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19-05-2007 02:44

41 yr old male.
I work as an environmental chemist.
I play trombone in a local concert band as a hobby.

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19-05-2007 03:44

my turn 18 male Dustin i do websites and computer training and repairs in california for now move off to my college in new york in august
27-05-2007 21:10

Hum 16 year old woman, 5f3... Gonna be 17 pretty soon... I live in Quebec, Canada.. Graduating from high school this year.. going in pure sciences next year.. but we have to go to college + university... so in uni I'm planning to do a masters degree in physical therapy...

I play soccer in elite teams during summer, planning to play for the college team next year...

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28-05-2007 01:17

13/f im a student in school duh
im in hmm 7th grade or secondary 1 your choice

P.S bugs is my annoying sis ...

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28-05-2007 01:54

Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: Sudbury
Occupation: Rogers cell phone technician, I help customers with their software issues, I hope to get onto the new apple department so that I can work with the new Iphone. It would be much more entertaining and easier then dealing with the several other phone brands I have to troubleshoot.

My career goal is to ether be a video game programmer or animator, my experience in this field is little to none, but I have a passion for it and plan to spend some of my free time to get myself familiar in these fields.

Ohh and btw Yannlow you aren't the only two french players ;)

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28-05-2007 04:51

In the real world I am one of the older guys. I am in the midwest and a science consultant for schools. I try to make sure that teachers actually do a good job for all the kids instead of lecturing. I have 3 young kids and spend time playing with them or working on my 2 acres.
28-05-2007 04:54

i am a kid 14 so i do nothing
02-06-2007 22:27

23/F/Richmond, VA

I went to college for forensic science, and hoping to get back in the lab. Right now though I work at an HVAC management company. Love UFC, playin pool in my apt and drinking.
02-06-2007 22:38


Telecommunications, Networking, IT technology and PC repair.. Been doing that for almost 14 years now.

Take care of my daughter when i have her.. Bout it .. Exciting life..lol
08-06-2007 02:52

im 16, im in 11th grade(Junior), and i hope to get into construction, and in 9th and 10th grade i played football(American)
11-06-2007 02:43

I'm 27/M and i'm currently (temporarily) a sales rep. for my gf's Internet marketing company (This Way Up UK Ltd) which mainly sells branded consumer electronics at sub-superstore prices (cheap PS3s, for instance).

My long-term career path is changing direction, after having done a Theology degree and a bit of teaching, as I have just started a distance learning conversion degree in Psychology at the Open University. I want to do a phD in Psychology afterwards and become an Educational Psychologist.

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12-06-2007 19:03

18/F in England. 5' 10", since we seem to be adding that. Currently taking my A levels and hoping to go on to study maths - assuming I pass!

Sorting out my student loan and accommodation, which is worse than the exams *struggles against the spaghetti-like bonds of the red tape*

In my free time, I watch a lot of sci-fi, play offline games and read scifi/fantasy novels. ...Wow, that sounds nerdy. Uh, I'm also into photography (mostly birds - the kind with feathers! minds out of gutter, please!) so I do leave the house occasionally. Between bot checks, I'm usually to be found in chat, doing my homework, or playing addictive minigames.

If you want to get in my good books, send caffeine, Stargate Atlantis DVDs, and a wireless router that doesn't overheat every morning.

Edit: I passed! Off to university!

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15-06-2007 20:57

51/M AAS in Electronics BAS in Robotic Tech currently in New Mexico but moving to Canada I have worked in electronics or electro-mechanical fields for over 31 years.
15-06-2007 21:11

in the real world all the ladies love me 9like here)

qqqwwweee = nonperverted pervert
21-06-2007 19:06

Hello all,

Im sure you are all just waiting to hear all about me!!

Nah, just kidding.

Im a 16 year old male, i look to make B's in my junior year, I race four cylinders at a local race track called West Liberty Speedway.

Im an artist and love to draw.

I Race BMX.

I Skateboard.

I have 2 jobs.

I have a fiance (dont ask)

And i wish i had a computer

Im going into video game design.

I live in Muscatine Iowa but going to go to college in Florida when i turn 18.

