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20-03-2008 03:36

Occupation: Student.

I reside in the warm city, Houston, Texas. I am in/entering the proccess of medical schooling. I am studying for orthodontics/heart specialist oriented jobs. A quite broad border there, but my interest is quite big in both scenarios.

I have always lived in Texas and enjoy hobbies such as: fishing, sports [playing], coding, and oddly - learning. I am more of a social bug then quite chimp, so you might see me around here and there.

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Mr. Addy
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21-03-2008 03:51

20 in next 2 months/F

Electrical Engineering student currently in year 2 (rather hard, coz i'm lazy... and prefer to playing games than study ><

wish for new PC and a small notebook (that's would be nice...)

from Indonesia ^^
21-03-2008 05:16

Wow, i see alot of people i wouldve thought to be old than they really are.

Strange. Well I'm 21, Male, and live in NY.

As for my real life i used to do online marketing but recently i've become lazy and have just been sitting idle on the money i have saved. Women are making me spend alot of it so i may have to return to work soon enough. Working for myself never stopped me from playing Syrnia so most people may know me for being online 24/7.

So basically as of right now i have no life aside from drinking, seeing the lady and playing Syrnia. Got in quite abit of trouble so im not allowed to party and do the good stuff anymore. I started playing Syrnia infact to keep my mind off the party scene and have loved it ever since.
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Visit my shop in Eully. Just do it ;)
02-04-2008 23:23

I work in a retirment home and go to school for Graphic work I plar syrnia at work and friends Im 26 And have a baby on the way my girl friend also plays
02-04-2008 23:53

Hi My name is Heidi Leigh, I am 31 years old, I work at Radio Shack and I am going to school to get my A.S. in accounting. I am getting rather addicted to this game, and to Rule The Seas. I am in the Chaos Coalition Clan, and I love it. We all have a good time chatting with each other, and we take care of each other. (See told I was addicted to this game, I am supposed to be telling you about the real world me) Well, I am only 5'1 and I wear a kids 3 1/2, hence the name I work 40 hours, study 15 or so hours a week; and while studying I play my games. I even get on while at work. hehehe
05-04-2008 06:03

hELLO, i am a 37 yr old female, who loves being a care giver for the elderly in Spokane Washington have 2 great kids and a soon to be son-in-law. I am expecting to become a gramma in october.
16-04-2008 20:42

13/M i live in west Sweden , i play sports, my favoite sport is football/soccer and the team i like is AC Milan...The city i live in is called Norrköping
16-04-2008 20:42

13/M i live in west Sweden , i play sports, my favoite sport is football/soccer and the team i like is AC Milan...The city i live in is called Norrköping
18-04-2008 12:32

In the RL I love to invent different answers to the questions like "What do you do in the real world?"

Here are some of my inventions:

1. I'm 13 y.o. (almost 14) hyper-developed wonderchild from a very special Russian paramilitary school for incredibly smart kids. My major subject, in simple words, is how to lie convincingly. I am also studying 5 foreign languages.

2. I'm 24 y.o. I study in the Moscow university for Psychiatrist, am a year away from graduating as M.D. in Applied Psychology. I am already acting as the associate doctor. I learned English from my two years trip to the USA for study purposes.

3. I'm 26 y.o. I work as a senior sales manager for a very large international company which deals in HD-TV, earn tons of money and very frequently go to the US and most Western European countries. I am neurotic, love dogs and, generally, an unhappy person.

One of these is like very close to RL. Special prize to Syrnian, who guesses first (and explains his reasons) which exactly.

18-04-2008 13:02

Hello, My real name is Todd. I'm a senior airman in the United States Air Force and I work as an Air Traffic Controller. No my job does not consist of the guys waving the wands in front of the aircraft, those are marshalers. We are up in a tall tower. I'm almost 22 years old, I've got a lovely girlfriend named Lovelyn who is moving in with me. My hobbies and interests include, Sports(playing them), riding my bike, Playstation3, XBox360 computer games, and Running.
01-05-2008 02:02

25yrs hospital employee, mostly watched heart monitors in critical care or post open heart surgical units. A few years radiology film clerk and endoscopy secretary. I've worked as a calligrapher, baker and psychic on the side as supplemental income. Played live role playing games such as 'Solar', D&D from waay back, swapped places with teacher pilot 3 times in mid air so I could experience flying 4 seater planes, lived in casino's for a year and been a Bourbon Street regular visitor.
Now disabled Nanna that keeps babies, children and memories that make me smile while blogging for several Christian web sites.

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05-05-2008 07:32

I'm 27 years old. I live in Florida. And I also own a small pizza and sub shop with myself and my family... Long Live Small Business!!!
"Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" - Thomas Edison
05-05-2008 08:37

real name = Becky, 26, female, from ontario canada
went to college for lab tech yet somehow ended up doing flooring installation & building custom cabinetry?!? have a b/f 've been dating for a while now, no kids...yet! im a MMA/UFC fan *drools at thought of Forrest Griffin* and spend most of my time with family and other loved ones

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luv ya lethal
12-05-2008 02:15

Wow, it was kind of cool to go read about everyone.

