my GF, and play Syrnia
Toxic Rose
29-04-2009 20:48

I have a masters degree in journalism and I work at home for several medical sites as well as a few newspapers. I have 3 children who are very busy so working from home as a single mom gives me time to follow them around and keep up with their busy schedules!!
Cosy Rosie
29-04-2009 21:38

A young 51 ( your as young as you feel) Left the UK 8 years ago to live in Texas. Thank goodness for the internet. First time Proud Nana this year. I miss me fish n chips
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30-04-2009 07:56

I do nothing right now.

I am a 29 year old from Massachusetts USA. I started my Syrnian life after a injury at work put me out on disability. Syrnia has kept me occupied while my physical wellness prevents me from doing most physical activities.

hobbies - Playing Syrnia, getting RL friends addicted to syrnia, doing botchecks,
stealing burnt fish from shops!!

Edited on 30-04-2009 07:57
The Leader of [FATS] Forever Addicted To Syrnia

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.-Mark Twain
Dark Lady
13-05-2009 16:05

I am a 40 year old female living in Queensland, Australia As a Housewife / Domestic Goddess I do housework obviously But I have just started bot checking too
Skillie skills up!
13-05-2009 18:11

41 y/o English Male

Recently separated from my partner of 18 years (single life is great) .. lol

Father to a 9 y/o beautiful daughter who lives with me (I won that battle)

Work: Local Council in the CCTV Control Room/Alarm Monitoring Centre
13-05-2009 18:21

20 year old male, hydraulic engineer, in the south-west of Englnad.

Currently single and enjoying life to the fullest.

Edited on 13-05-2009 18:21
13-05-2009 19:01

Im 20, Live in Shrewsbury, England. I work on lairage in a beef abattoir. When im not working i enjoy being with my friends/girlfriend or playing syrnia
14-05-2009 02:50

15 year old professional assassin, I haven't messed up a single assassination yet. Then again, I am a freakin ninja. The crime scene always smells like lemons though, I think the coppers are catching on...
01-06-2009 09:41

18/M/New York, USA

I setup and disassemble manufactured and modular homes.

Enough said.
01-06-2009 10:54

In the real world I sit behind my computer playing Syrnia...
Lord Of Fire
01-06-2009 11:52

I'm 12 and play syrnia, go to school and eat.
01-06-2009 20:09

I'm 14, going to the high school, and... well... make movies -hence my name- and put them on Youtube. I work with a lot of special effects and I play Syrnia a lot.
15-06-2009 02:22

15/M Michigan (U.S.A)

My name is Justin, I play baseball, football, and basketball. When I am not playing syrnia I am working on the family farm which is ~2,500 acres, or I am at school, or I am helping my dad at his sawmill. Even with a busy life, I still find a lot of time to play syrnia, my parents think I go to bed at 8 because I am a growing teenager [laughs]
Tiger Enterprizes
15-06-2009 08:33

13/M Go To School in NZ Northland.

At home?
Sit and play syrnia
15-06-2009 10:37

Im a Crash Test Dummie.
Dont expect too much out of life and you wont be disappointed - allycat

If it aint broke, dont fix it!

Happily married to Moc1..21.2.09
15-06-2009 12:31

I'm just a dummie
Question everything?


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The Dark One
05-10-2009 09:09

I am older than time itself and I am beyond gender. Currently I am employed as the Lord Of All Evil, and some day I plan to conquer the universe.
05-10-2009 18:45

35 female, Iowa (USA). I work at Wal-Mart, drive a school bus for the local school, attend college for BA in Business Management and take care of 6 kids at home, ages 1year to 14 years.
05-10-2009 23:50


born in the UK but 3 years ago i got married and moved to the US

i dj online and am a freelance computer tech so i have lots of pc shells around the house
06-10-2009 14:52

I'm 5, I stay at home playing syrnia and plotting world domination.
06-10-2009 17:53

Age: 21
Location: Coventry, England / Hitchin, England
Occupation: Student - Computing at Coventry University
Hobbies: Used to play football a lot, nowadays it's just programming (I run a few websites including an online game [Nyxre]) and a bit of writing.
Fly with me into the sun and watch as time begins to burn.
My little Martian
20-11-2009 00:24

I'm a collage student at A&M Galveston and plan on being a Marine Veternaian wish me luck.When I'm not doing homework or at classes I'm either partying or playing syrnia/sleeping<---How do I do that I have no idea.

Edited on 20-11-2009 00:24
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