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29-06-2008 22:06

16 years old, Born in Tongeren (Belgium)
Intrests: MUSIC I play guitar, and I sing
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01-07-2008 21:06




Info: I'm 13 Male from Michigan. I am about to attend my first year as a High School student. I'm very young for my grade, yet, I haven't skipped a grade.

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01-07-2008 21:30

Age: 14

Hobbies: I have been playing the guitar for over 7 years, have my own band.

I play the xbox averaging 5-6 hours a day in weekdays and 9-10 hours on weekends.

I play alot of football, and i am good at it.

Syrnia, nearly a Year now. Quit for 2/3 of that year but im back and started doing 3-4 hours a day again.

School: Doing well, predicted Straight A's when i do my GCSE's and i want to Be an F1 techinal director or IT specialist.

Thats me
09-07-2008 04:12

Gotta "ditto" Calliope!

It was fascinating reading about all of you!

I am a 48 yr old woman living in Brooklyn, NY. I'm a mom of 5 sons and Grandmother of 6. I own two business and have been called a community activist (Been called other things but I don't think I can type those words here).

I have a crafting and decorating company, I do landscaping, and I run a non profit senior citizen outreach program.

And I HATE Goodlife for getting me addicted to this game!

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09-07-2008 04:37

Age 25, Actuary (risk analyst) for Ameriprise Financial. Love baseball and sports in general. And will soon have to start studying for certification exam
14-08-2008 17:38

18/M Six foot two inches, 210 pounds, In my spare time I do Flash animations and games wth Snipper64. My proffession is Stone masonry but going to college for graphic and simulation design,
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15-08-2008 19:01

Turn your TV on, the first guy you see - thats me!
16-08-2008 00:06

I'm a 19 year old female. I live in Vermont, USA. I graduated high school June 12, 2007 and I took an english course in college (started playing Syrnia towards the end of that course) At the moment I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.
16-08-2008 00:15

25,from new hampshire,usa! i paint for a living and in my off time i go to metal shows,bars, and more metal shows! oh yea, and i play syrnia!
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17-08-2008 13:59

yh well im 15/m ma lifes more or less totally messed up, tbh it dont bother me cos i live for my friends, rather literally actually,go to rodillian high, and thats about all of me, o yh syrnia thats good too
17-08-2008 14:17

18 male, Carpentery/General Handy Man.

A Fireman, An Astronaut, A Pilot.. I'm Currently deciding what i'm going to do with my life, I s'pose i'll keep working nights at Tesco For now.

Or maybe.. Oh wait.. That wont work

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26-08-2008 07:53

im 17 and yes my real name is in my syrnia name.

i'm a computer tech that leads a life of money but not happiness as my friends got jealous of my inheritance and left me.

at that stage i started playing syrnia. and here i am. a little happier now i have friends like plsd2mechu and cheerfullady and of course kakashi.

chaos favours the unprepared mind
26-08-2008 12:54

I'm 16 and am starting college in about 6 days from posting this

I will be taking:

Music A Level
Music Technology A Level
Music Performance Award
English Language A Level

I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun but I'm also expecting a lot of hard work too
26-08-2008 20:34

Im still a student at school

can't wait till i graduate...
26-08-2008 21:16

same as nellie
03-09-2008 21:43

Newcastle UK.

I'm 26, a 'boy' and a mechanical engineer interested in the human shoulder, and replacement joints. I've been finishing a PhD for about 6 million years
10-09-2008 20:33

Studying to be a herpetologist.
10-09-2008 20:38

I'm an A-Level student- doing a psychology degree next september. I work as a KP on matchdays to earn some extra cash...
10-09-2008 20:39

Going for my doctorate in Educational Administration .
10-09-2008 23:28

I'm a Master Control Tech for CW TV stations in U.S. and I'm one of the Morning producer for The Daily Buzz 3hour Talk, News, and Weather program.
Donating is for suckers and I'm one of them.
16-09-2008 00:14

Wow, I've really enjoyed this post! Ok, well...I just turned 30 and I'm so relieved to see so many other people here over the age of 12 (no offence, youngens). I was beginning to feel crusty. So, I'm 30/f. I grew up in Knoxville, TN, then spent about 20 years living in Southern California where I got my degree in Biological Anthropology and then worked as a Systems Administrator for an ISP for a few years. Now I live in Spain developing websites for Vineyards, so basically playing Syrnia all the time and drinking wine. It's a living.

Edited on 16-09-2008 00:14
18-09-2008 16:37

I'm a senior in High School and live in Maine, yech!!
But I'm applying to go to Gonzaga University in Washington.

Edited on 14-11-2008 19:44

Wow that was ages ago...
I'm now a Junior at Gonzaga XD
Can't wait to graduate and get on with life

Edited on 21-09-2011 17:10
18-09-2008 18:01

Time to change i'd posted this 3 years ago

I am now an 18 year old who has just finished my A levels. I am taking a gap year next year, but am undecided if i will go to uni after that. So job hunting it is for me i'm engaged, and my fiance practically lives with me (we have joked that he officially moves in when he brings his xbox to my house )

Err, that's all for now

Edited on 13-07-2011 12:27
12-11-2008 02:02

Lets see. 36m Field Service Engineering Technician. I get to travel the world on the company dime and play with PLCs and Machines in various facilities. Mostly in Automotive plants, but we have been branching out lately and I am getting to see a lot of different industries. Play Syrnia whenever I can get a signal for the wireless card. Sometimes even when I am in a plant. Got a sweet little woman that takes care of home since I live at the Holiday Inn. One day I hope I ge to see it.
14-11-2008 12:23

14 years old
I am an idiotic school kid who rode my bike into a creek for an english assingment
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