I'm 34 (will be 35 this summer), the single mother of one daughter, aged 3 (going on 19).

I teach math and science at an alternative high school - most of my students are either at-risk of dropping out, are "recovering" dropouts, and/or have been adjudicated. It's a challenge, but lots of fun.

I will complete my master's degree in Educational Administration in December of this year, and I'm looking forward to my salary doubling. Being a single mom on a teacher's salary is rough, but the upside is that I'm debt free. YAY ME!

I got hooked on this game courtesy of my fellow clannies whom I have known for years.

Bottom line: if you love me, thank you! I love you too! If you are mad at me, it's goodlife's fault. I swear!
12-05-2008 16:04

im 26, and im working in ulm, south-germany in the town library as a library assistant for the childrens library and also renting books in what we called the service-center, where we also made the technical book work. i had done my training 3 years in boeblingen in the library with the school in Calw, work one year in a very small library in marbach, then i found my new work last year in ulm. i like to work there (well mostly, sometimes it depends on our users but my colleaques are really good ones and most time the users are nice

In my freetime i like to watch movies and serials (also cinema), play computer games (internet or normal roleplaying, browser and flash). I played anarchy online for 4 years and also other moorpg. i love reading, mostly fantasy, but also historical and biographic novels and sf a bit. im a trekkie, so i also like to read these kindo books. ive started to read them in english too, cause the translation is minimal or not available. (its not easy cause of all those "special" words like the one i read now: >TerokNor pt1< all those bajoran and cardassian words + special startrek words XD)

i like cycle and also archery, but the traditonal one with longbows. I like to visit mideval markets and show-fights, and i have started with live-roleplaying (LARP). My first char will be a wood-elf archer. Also started with pen&paper since a while (D&D,TbE,..) and i like to play board games.
I like rock music and some others (crazy mix from eartha kitt over roxette to joan baez and oldies form 50 up), but mostly black metall, death metall, pagan, medival, symphonic metall ...in us its emo i heard, in germany we say Gothic or Goth. I like to visit festivals, this year summberbreeze will be fun with korpiklaani, ensiferum, ASP, shadow reichenstein, schelmish,... XDD

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12-05-2008 20:15

i m 14 almost going into year 10 i v e picked to do a enengineering apprentchip also i like to play football with mates and play online game s with them soon i m hoping to get world of warcraft and play online with them
12-05-2008 20:20

wouldn't you like to know

I'll give you a clue- I'm still at school
19-05-2008 20:34

30 year old female from scotland. Housewife and mother of a 5 year old boy.On here passing the time til my man returns from Afghanistan.
Rising Cougar
09-06-2008 04:49

22 Year old Design Student on the east coast u.s. I'm in training for an Ironman atm. I'm Cheyenne and PR, I would like to help schools on reservations with funding from my business when I am a bit older. I swim,bike,run to be a warrior.
Getting hit by cars is just coincidental.
10-06-2008 03:02

Im an 18 year old, a girl from Pembrokeshire, Wales. A student, just finished a double A level in ICT and history, about to study for an ICT degree

Hobbies are hanging out with Pirate , playing games, music, reading, internet - syrnia of course, movoda, computing, art, photography, history, debates.

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I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down and the flames went higher...
23-06-2008 23:23

20 y/o from South Carolina!

I'm a sous chef at a local tapas restaurant. I've been cooking for 4 years and I hope to make this a career, I enjoy the burns, cuts, curses and all around good fun of the sweltering hell, kitchen... or as I like to call it home ^.^
24-06-2008 04:08

I'm 23 y/o and i work the front desk, at a Comfort Suites, overnight.
Happily Married to PhoenixJewels
Proud Leader of Four Twenty [h2o]
27-06-2008 12:02

I am a 36 year old mother of two smart and beautiful daughters (17&15). I was divorced and alone for 14 years until very recently, when I got back in contact with my very first high school sweetheart. (He's the one who got me hooked on Syrnia the last few days.) I am one month away from receiving my BA in Psych/Soc from Washington State University. It has been a long two years! I love working with children and the elderly. I have spent most of my adult life either running my own daycare or working as a speech pathology assistant in public schools and/or nursing/assisted living facilities. I love to paint, draw, sew, and decorate other peoples houses. I use to read for fun, now I read text books. My favorite place to be is the Oregon Coast, where I can have both evergreen trees and stare at~as well as smell, the ocean for hours at a time! AND~in the last few days, I guess, I have decided I want to be a pirate,too! Hmmmm. Considering the only gaming experience I have ever had was SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, and Pac-Man when I was 13, I hope I am not brutally laughed out of here in complete and utter shame~never to return. . . cause I'm having alot of fun.

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Lord Of Fire
27-06-2008 17:05

i am 11 year old boy who hates school
soon going to secondary(yeah!)
live in bristol and i like football ans syrnia
Le Kpopz
27-06-2008 17:33

train for royal marines most of the time loves food and some of the other finer things in life
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