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29-11-2007 10:38

I am a student from Raffles Institution (From Singapore).
Mr. Addy
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29-11-2007 11:56

21 years old, live in Belgium.

Hobby's: Football, Music, Movies

Work as project manager at a road construction company.
And I'm in evening classes to become an architect.

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05-12-2007 04:39

I am an associate software developer for an internet marketing and advertising company in Minnesota. Basically, I just joined the software development department (that's where the "associate" comes from) and I write and maintain the backend codebase (ASP.NET) for Ringtone.com.
05-12-2007 05:09

14/m/ Live in Connecticut in the USA. I'm in 9th grade, and I usually get A's. I take Latin and I'm good with computers (graphics and a little coding)

My hobbies are just the computer and playing manhunt with my friends.

Also, I can pretty much pwn everyone in guitar hero...
05-12-2007 05:25

20/m College Student studying everything and doing everything. I read, write, play music, sing, proram games, play games, big into fitness (even though i'm not really that muscular). I'm taking Krav Maga, its the combat system used by the Israeli army and law enforcement around the world...pretty hardcore...I like going to the rock gym with my friends. I work as a security officer about 4 nights a week, not much to it, except stupid skateboard kids...so yeah...
05-12-2007 05:58

It's certainly interesting to see the amazing diversity in our Syrnian population!

I am 24/F. I earned a degree in History from a small college in NY state but am currently working as a Catastrophe Claims Adjuster for a major US Insurance Company. Waiting for my husband to earn his Doctorate so I can go back to school.

Currently, reluctantly, living in North Florida.
05-12-2007 06:29

I am a 49-year-old male mainframe computer programmer. My major in college was Mass Media, with an emphasis in Writing. (I minored in Computer Science, which is how I got into my current job.) I live in Missouri (USA). I enjoy theater and the American Civil War. I have combined those two hobbies by doing Civil War Reenacting.

I'm also involved in the American Civil War Game Club, an on-line club devoted to playing historical simulations of Civil War battles.

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"On my honor, I will do my best, to help other people at all times ... "

It is my duty as a Cute-y! :-)
05-12-2007 09:05

20s US enginerd *rocks out*/F

Other than being a research slave...I just play games online

Edited on 05-12-2007 09:06
16-12-2007 18:02

My name's Haskel and I am teaching English in China. Work about 12 hours a week at a univercity and love playing computer games but am not too good. Male 29 and originally from New Zealand, but have also lived in Japan for 3 years and about 4 in Oz. Now into my second year in China and loving it.
16-12-2007 18:14

I'm a stay at home mom to 2 girls ages 8 and 3.
We do alot of RVing, rooting for my hubby when he races, and I do some artwork when I get a chance.

Hubby is deployed.

I do alot of volunteer work.

Edited on 23-01-2008 21:27
16-12-2007 23:54

29/m/UK, I'm a self employed handyman. No job to small, no fee to big lol!!
20-12-2007 20:30

65/m/prince george, british columbia, CANADA. Retired after 35 years with the C.N.R..prior to that worked various jobs including green chain at a sawmill, cleanup in a poultry company, truck driver for a shipping company, bookkeeper for a grain firm in Winnipeg, canada. have played oblivion, morrowind, ultima and various other games including movoda. married 37 years and in order to play on computer bought my wife 1 so she could do her own thing.also worked as a gas jockey for shell service station
20-12-2007 20:37

I'm a 36 year old sixth grade teacher in Northern Ontario, Canada.


Well, I "retired" from teaching over 10 years ago to focus on my online education related website which continues to do well, so I continue to stay retired. In recent years, I've taken up bird watching, so have become very familiar with the hundreds of local species. Once the pandemic is over, I plan to travel to some hot birding spots around the world.

Edited on 07-02-2021 04:08
20-12-2007 22:11

Well for starters I am Canadian. Worked for Canadian Pacific Railway and Huron Central for over 30 yrs. Was to young to retire so became a security supervisor in a casino. As to my age ........... well lets just say I was 14 when the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. The Ed what??????????
20-12-2007 22:20

27/F - I'm a Biomedical Engineer. I pretend to fix things all day while cruising forums and botchecking :X
::|Shimizu|::|Clan Zetsumei|::
Too many stars...Not enough Sky.
22-12-2007 01:59

f/15 soccerqueen. i like frencefries and soccer and cheerleding and my boy friend
22-12-2007 02:36

16/M/Virginia USA
I LOVE playing Syrnia and Movoda too, not to offend anyone
But anyways I'm a bit of a nerd, aka I could get straight A's but I'm way to lazy to do the homework lol or I'm to busy playing Movvy or Syrnia.. but anyways I'm going on now lol So that's it for now
22-12-2007 06:19

(Male) My names Chris in RL. I live in Illinois. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science hoping to become a Computer Technichian and have kind of considered writing as a secondary since i found out I'm good at it go figure.
I currently don't have a job cause class takes up most of my time, but I enjoy playing the bass guitar as a hobby. Might join a band again if I feel like it because it was a blast. I like to rock. It's in my blood
Also play Halo 3 here and there.

I don't tell a lot about who I am because being mysterious is part of my nature
30-12-2007 09:09

nationality: filipino

i'm in high school...

hey!!! any other filipinos around here
04-01-2008 19:41

Real name-Chris
I'm a medical student in Belfast
04-01-2008 20:50

aged 47
worked last 28 years for 3M in the UK as a Lab Tech
04-01-2008 20:51

Age: 17
Real Name: Kenneth
Sex: Male
Occupation: High School student dual-enrolled in community college
Hobbies: Weight lifting, sports, video games

Pretty shy, don't like to talk much. Usually laid back, but can get really uptight at times. Make a few friends here and there, usually close with them. Single, but indifferent about dating in high school. Doesn't really bother me that much. Play for the school football team, so don't have a lot of free time. What I have I spend with ether my friends or on games. Going off to college next year for engineering, hoping to become an aerospace engineer for my major and structural/electric engineering as my minors. Pretty much just another average guy, nothing fantastic about me.

Edited on 04-01-2008 20:55
13-01-2008 12:59

13 year old, male and in 2nd of school and i like syrnia and when i play syrnia i do lots a things like homework or The Godfather or.. Idk
17-01-2008 20:03

23/g im studying web design and 3d modelisation in university in canada
El Horsto
17-01-2008 20:13

27 M. I'm a German backpacking in Australia. At the moment I do nightshifts at reception, studied Philosophie and Eng Lit.
I'm into all kind of arts and have been active in a couple of them, mainly theater music and painting, painting being my main concern.

I despise what governments call democracy because I don't like to be fooled.
Hail to the King.

El Horsto

Edited on 22-01-2008 04:41
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