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02-11-2005 20:45

real world??
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02-11-2005 23:15

I'm 16, male, and a Sophomore (10) in highschool. I'm a huge band geek. Bought myself a new flute and everything. I take lessons, got symphonic band (4th chair out of 6 ). I made the Lima Youth Orchestra. 2nd chair out of three. Come November 19 I'm going to audition for District III Honors Band. I'll see what happens from there. Once I graduate I'm going to do something with German (Deutsch!!) or Music.
Warrior on Wheels
03-11-2005 02:08

I am 24, I live in Canada. I just graduated from college with a computer science degree. I love to swim and Internet surf and play pc games and play Syrnia of course, I dont work right now, but I am looking

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03-11-2005 03:19

19/M/Ontario Canada

I'm a University student studying Energy Systems Engineering. Don't have much free time, but when I do I play sports. Only reason I manage to play Syrnia is because I have a laptop in wireless campus.
03-11-2005 04:16

17/f from philippines
03-11-2005 05:57

Travis Hatley, I like to wear hats, 13, turning 14 December 29, athletic, likes all sports but Basketball, lol, ummmmmm....In football (Defense), I am outside linebacker, (Offense)also runningback and wide receiver. Wrestling, one of the best is my school, track, i was the best in the 110 meter hurdles, best time was 17.12 seconds, also, ummmmmmm.....I am doing basketball this year, but I really hate it and suck at it, lol!!! I LOVE SPORTS!!! And I am really good at math, and PE (DUH)......Yea, thats my story
03-11-2005 16:23

I'll be 28 in 6 days.


Live in Memphis, TN, but I'm from WV. I went to school in Knoxville, TN. Then spent some time in the Philippines before moving here.

I graduated from the Univ. of Tenn. with a BS in Communications. I started out in architecture, but switched and majored in advertising and minored in business, and spent as much time doing graphic art and freelance writing as I could.
I then went on to follow a higher calling. I got a Masters of Divinity from Mid-America Seminary, and now work with tweens and teens for a living. Well, and, of course, with their parents, trying to help them figure things out about today's teens.

I'm into music and drama. I write screenplays and act. I sing with some different peeps here in Memphis, I've toured with a band, and I play some bass guitar and lots of hand percussion.

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03-11-2005 17:56

m/ the netherlands

I am in 4th grade 'vwo' 'gymnasium'
I play soccer, I used to play guitar, I also like to fish, to swim and to be busy on the comp
I've made a 3D game You can see it at www.fusionworld.nl

I also play movoda, warriorfields (sometimes..) and some other games like Oblivion Elder Scrolls IV.

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03-11-2005 18:29

26/m live in Oregon but grew up mostly in Forida. Work as an office manager so yeah I get to play at work. Spent four years in the Army, one of them in South Korea. Married, with a four and a half year old daughter.
03-11-2005 19:26

20 Male live in PA in USA. I am a sophmore in college studying International Business/Chinese. I work for our schools ITS department fixing viruses. I enjoy playing sports especially volleyball. I love computers and playing online games with friends. Thats about it.
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03-11-2005 22:03

16/M/PA in USA, homeschooled hope to get into game programming and truly get into game production.
03-11-2005 22:16

HI im >>>>>Steve-4c<<<<<

Actual Name : Steve Forsey
age: 25
Location: England
Profession:Team management systems analyst, i left the computer Sciences Corporation ( CSC ) last year.
currently i work for the leading regulatory body of electrics in England known as the NICEIC. Giving adivice on government legislation to electricians. I also DJ at night clubs in my spare time.... if its relevant im in the top 150 players on jetset.com in the world, which is some achievement considering how many play there from around the world!!

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03-11-2005 22:24

Hi, I am Erik at the age of 28. I live in the Netherlands and have almost finished my computer science bachelor degree. At the moment i work in a Bakery, so will be on on irregular times. I also play in a punk-ska-rock&roll band called NME (http://www.18inchcock.nl (No, I'm not kidding), MP3's available...)

Cya in Syrnia
05-11-2005 05:39

20year old male from manchester england, ex soldier (injured my back have to wait 2 years to reapply) i am working as a security gaurd in the mean time, i have a expensive hobby (sports cars) i currently own a mitsubishi 3000gt twin turbo and i want to buy a honda s2000 now for long distance driving (smaller engine less fuel consumption)

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06-11-2005 05:52


colege is good to me... so far hehe
06-11-2005 13:28

16/f/uk, england
i feel young now. In my last year of secondary scool, trying to decide what college to go and what courses to do. Kinda stuck in what i want to do for the rest of my life since i'm pretty much equally good in everything. hobbies include reading, swimming and animals


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06-11-2005 13:57


last year in secondary school nd im gunna go st marys college then try for oxford or cambridge uni's im gunna study law maths history IT and pyshcology at A level then IT at degree or law depending which i do better in . schools reali easy atm

like swimming gunna swim the channel with aspire all sports reali specially basket ball and i wanna emigrate wen im older probably new zealand
06-11-2005 17:18

Hello all
I am 54 6'3" 220 lbs. so nuff said about age, we are as old as we feel, sometimes I feel quite old. I am self employed . We have our own buisness making split cedar fence rails on Vancouver Island, Canada. I do work with an axe and saw I am crazy for axes hence Madax, Madax has traveled many lands as the eternal ranger but likes Syrnia.
19-11-2005 21:42

Hi Guys, it's great seeing all these people from around the world.

I'm recently getting back into the game, after a very long break, cause by me starting work in June!

Where my nick name came from.. Well at last years freshers fair at Uni "The Sun" newspaper or "The Mirror" or some newspaper where giving away free stuff. One of the things in the pack was an A4 sheet of headline stickers. Amoung them were two individual words.. You Guessed it, Saucy & Whopper. Put em together and you get me!

Name: Steve Daniels
Location: Ormskirk, Near Liverpool, England (Can the UK guys be more precise about where they live?)(Well the over 18's anyway, don't want to sound like a pedo asking for kids addresses hehe!)
Age: 20
D.O.B: 31/05/85

I'm currently on my "Year in Industry" which is my third year of Uni education that I am spending at a local computer company programming and other such things.
When I go back to Uni, I will be continuing my Internet Technologies (Computer Science) Degree at Staffordshire Uni.
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19-11-2005 23:00

I live in the UK and spend lots of time in Syrnia driving the screwels away
22-11-2005 00:10

im a youngster, 13, male. I wanna be a kitten when I grow up.
22-11-2005 00:15

hey i'm confused what is the real world. is that what my mommy always talks about to when she says get life?
22-11-2005 00:32

Well, I'm over 30 and a happily married male. I am disabled so I sit around all day playing games. Lately I've been playing Syrnia at the same time as Neopets (I've got 2 daughters that enjoy it as well). If you want to try it, go to http://www.neopets.com/refer.phtml?username=sirkraegor
and sign up - it's free...
23-11-2005 19:43

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Occupation: I just graduated from one of the Le Cordon Bleu schools and I'm working as a chef right now. I'll probably move to Vegas and work at the Bellagio (spelling?) when I get a chance.
27-11-2005 21:12

Im 16 years old, live in Holland and I spend most of my time playing syrnia...might be better to us that time for homework
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