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04-02-2008 03:11

mines benjamin, and it means right hand to the lord
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04-02-2008 05:24

Seilhenker is german and means executioner (jusing a rope).
04-02-2008 07:12

Because I like the wrestler Kane and the 12 is just some random numbers lol
04-02-2008 08:07

becuase i drive a 1971 Ford Falcon XY
04-02-2008 14:46

I sink like one when thrown in water.
04-02-2008 14:49

Loki is norse god of chaos and is also in christian religion....but i just thought it sounded cute lol
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04-02-2008 17:34

Shayma is an arabic name, close to my rl name, i have 2 other nickname but this one is my favorite.
04-02-2008 18:02

mine is a Gothic name composed of the Germanic elements sand "true" and ulf "wolf."
04-02-2008 20:13

my name is John and I'm 13, couldn't be anymore original man, lol
04-02-2008 21:25

I got my name(conor) because my parents wanted to name me after the guy in highlander(a 80s film) and they messed up the spelling and stuck with this name i am.(If they didnt choose film name id probably be called george.)Emperor because i want to TAKE OVA VE VORLD!!! ooo a little light headed there. the good news is is that conor is actally a irish name and means strong willed or wise)(my family name march is because our family used to own land in wales/england and it means hound lovers) before that my family came from normandy with william the conquerer in 1066 and brought some of the army that pwned the saxons(and before normandy they would of been

and stuck in your wall i am.
04-02-2008 21:40

It's my real name, except for the 1.
10-02-2008 23:26

Connor = first name
Ian = middle name
Put 'em together. Connor + Ian = Connorian

EDIT: My name was from Highlander too Emporerconor! My parents liked that movie so the named me after Connor McCloud.

Edited on 10-02-2008 23:29
10-02-2008 23:36

u can guess y i am named this
10-02-2008 23:43

in nam we had to hold the fuse in our mouth to lay mines
11-02-2008 00:31

ohhooo...its my watch brand Gior
11-02-2008 00:35

T= letter of my first name. W= letter of my last name. Simple enough?
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11-02-2008 00:50

My name initially came from my liking towards halberds, when I first made it though, I did not know the difference between a halberd and a polearm as I hadn't heard of the term yet. As time passed, I grew to have an 'infatuation' with polearms and halberds of the sort, I happen to also spar with a halberd that I usually whittle myself. So ever since that initial make, I've stuck with it.
11-02-2008 01:20

Because i have two wooden legs, so when i walk i click-click.
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11-02-2008 03:01

I teach High School Math.
11-02-2008 04:22

mines a sufix of my name

shawn moore lol
11-02-2008 16:32

ina is the last bit of my name in german and it's what i used to call myself when i was little.
pix is what my sisters call me now, because of the phrase naughty pixie and apparently i'm naughty...
11-02-2008 19:15

Seviac is the name of a gallo-roman villa in the Le Gers region of France. I spent a week there staying at a "gite d'etape" attached to the ruins/museum. This gave me full access to the site at night plus walks through the countryside during the day. A lovely village with bakery, farmer's market, shops, restaurants and cafes was about a mile away.


Edited on 11-02-2008 19:16
17-02-2008 17:54

well im little....

and i like puppies....

so i guess.... thats it...
18-02-2008 04:41

firet names brian and im a man simple right
The Sinner
18-02-2008 07:13

well ryan is me, and i guess im conceided to the point of calling myself cool (im really not) and 666 because ryanscool, was taken
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