(GCL) ~Seraph~
21-06-2007 22:50

27, from vancouver island B.C. Canada eh. Paperd Chef (first trade), class 1 truck driver(loging trucks), and now working part time as carpenter. i have lived in many camps in the North West Territories, Banff Alberta, Drayton Valley Alberta, Lindale Alberta, oilers suck, flames suck, canucks rule! Terrece B.C., Lilloet B.C. and the Nass Valley Lavabeds (Nass Camp)

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26-06-2007 06:47

My friendzZ calls me Katch im 13 years old i live in Quebec, Canada Im friend with Lildevil she showed me this Gameim in 7th grade going to 8th grade in 2 months Lildevil will probably be in y class and shes annoying
26-06-2007 12:16

26 Male
Former Marine
Personal Fitness Trainer (Owner)
Marathon, 10k, 5k runner
Rugby Player
5'3" 150lbs
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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26-06-2007 12:39

Hi, I'm 33 years old, female (to the surprise of many Syrnians so far) and I run a web-based art & craft business selling handcrafted goods (my own work and others) and t-shirts designed by my some of my less-than-sane friends.

I live in the north east of England (near Newcastle-upon-Tyne)with my partner and my teenage son. We are a house of nerds

I enjoy watching good sci-fi (Farscape, Stargate, Firefly) or good drama shows on DVD, playing rpg's with my friends, going away to Live-Action-Roleplay events, spinning poi and making stuff in all sorts of materials (clay, wood metal, stone etc).

And, obviously, I like playing Syrnia (and Movoda now I've discovered that as well).

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28-06-2007 19:49

im a 13 year kid who luves video games and basketball.
30-06-2007 02:49

I'm really old compared to most of these posts.
Job:Electroplating Supervisor
Children:4 boys(22,15,13,7) 1 girl(3,my angel)

I live in Wisconsin, and spend all my time in the winter at the hockey rink as all but my 22 yr. old play hockey(every nite of the week)(not complaining tho because I love it.

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30-06-2007 03:53

Age - nearer to 40 than most of you
Live in Northern USA
4 Kids - 2 boys, 2 girls. My oldest is 16 1/2 and drives a car.

Currently work in Concrete factory making molds for Target, McDonalds, Fleet Farm, and all kinds of specialty stuff.
Did work in IT / Managerial job for near 20 years.
Also worked with my father at times painting / drywalling / etc since I was a teenager.

Built a new house Oct, 2005 so still hacking away at it.

Enjoy this game due to its laid back nature. Can either click on bot check once every 15 minutes or so and watch T.V. or participate in chat / combat / whatever.
30-06-2007 04:41

I have nothing at all like most people.

im 14 and i am really active with friends and stuff. I just asked out this girl and she said yes. for her birthday i gave her the new Maroon 5 CD before it came out . havn't kissed her yet cuz we havn't accually gone on a date yet. i dont talk to her much either just cuz i dont like phones. cuz if i say something dumb people make weird faces and ill never know.

I play this cuz i like medieval games and i like things like runescape since i tried it.(this is better than RS execpt for the impossible leveling
02-07-2007 21:54

im 15, im male, i live in england-cornwall

i love being activedoing things like surfing, bodyboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding etc. pretty much any extreme sport!

02-07-2007 22:00

I am a 12 year old male, of course, attending Middle School in Denver, Colorado.

I love playing sports, even tho I am not in any team. I am best at Playing the posision of Goalie in Hockey and Soccer. I love being a running back or a Left Outside Linebacker in American Footbal.

I dont play any sports on a team, but here it goes.

I play Football.

I play Soccer.

I play Lacrosse.

I play Hockey

I play Computer

I play my Play Station 2

I play Tennis

And All the other sports I didnt say I play those too

Another hobby I love doing is either Fly Fishing or Fishing for Bass and Trout. Lol, what do you know I am a good fisher in Syrnia aswell.

I am going into the seventh grade and hoping I am going to meet alot more nice people in Syrnia.

I am 5'2, and I am making straight A's. I am wishing to go to Yale as my college and become either a proffetional sports player or something in designing things!

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