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29-12-2006 11:31

I`m a 32 y.o. male from Croatia, policeman, war veteran, at the moment waiting to be retired from work, so have a lot of time to play Syrnia Like all kind of weapons (especially WWII), motorcycles, cars and also play Hattrick.
Mr. Addy
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29-12-2006 12:20

Hello All Syrnian

Male / 25
From : Malaysia
Jobs : Primary school teacher
Hobby : Play games and lots more ..
30-12-2006 10:20

Female, age 23. I live in Athens, Greece and this semester I will get my degree in MBA. Hopefully after that I'll become the new Bill Gates (well, at least his new female version...), so, beware....
30-12-2006 18:15

Hi, my name is Oskar. I come from Sweden and I'm a 14 year old male.
I live in a very small villages in the Swedish mountains or whatever you may call them. I spend most of my time in school. And I work every now and then. I love to ski and to be out in the nature. In the future I will go to another school in another part of the country and I will probably study something containing math, computers and language.
I guess that would be it.
30-12-2006 21:35

Yo. Posted here before, genius me accidentally deleted it.

Birthday is April 22, 1992. That makes me 14 right now. In case you don't know I'm a guy.

So. Currently a freshman and planning to go into engineering or the medical field. I play basketball, cricket, and Pakistani wrestling. Not on any teams or anything but with a few of my good friends.

Syrnia is the only game I play on the computer. I play a few console games here and there (mostly sports.)

I currently live in Texas, USA. Not that bad here, but I still miss home.

Uhh...I hate noobs and I'm a pretty dedicated to religion.

EDIT: If you want to know more, you're a stalker.

Edited on 30-12-2006 21:38

*for a limited time only
30-12-2006 23:30

Umar you forgot a hobby...Flaming Noob Recruitment Posts
05-01-2007 20:21

Hy my name is Michael i'm from Romania ,i'm 27 years old just finnish college with engineering diploma.
I like to play games and do other stuff on the PC and i'm an amateur rally driver
05-01-2007 21:37

18/m, curently a freshman in college working towards my software engineering degree. When I'n not on Syrnia or working at school you can find me paintballing with my friends, working on a stain glass window, at a party or just messing around on a video game. I live in Washington State, USA and have been playing syrnia for well over a year now, starting with my dearly departed character Jackel.
10-02-2007 13:36

god i feel like a little kid compared to some people...
anyways, Hi i'm Master-paras, my real name is Paras. I go to a high school in Luton. I play Syrnia to pass the time and not get bored. I am a male, and aged 13.
10-02-2007 17:34

what do i do in real world???
hmm, ow i know! i play synia
10-02-2007 18:37

im a 13 year old male and i do minor htmlbut i type 67 WPM (thats the fastest ive ever typed and i can only do it if i already know what im gonna type not when im thinking as i type) so i help my mom make pages and i get about a fourth of the money from every page thats made (she has other jobs not just making pages) and i also type out cliff notes for the kids at my school and on occasion ill let them pay me to do there home work and the prices vary from time to time depending on the assignment...oh yeah i once got internet in my school but only for the class im in i worked my way into the computers security and snuck in a linksys device hidden in my back pack and hooked it up so our class could have internet (yea my teachers kinda cool considering he didnt snitch) but thats all for now...
10-02-2007 18:44

I am from California but right now I am in Iraq where I produce and distribute water
Woke up this morning and got myself a beer, the future is uncertain and the end is always near.
22-02-2007 18:39

I play for Valur Reykjavik under 16s first team (soccer) in centre midfield, and I am hoping one day to play for Valur Reykjavik professionally in a couple of years time. My dream is to play internationally for Iceland.
22-02-2007 19:27

MALE 21, germany,
working a crappy job atm, uni didnt work out
well, got big plns for the future though, not job big, life big
not married just yet

Edited on 13-01-2008 12:43
22-02-2007 22:59

32/F Bartender and Mother of 4 ages 3-13 yrs
13-03-2007 14:37

Hi, I'm Lucya, 25/F Romania

I am graduating this year Computer Science University in Romania. All my degrees are in IT.
I work in IT industry(during the day).
I'm part of a QA Team (quality office), testing software for banks.

In my free time(every night) I work as a designer for a couple of IT magazines, doing comercials.

In my other free time (Sunday and Saturday), I'm allways instaling Windows, winamp and other stupid programs, killing viruses and fixing computers for FRIENDS!

The one and only moment that means RELAX for me is in the dojo.

And I forgot to say that I'm sleeping 3-4 hours at night!

Edited on 13-03-2007 14:40
27-03-2007 01:57

My daughter took her drivers exam this past week. So . . after reading a few of these on the thread here I'm older than the majority of players which is fine.

I live in northern USA

Married, with 3 kids. 16, 8 1/2, 7

Currently I work in construction.
27-03-2007 05:19

I am a proud 32 year old, female, resident in Denver, Colorado. While my younger years were awesome I do not wish to relive them. Any way I am a Security Officer for a large computer company. In July I start vet tech school. I am very excited for the new direction in my life.
27-03-2007 06:36

well the Hawk-miester is a 14 year old male in his last year of middle school. i do pretty well in school top 5-10 in my class. lots of people in my class rely on my help(sheets to copy off of) i play box and field lacrosse and have 4 provincial championships(i live in canada 2 for field and 2 for box. i tried playing foot ball but im really skinny so it didn't work out, but i play with my friends.

im kinda in a slump of my life (mid-life crisis already?) im not sure what i want to do, i have some good ideas but i have SOO many, not sure which one.

you could say i'm addicted, i do but my mom restricts my playing time to 3 hours a day on weekdays

i like mainly rap/hip-hop but anything that really has meaning is good

05-04-2007 02:02

13/m im a studen in WA
05-04-2007 02:17

34 male Indianapolis Indiana. I do just about everything in the building trades and have been since I told Engineering school goodbye. I like to play games (offline and on), cook, shoot, and write. Oh and eat I love to eat. Good to see there are other Settlers players here abouts. Don't message me about chess unless you have played competitively for a couple of years as I will frustrate you and you will bore me.

Ah currently doing box culverts. Wanna get back into feild work...

Edited on 03-09-2007 00:38
13-04-2007 16:23

hi my name is alessandro del vechio. im from italy and im 32 years old.
im international medical and funeral director in my company. im travelling often to other countries.forexample right now im writing this one from Turkey and tomorrow i ll play the game from belarus.normally im living in milano but each year im going to my holiday home for 3 months which is in CA L.A.
13-04-2007 17:08

Student of Electrical Engineering at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology).
02-05-2007 20:35

15 years old, Male, I live in the Netherlands.

My hobbies are Marthial Arts, free running, "normal" running and fitness

Between bot checks I mostly practise my kicks, punshes and combo`s or do some push-ups or something.
02-05-2007 20:51

im 13, i co-produce low budget films as a small time business. im a low level entrepreneur, but im hoping to go into astrophysics when im older.
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