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02-07-2007 22:10

26 years
self employed online stationary supplies
4 kids
feeling very very old
Mr. Addy
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02-07-2007 22:21

Im a 12 year old girl named Lilia.
I like Sports and obviously computers.
My favourite things to do are:

.Eat Chocolate

Birthday: Nov 28


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02-07-2007 23:14

im 17 called matty from England(GB) in a small town called burnley and i hope to be going to college to learn plumbing.
03-07-2007 01:42

27/F stay at home mom mostly. I live in Southern US. I do work part time selling campers (on the weekends and I get to bring my daughter to work with me) I also sell on Ebay. Its a hobby and a job. I love it. I buy tons on ebay too.

so I guess my hobbies are taking care of my family, syrnia, ebay and computers. also do yahoo 360. I drive alot to visit family and I love to travel. also love the beach.

My daughter is 9 and she also plays syrnia.
04-07-2007 05:56


I am 24 y/o and i work in a printing shop in arizona. its way fun stuff...

As for free time, i like to do all kinds of stuff.

reading, writing, playings games on line and on my wii, game boy you name it. I like watching movies, new and old. I like swimming and hanging out with friends and music.

and i absolutely love Harry Potter.

14-07-2007 16:11

im 13.and a boy.i play video games.thats about it.i wanna be a cop when i grow up.the popo.da fuzz.im hungry.when am i not hungry?i eat, sleep and play video games.eat, sleep, video games.huh.well, thats my whole life until school starts up again
28-07-2007 14:24

I am 13, boy, attending highschool in Luton. I play PS2 or games on the computer, as well as Syrnia which is very addicting. I don't like Sports too much, yep lazy kind . Apart from Swimming! Crickets not 2 bad. Thats it apart from the fact that I love TV and consoles as well as food...(Yummy ) I know what u'r think obease kind? no actually! I not that fat! lol

Edited on 28-07-2007 14:25
29-07-2007 05:26

Hmm... Well Im 16, male, starting 11th grade in highschool next year. I live in Utah. Grew up in Oregon. Once i graduate im joining the peace corpse for two years after that Im joining the Airforce or the Marines, depending on my 'marital' status. I currently work at a pretty awesome ice cream parlor called Coldstone. Im a paintball addict. Been Paintballing for 6 or 7 year now, which explains my interest in the Marines/Airforce. Thats me!
29-07-2007 07:33

I am 37, mom of 3 sons, 1 daughter and 2 step daughters. Yes, things get crazy. My kids range in age from 19 to 5 monthes. The boys being the oldest three.

During the day, I work in computer security and when I am not being a computer geek or being a mom, I am on the back of a motercycle being wild and having fun!
29-07-2007 14:19

high schooler getting good grades good physicly and mentaly play games alot run round the school field
08-08-2007 06:42

Age: 15 soon 16
Birth Date: 0ctober 22nd
Gender: Dude
Height: 6'7 feet tall
Highest reps ever done: 230
Highest push-ups ever done: 140

I am athletic, smart, friendly, funny, hot dude, outgoing superpopular in school. I play football, baseball, softball, wiffel ball, wrestling, tennis, snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, soccer, swimming, hockey and etc. My hobby is playing sports and using the computer. I usually run like 8-20 miles everyday. I live in Maryland. I like doing pranks and joking around. I get all A's espeically in Phisical Educations . I have a super hot and friendly girlfriend named Jessica. Girls keep flirting me when I am avaible . Most importantely my name is Jake. This fall I will be a senior! My color of hair and how long-- Dirty blonde and long. My color of eyes is blue with little green. Many peoples think I am looking like Cody Linley but such hotter (I think ZAC and CODY is wayyyy diffrent )

Hope you now know more about me

Edited on 08-08-2007 06:46
15-08-2007 13:39

Age: 22
Gender: Dude
Height: 6'9 feet tall
Occupation: U.S. Marine
16-08-2007 15:45

27 yr old male, Wales (That's in the UK for anyone not from Britain). I'm getting married in September to a non-Syrnian (but I'm trying to talk her round to it). I go to table-top roleplay at least twice a week, which is far superior to computer-based roleplay, I heartily recomend all of you to try it at least once. But computer based RP helps fill the void between table-top games.
I work in a developement lab, I'm not allowed to mention the company on a public forum, or even what we work on (I know it sounds mysterious, but it isn't that exciting).
I'm a pagan, so I get involved in alot of environmental issues. Gaia rules! WHOOOOOO!
Blessed Be

