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23-09-2007 06:18

Real Name: Nathan Jones
Location: The annoying Commonwealth of Virginia (why can't we just be state like the rest of them?)
Current Occupation: Front Desk worker of a Hotel
Hobbies: Guitar first and foremost, games.
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Other than that life is uneventful except for the few times a year i get to go see Tim Reynolds in concert.
Mr. Addy
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24-09-2007 13:53

You've acted in lotr? :o

Hmm I'm pretty boring; 18, girl, double A level computing student, finishing my second year and going to Uni in next year oh yeah and I have an AS level in history too.
24-09-2007 15:11

age 38, female, trained as a vet, currently on career break with a young family.
29-09-2007 06:20

Web design, Network/specialty computer design build
04-10-2007 01:58

isnt anyone 12? lol i am im a guitar hero addict aswell
06-10-2007 13:41

I'm 11.... lol... I... am also a Guitar Hero addict. Not the smartest 11 yr. old in Maryland, but yeah. I'm also addicted to the comp.
12-10-2007 03:11

i work at subway and go 2 apollo high school, i'm the only kid at school with a motorcycle, WOOT!! OH, and I'm 6'11 and only 17, peepl call me a small tree. I call them midgets.

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25-10-2007 05:56

Im a 25 year old single mother. I go to college full time for Elementary Education. I work part-time between classes at the library on campus. I have a strange sense of humor and no life ^.^
25-10-2007 06:47

hello all i am a 20 year old colloge student of del tech i attend full time i am majoring in computor programming slash networking and enjoy my time here on syrnia due to my shops my wife and all the friends i made while playing in my free time i take long walks hang out with friends street race and party when possible but for the msot part i am here skewl or with the gf not much to say but yea thats a bit about me hope it gives you ssome what of a idea about me
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Husband To Sunsetatdawn
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The Kissing Bandit
25-10-2007 13:23

im a 15 year old brown boy in yr 11 and leavin secondary skl soon, where i might go into army 4 a bit...or sit on my ass at home, with m8s or sk8 park..whichever i find 1st
25-10-2007 13:53

18 year old.
I am a student Business Economies.
Besides that I work in a restaurant.
29-10-2007 19:38

I'm 18
studying business informatics at JIBS in Sweden
and playing football and floorball

Edited on 29-10-2007 19:39
29-10-2007 20:15

I am 19 years old...I am attending Bowling Green State University in Huron OH...USA...I am majoring in mechanical engineering...I have 5 years left of schooling.
29-10-2007 20:25

34 year old male
i am a lazy economist and also i work as a musician.stuck on games since commodore64

Edited on 29-10-2007 20:37
03-11-2007 18:42

i'm 21/f married to charlesc83 in real life, i have a 5 year old son
work at yankee candle
03-11-2007 19:46

Well, I just deleted my old post, since things changed between high school and university. This is the currently-correct-Niv-description.

Anyway, I'm Niv, pleased to meet ya! I'm a 18 year old student from Almere, Flevoland (Holland). I somehow managed to attend college this year, only barely by the way. I am studying English at the Vrije Universiteit (Free (as in 'free for anyone to enter', not as in 'you don't have to pay anything to enter') University).
I am a fan of Rammstein and the Gorillaz, but I can listen to anything, and one day, I will become president of the United States. No really, I will just bribe my way there. Never mind that I am not even an American...

Political orientation: Progressive! Down with conservatism and the bloody populist politicians that keep the small man enthralled and indentured! New world order! Beer for everybody!

...Wait, what was that?

Edited on 03-11-2007 19:47
"Some say there is no subtlety to mass destruction. You know what? They're dead."
-Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
04-11-2007 01:52

Hey i'm Lister (AKA Mark in Real World) and im 16 years old, I'm male last time i checked *checks again* yep still male . I come from England

I am Currently in college taking Computing, Chemistry, Maths and English GCSE (AGAIN grrrr, yes i failed my own language ) Not quite sure whether to be forensic scientist or COmputer programmer(probably making games) yet, probably the computer programmer as i like my computing lesson best. I want to go university. And have no jobs although best get one soon or my dad will kill me err thats it really probably ranted on too much anyway
04-11-2007 02:18

24/F USA Majored in Biology and now I'm a Financial Representative. Funny how things work out...
04-11-2007 02:31

21 year old Male from Wales in the UK and im a student

currently in my final year of a Business Management Degree.
08-11-2007 15:25

Name: Marko
Last name: None of your busnies
Years: -||-
Occupation: Killing people for money
Next target: Fruc
The Couch YetiTemp
13-11-2007 03:07

Hi, I'm Devin... :

Occupation: Video Games, School, Mild Comp Programming : Nothing special, Soon playing football for my first time XD

Favorite T.V Show/Series: : um... Bleach (anime), Naruto...(anime),Sadly, Days of our Lives XD LOL!... : Inuyasha (anime)...Full Metal Alchemist (anime)... Yea yea, love anime/cartoons : what of it?

Orientation: Straight

Religion: No need too go into it... :

Favorite Sport: Tennis XD

Favorite Game: Halo 3 baby !! >

Sex: Male.

I Live in a small town, called (Not aloud too mention XD) , Ohio. Tusc Township... go figure...

Love Video games, don't watch much t.v anymore, i got secret websites for all my movies etc... XD

Anything else you wanna know about me, PM Me

Loyal Player of Syrnia for 476 days.
18-11-2007 09:02

In RL I am known as Leonardo. I am a 32 yo italian man. Not married and no children.
Working as a receprion manager in a 3 stars hotel in my home town Florence.
22-11-2007 22:44

I'm known as Darky to my friends. I'm in 6th grade. I live in America. I usually draw, write, read, and goof off on the computer.

Edited on 22-11-2007 22:45
27-11-2007 02:43

I waste my life playing video games. I animate sometimes.
28-11-2007 04:16

Neutral,... You should be slapped upside the head for that comment,... just so ya know.

I'm Brett, Will be 40 in January, Married to my lovely wife Kelly, Interpretter for the Deaf, & Also major Syrnia addict.

Other than that, I also play PS2 RPGs, ( If you have any favorite PS2 RPG games, let me know about them!), Watch pro wrestling, etc.

"I stand for Truth, ... Justice, ... & More Coffee in my cup!" LOL
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