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14-11-2008 12:24

Hmm, ok, this sounds interesting.

I'm Gene, a 22 y/o male. I was born in mexico, But moved to the US when i was like 8 months old. Been in Texas for 90% of my life. I work at a hotel doing front desk night audit (overnight shift). I've got a wife and 2 kids, so if i'm at home, i'm afk alot spending time with the fam. But at night, I'm AlWaYs lurking....

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Mr. Addy
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14-11-2008 16:15

I'm not going to tell my age but I retired in 2001 after 30yrs with the same job not my first by any means. Married for over 40yrs, 4 children 41,39,36,34 12 grandchildren 1 great grandchild. Two of my sons play Syrina and got me started.
I might be the oldest player in the game as I have grandchildren older than a lot of the players.
14-11-2008 16:46

I am 31, live in Beautiful British Columbia, by trade I am a welder,atm I am a stay at home mother of two little ones. I still do welding but it has to wait until my hubby comes home to watch our kidlets Just started playing in Syrnia and really like it!
14-11-2008 17:02

I am a 39 year old guy from oklahoma. I work as a gunsmith. I have a wonderful wife and 2 baby boys. My wife used to play as well, but she has a real job now, while i am self-employed. he he he.
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Lord Of Fire
14-11-2008 17:24

i'm 11 year old boy who lives in England and i have to just go to school.
I dont like school very much and spend most of my time on the computor
14-11-2008 19:24

i am A 52 old semi retired Radio Announcer,daddy of 8 and granddaddy of 8 more so far,I moonlight as a Skiptracer/Process server I live in Alberta Canada

Edited on 14-11-2008 19:26
18-11-2008 07:35

Name's Clay (go figure, right?) I'm a bail-agent in Kelso, Washington USA and I also run a webdesign company called orIIn DesigN... check out my myspace if you wanna know more!


- Clay
23-11-2008 21:35


work as an architect in Chicago, Illinois.
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23-11-2008 22:16

Hey I'm Peter

Been workign in IT since 1996 doign development, analysis, DBA btu found my real joy in testing software. So I'm doign this for the last 10 years.

It's fun tearing other people software apart and being paid for it.

For now this is as close I got to game testing as that is the ultimate dream.

love both playing and testing.
24-11-2008 00:46

40+/M Im co-owner of a recording studio in portland oregon.
24-11-2008 01:01

Erm am 36, live in London, England and manage funds for people
Get Some
28-11-2008 19:58

Real name:Alex
Ocupation:3rd year highschool
Hobby:rugby(watching not playing)
28-11-2008 20:01

31 year old English male.

Work as an IT & Telecomms Manager for a small(ish) International Charity.

Im very fortunate that my job enables to visit Africa on a fairly regular basis.

Edited on 28-11-2008 20:02
Common Sense
29-11-2008 21:37


13 live in germany and go to school... i like soccer and play it often myself aswell.
duce pk
30-11-2008 04:25

I was a CFO of a bank then got fired now I work at a hospital
02-12-2008 09:04

33/M/Ohio USA I passed my test for my state electrical license last November and have been running a small buisness since.
18-12-2008 18:53

i'm 38 live in ohio and have worked in masonry for the last 13 years
Fire Watch
29-12-2008 20:35

I'm a former US Marine, current narcotics agent for the State of Mississippi, USA.
Paladin Mayfair
29-12-2008 20:37

36 year old mother of 2, computer engineering student
1/5 of the Warrior Babe Quintet of The Great AmeriClan!
29-12-2008 20:38

I miss the year of 2005.
27-02-2009 03:23

I skateboard!
28-02-2009 15:33

year nine
plans: to take over the world or if that fails canada.

ocupation: student

Edited on 28-02-2009 15:33
28-02-2009 17:22

13 male Ride four wheelers and dirtbikes! I love basketball, Greenville Mississippi ! Woo
You have married nellie911 !

Carpe Diem

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28-02-2009 17:25

student lol
brandon toast
25-03-2009 07:32

I am a 14 year old boy. I am about to finish 8th grade and I am a A,B honor roll student. I love being with friends and going to the movies. I have a great social life and im in trouble alot, just like Syrnia
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