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20-10-2006 09:28

I'm a 6' 20 year old male from New Zealand. I am currently studying linguistics and computer science at Victoria University.

If I'm not on Syrnia, I am either sleeping, practising Taekweondo, drinking with my friends or I'm studying (but that normally happens at the same time as I'm on Syrnia).
Mr. Addy
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20-10-2006 11:04

I just go too school evry day I am in the 3the grade of the vmbo-t (dunno what that is in english) and I get bored evry day thats my life and it suks
06-11-2006 06:33

im a 21/M in Illinois (about 30mins from st.louis)

Up until a month ago..i was the pastry chef @ www.copleyswest9th.com...the head chef there decided to open his own resturant (which we are working on it..opening date is leaning towards Nov 25th.

This whole month i guess you can consider me a "construction worker"...but my true passion is cooking (pastries mainly). Im saving up to attend L'Ecole Culinary (http://www.lecoleculinaire.com/) to further my culinary learning

thats about it
Dangerous Tendency
14-11-2006 19:09

Trevor 27 6'0 ft and about 100kg of pure man meat.
I am a musician/Pie packer with a lust for the trade aspect of this game i am the founder of Marklaahs Morsels which will hopefully become one off syrnias well known stores.(still looking for 25+ yr olds to help maintain operation and build a friendly relationship)
Im an Australian and in Australia now but i spent 18 yrs in and around england/scotland/wales. I love music,food,women and games of allmost any kind. I play guitar and sing while my counter counts down and my cats name is chicken-dog cookingfat so thats me.

previous post brought forward

well got deleted and now im back with a vengance im 28 now 110kg of semi pure man meat i now use my voice at a telecommunications company to keep people calm
gave up on guitar ended up being no good but still sing away while working in syrnia.
"Love Thy neighbour,Run from Husband"
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Friend of the Legion.

And yes that is me <---
14-11-2006 23:08

I'm a 33 year old male living in Seattle Washington. I graduated the University of Michigan in 1996 with a degree in Psychology. I am currently a Systems Administrator at a multi-billion dollar engineering firm.

I play all sorts of different games, but mainly play text-sims or online games such as this one. I also play chess and Settlers of Catan. So, if anyone is ever up for a game of chess or Settlers of Catan, shoot JAG a message because I'm tired of losing.
14-11-2006 23:39

I am a 49 year old female. I live in Missouri. I have a degree in Business Management, but am currently working at a homeless shelter in the capital city. I have Lupus and am disabled, so am unable to work full time. My 10 year old son also loves to play Syrnia. We hope to be part of the Syrnia community for a very long time.

02/12/08 - Was reading this thread and thought I should update.

Since my post - I have transferred twice at my job. I started out as a shelter monitor, then transferred to the thrift store as a cashier, then just recently I transferred to the main office in Jefferson City to start working as the corps secretary. Lol, not making much more money, but it is a lot less strenuous work. I also had surgery to replace my right knee joint a year ago and will have the left one done on 2/18/08.

Edited on 11-02-2008 02:43
14-11-2006 23:44

well i think i may have won the award for the oldest playing Syrnia lol
I am 57, a grandmother of 3 and i am at this time unemployed due to circumstanes beyond my control. I graduated from Indiana University South Bend and have a degree in business management. I am originally from Pennsylvania, but have lived most of my life in Indiana, I now reside in West Virginia.
I always tell people that i have Peter Pan Syndrome lol I will never grow up!
I believe that you are only as old as you feel and in that case i am about 30 (wishes). I am married and my hobbies are my computer, online games, and video games... yes i am a gamer lol My free time is spent on the computer, playing Syrnia, reading, while playing Syrnia, or playing my DS LITE, while playing Syrnia... as you can see i am in a rut..lol Syrnia has taken over my life... bad Cancun for introducing me to Syrnia. I love playing with all the different personalities that are syrnia, and look forward to being here for many years. I also like to play gin on Pogo, which i also sometimes do while playing syrnia... lol nice to meet you all !!!