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21-08-2007 11:05

First of all GOD is the head of my life i love him more then life and love going two church.I am female 52yr old mother of six 29/28/27/23/21/ and my baby 18,foue boy and two beautisful girl,and i have eight grandkid's 13/9/7/5/4/3/3/2,four boy's and four girl's and i enjoy them all.I love plant and they are over my house love staying at home.I enjoy my job ,i work at aholmes shelter in the capital city of missouri,enjoy playing syrnia and enjoy the clan i am in,well there other thing i like two do but i will be all night writting them and then can'play my game hehe so till the next time you all be good and GOD BLESS US ALL.
21-08-2007 12:29

i do absolutely nothing lol well thats what it feels like anyway lol i go to school am in all the top classes get bored most of the time cuz most of the people in my class dont know how to do simple maths like 2 multiplied by 20 lol im in grade 10 too lol so its kinda scary oh well yeh i have a job that pays minimum wage lol i have a good life lol

and I live in Queensland Australia nearly forgot that lol

EDIT: i cant spell lol

Edited on 21-08-2007 12:29
22-08-2007 09:58

There is a realy world? LOL..jk

I'm a 15/m I live in BC (British Columbia), Canada. Going into gr 10 thank god (I'm an Athiest just so you know) casue i nearly failed gr 9. I'm a gamer and I love to play games, one day I found that I had beaten all the games I had at home and so I booted up the computer and found a endless supply of games on the internet (YES!!!). I love to read (which is weird for a gammer but ehh) and I guess that is why I like games like Syrnia (text-based), I also love talking on MSN and stuff and I'm really tired (and bored) so ya....

Edited on 26-08-2007 09:29
31-08-2007 15:44

***MOD EDIT***
The posting of personal information in the chat or forums is against the rules.
I'm 16 years old...
I live in Latvia, Kuldiga...
I'm DJ, DJ Tudensky, just starting, but others say that my first song rullz
I study in Riga Technical University about Mechatronic...
I'm da best in English in my school
Thats all...
If you wanna know anything else, just write me to xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx..

Edited on 31-08-2007 15:50
31-08-2007 18:10

I'm old too.
Soon to be 40, female.

In the so-called real world I run a consultancy service for English speaking ex-pats in the south of France and by night I am a singer.

I find time to play online by shutting myself in my office and telling people I am working.

When I am not working I play Sims.
31-08-2007 18:12

Female. Divorced Mother.

Attended columbus college of art and design(CCAD), in Columbus, Ohio. Attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Deleware, Ohio. Attended Ohio State University in Columbus, ohio.

Jobs I have had include; being a bonded and armed security guard for the state of ohio (Woman with a gun, look out!) , a hospice home health care worker, installing and refinishing hard wood floors for my brother's company (the honda plant gym was a doosey!) a machine operator at a printing plant, a DJ in a few local clubs and a professional dancer. I also freelance poetry and adult fiction. By and far the parenting is the hardest thing but also the most rewarding thing for me..but you kids only see us parents like old stick in the muds . We were once like you, that's the thing. And when you look at us, you see yourself in the years to come. HAHA. That's karma, baby.

I enjoy horseback riding over the wooded trails, shooting competitions (my son is better than me with a rifle) music, reading and writing, canoing, photography and doing stuff with my kids.
31-08-2007 18:12

theres life outside of Syrnia? (O~0)
02-09-2007 23:21

I live in Wycombe, England am 21 years old, logistics co-ordinator also semi-pro racing driver for ecosse (Scottish peugeot bodyshop). I race a 3litre V6 406 coupe in a coupe owners club and at events such as Donnington Park and Max Power. Biggest real life achievement: finishing 2nd in the Ecosse Euro Tournament against 40 competitors
02-09-2007 23:35

hey guys am male 17 years old and training to be a personal trainer and nutritionist really

i love playing sports: rugby football squash badminton tennis pool

if ya have any questions on keeping fit, exercise, nutrition or anything related to fitness and health message me and ill give you answers
Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.

08-09-2007 16:04

i'm a 41 year old thermal dynamic engineer
retired navy, and an outlaw biker.
08-09-2007 18:58

I'm 26, female
I'm from the Netherlands (or Holland if you prefer ), but living in Belgium atm
Graduated as dietitian, but working in the bacteriological laboratory in a Dairy Plant from ^_^

Edited on 17-01-2010 20:27
21-09-2007 14:19

I'm 44, mom to three, wife IRL to Pharos, and live in Indiana. Pharos got me hooked on this game; it's the only one that I play online. In my spare time I officiate weddings, do freelance photography, and work for a video production company.
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