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21-06-2006 06:21

i'n a 15 year old that plays the drums in a band we r not very good yet but good enough to fool around at the moment i go to school at l.c.v.i thats lindsay colligant vacational instataut in canada ontario i work atstaples prety fun job i used to play runescape but it sucks now moved on to syrnia crazy game rock on dude
Mr. Addy
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22-06-2006 12:20

My name is Vicky,I'm 18.I live in England.I have just finished an art and design
course at Leicester college and i have applied for an artistic make-up and special effects course (hopefully i'll get a place)

I love reading,drawing anything and everything,cycling,fishing,listening to music like Nightwish,Within Temptation and Lordi.I'm addicted to online rpgs.
I love going to the cinema.My favourite films are Hellboy,X-men1+2,Resident evil apocalypse and Van Helsing.

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Short Stuff
02-07-2006 09:38

Well i am 15 female and live in Montana in the states. I am going to be a 10th grader this year. I am a huge band geek! i play the flute and i am going to be in symphonic band with my brother. I work concessions at football games and concerts..not fun..specially when ppl yell at you..or when u burn yourself. I like horseback ridding..swimming..singing..sleeping and playing games.. i really like Risk and of course syrnia. I am a skate chick. Love skateboarding though not that good..Zero and Girl are muh fav. I like reading..mostly stephen king..and well enough about me..lets here more about YOU!!
13-07-2006 16:42

Im 26...live in Detroit as a Department of Defense Contractor. Im from El Paso Texas...where I got married, had 2 kids and joined the Army. Spent 5 years int he Army...13 months in Iraq. Got out of the Army and moved here to Detroit. Been marrie 6 years now, have a 6 yr old son and 4 yr old son. Thats about it I guess. I cant go into to detail on what I do...but as a hobby. I do a lot of graphic design.
13-07-2006 18:56

i'm 15, a dude. live near Salem, Oregon. i just finished freshman year of highschool and i'm looking for a career in computers after i graduate highschool/college. i'm a nerd, of course, and i'm about 5'8 and am a redhead with straight,wavy hair
13-07-2006 20:22

im a footy hooligan, i love liverpool and i go to the pub, drink a few pints and cheer on me team
13-07-2006 20:28

liverpool eh im in the USA Brian Jaques Was born in liverpool
not sure how to spell his name

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17-07-2006 18:08

I live in the New England area in the US and I am a part time stable hand. Currently looking at engineering or networking as a future career but the possibilities may change.
28-07-2006 09:40

i see that much ppl are 15 in syrnia!!

me too
19-08-2006 21:27

all i do in the real world is sleep when i am not sleepping i am playing on this box of crap called a computer
19-08-2006 22:05

Build custome concrete buildings with ICF's
There not following me, there just safest from my wrath, if they stay behind me!
19-08-2006 22:21

43 year old Battle Housewife..Slayer of Dragons and Dust Bunnies

Going through a divorce soon and out hitting the pavement looking ofr work after almost 8 years of being home with my kids. Ha! I say kids but they are older than most of the players here. I found Sytnia a week ago and fell in love. Great people here and I hope to be a part of the game for a long time to come.

And yes, I am THAT Mullein from that other game we wont mention...
19-08-2006 22:41

Work on the avionic systems of the kiowa helicopters in the army.
21-08-2006 21:13


going to artschool studying Digital media design. other hobbies: Snowboarding and surfing..

any questions.. just ask
21-08-2006 21:16

Age...it's relative isn't it? heh heh I'm in my early 50ies, retired from General Motors a few years ago and now I work a few days a week in the video, kiddie ride, and entertainment field.

I'm married and my wife puts up with my Syrnian experience...ok, grudgingly..if I mow the lawn, take out the trash, etc.

It is good to see the myriad peoples in all ages, locations and walks of life. Remember, playing is forever...it keeps one young.

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If money can solve it, it's not really a problem....
22-08-2006 06:29

Can't remember if I'd posted or not.. and couldn't find it either.. but i might have scrolled to quickly .. or blinked at the wrong moment.. lol

well.. I'm jessie, 28yo. Stay at home mom. My little angel is 15months old and walking now ugh..

But she's growing fast.. and keeps me busy during the day ... (which is why i'm never in chat.. but i'm nearly always lurking in the shadows.
"Mr. Cotton. Do you have the courage and fortitude to follow orders and stay true in the face of danger and almost certain death?"
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22-08-2006 15:49

Ctrl + F laydy raven, i dint find anything

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25-09-2006 23:34

I am a member of the Advanced Hosting Support team for the #1 internet hosting provider in the world.
04-10-2006 04:31

34/m Paramedic near Orlando Florida
08-10-2006 01:22

in the year or so i have been on the game.. i have never posted here

18/male.... im in the US army... i live in Columbia, TN... im stationed in Georgia.. im PCS to germany the first of the year... i hope to see some ppl playing syrnia in europe on labtops as im walking by or something
**bow down to me**
08-10-2006 13:45

Hi, I know some of the more passionate geeks that play this game dislike me for trying to be intresting and having a lightharted look at syrnia.

Well who is behind stainmaster? I went to school and got 9 GCSE's 3 A-levels I went to University for 2 years and studied Engineering Managment. I had several part time jobs through my time as a student. I have always been good at selling things to people. I worked as a sales rep for a printers and had accounts worth 2 million, working 2 days a week this was quite an achievment.

Through this job I done some distribution af adult material and got to know alot of people in the Industry and have helped create a few films and publications. I have starred in a few films as I had got the appropriate skills for my position in the role in the films.

I did let this get the better of me and spent more time on my career in this industry. So dropped out of uni because the money I was making was excellent, more than the engineer ever would.

I met a girl and settled with her and ended up getting a 'real' job as it was causing a few disputes at home. I was a sales consultant for a large european company that deal in home furniture. This job was cool as I spent alot of time away from home. I lived in scotland quite a bit and will not say what i thought of this incase I offend. I do like edinburgh as It is a wonderful city beautiful with lots of culture. I was always down the western coast of england aswell and hate the M6.

I was made redundant from this job so I now run an Import business, I sell scooters and motorbikes, I have 3 websites but don't know much about them I bought them cheap and others look after them.

I am male 24 I am a lord as I bought a lord-ship for a joke a few years ago and am stuck with it, I Have a beautiful Girlfriend now, as I have had a excellent life and have setled down now. My friends accuse me of already having had a mid life crisis bacause I bought alot of sports cars and have sold them now. I have a girl who is 9 this november but unfortunatly don't get to see her much as the laws in the UK are crap and Fathers have no rights.

Edited on 08-10-2006 13:47
08-10-2006 14:36

I am 28 years. I am a married male. I live in Australia about 15 mins walk from the beach. (east coast, where the sun rises above the ocean).

Edited on 18-02-2008 06:16
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08-10-2006 20:44

im tying to get away of here the sooner the better.
the further the better
(moving to jupiter would be ok)
16-10-2006 21:02

british student i would play syrnia at school but just about all games websites are blocked completely

Edited on 16-10-2006 21:05
16-10-2006 21:32

I'm one of the old ones, just turned 43 about a week ago. I am a female and work as a business manager for a tool shop.

Edited on 16-10-2006 21:32

Edited on 16-10-2006 21:33
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