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15-11-2006 00:29

well im 14 and im 6 foot3 and out side of this i like 2 chat with friends and ride on 4-weelers and throw base balls and foot balls around. i dont play any sports. i play the trombone at my school and im one of the best there. well thats about all for me


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15-11-2006 01:12

Well, I am a 45 year old FBI agent who was previously stationed in the little town of Twin Peaks up north, before heading to Syrnia last year to look for multiaccounting scoundrels and other malevolent online gamers. So you better behave.
Greetings from
Dale F Cooper
FBI Agent
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15-11-2006 02:50

15/m/5'8 P.A. (in the usa)
Im in 10th grade. I make high honors and am in the national honor society and national honor roll. When i get out of high school i plan to enter the field of electronics. I like sports and video games and always open to meet new people.
15-11-2006 04:33

im a 16 year old male goth who goes out concerts and haves fun im a student atm at a college well thats me i know a very boring person
15-11-2006 04:40

In the real world I play Syrnia.
18-12-2006 07:20

im 25 m
am a Graphic Designer...

18-12-2006 12:59

i attend high school in NSW Australia and get very high grades
i hope to enter the army once i complete high school and enter as a career soldier
my hobbies include syrnia, chess, cricket, rugby leauge and sleeping
18-12-2006 15:21

you have to be American to become president
~Fritsz of the legion!~
18-12-2006 15:31

Awww... too bad. I'd looove to be the most important man in the world.
18-12-2006 17:02

Hi Guys, Just updating my post from over a year ago.

Old but still relevant

Where my nick name came from.. Well at last years freshers fair at Uni "The Sun" newspaper or "The Mirror" or some newspaper where giving away free stuff. One of the things in the pack was an A4 sheet of headline stickers. Among them were two individual words.. You Guessed it, Saucy & Whopper. Put em together and you get me!

Name: Steve Daniels
Location: Ormskirk, Near Liverpool, England (Can the UK guys be more precise about where they live?)(Well the over 18's anyway, don't want to sound like a pedo asking for kids addresses hehe!)
Age: 21
D.O.B: 31/05/85

New stuff

This time I am actually getting back into the game, unlike last time work kept me busy. I was writing Commercial PHP Websites that Hooked into proprietary third party's Case Management tools for the legal sector. I was also selling this stuff as well. Did tens of thousands of pounds worth of work - Definitely boosted my self confidence since it was my first real job. (Some might say I act more cocky now because of it, but I just like to play up to that image and most people know I'm joking)

I'm now on my final year. So I'm doing a final year project which has something to do with whole house media pvr systems (www.mythtv.com) and controlling them automatically based on who's in which room etc. using Bluetooth to track people.

I also code on the side for www.DW-HQ.com the best place for Syrnia guides and tools. The home of the famous DW-Score!
First Sig!
18-12-2006 17:27

I'm a dim-witted teenager playing from a small school in the middle of nowhere ohio.
18-12-2006 17:29

12 yrs old, high school, nearly 13 (jan 2) like doing anything fun!
18-12-2006 17:32

I am 15 years old soon to be 16.
I mostly just play online games. But I do moderate one game.

Hope to get a job when I turn 16.

18-12-2006 18:43

i am a sexy 17 year old super modle....... (wakes up)..... **wahh waaaaah!!** ok i am 17 and i am going into EET at DeVry uni.
18-12-2006 18:44

17 going on 18 live in Oh USA, i am a senior in high school and i am a lifeguard at an indoor waterpark, i also work at McDonalds. and go to college part time...i guess you could say i am a busy person.
18-12-2006 18:59

I'm male, 22 years old and live in the same house as SaucyWhopper.

I'm originally from Colchester, which is 1/2 hour drive from London.

I'm a final year university student studying a BEng (Hons) in Software Engineering. I love the course because I get to do lots of programming in all types of languages!

I spent last year (July 2005-August 2006) in Basel, Switzerland working for a large Agri-Business. I was responsible for maintaining/improving/debuggung an Asp.net weather forecasting and crop spraying recommendations web application.

I like drinking sparkling water and eating fajita's.
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Today, sharing knowledge is powerful.

If knowledge is power, then sharing knowledge is power to all.
23-12-2006 14:45

im 14, male and i live in a tiny village in the highlands of scotland.
25-12-2006 14:48

I live near carson city in Nevada USA
I recently got hired by burger king, but I am going to school to become an accountant.
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