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30-12-2012 03:35

I came up with it when I was nine (a long time ago) when i signed up for runescape I know its cheesy but I've used it for everything since.
Mr. Addy
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30-12-2012 03:58

Once upon a time... many moons ago, a fool of a fellow met a handsome lady...& immediately fell in lust.
6 months later, I came into the world and have been raising hell ever since.
I cannot disclose here what he later claimed to be the inspiration for naming me 'Crystal'.. but let's just say my 'father' is a brilliant, but very twisted individual.
I marry brilliant, handsome & twisted in the most intriguing way.
'Do you know I love you like crazy people love bus stations?'

'Some people find 'god' not me, I found Crystal.'

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30-12-2012 18:44

A silly word I made up 6 or 7 years ago. I use it for a lot of things. Unfortunately having an underline means I am often mistakenly thought to be "Quigonky".
06-08-2013 04:23




06-08-2013 10:09

Dots = .
07-08-2013 22:42

Back in my freshman year in high school, I joined the robotics team. There was a girl there a year older than me who's name was pronounced the same way as mine. It took us 6 months to figure out a suitable nickname for me (most of the veterans there have had their nicknames as per tradition), which is "chibi." Chibi is a drawing style, or literally means "mini" or "small."

3 years later, while trying to figure out a gaia username for me, the older girl suggested "minichibi" as it is redundant and to me, flows off the tongue. It's stuck with me for over 6 years now.
06-10-2013 18:27

Superman= A superhero,
444= A cursed number in my culture which means "die, die, die"

Edited on 06-10-2013 18:35
07-10-2013 09:05

mine is my last name
07-10-2013 15:39

Previously known as timetraveler due to my love of the genre, I recently changed it to
TheDoctor to further convey my longstanding appreciation for this wonderful British show. Plus, I am the 12th regeneration. So, basically...run!

Edited on 01-12-2013 18:25
27-11-2013 20:07

Snap is a card game
30-11-2013 02:05

The name of one of my favourite Van Halen songs (also one of my favourite bands).. have a listen, it's on their first album which is self-titled.. ie Van Halen Van Halen. Enjoy
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27-01-2014 22:43

When I was in ninth grade my best friend named me Rawr. She decided whoever I married would be Rawrzers. So she became Gir! You guessed it! Whoever she married would become Girrzers! Then, I got angry because Rawrzers is much better than Rawr. So people call me Rawr, but when I get married they will call me Rawrzers and my husband can have Rawr!(:

I know, it isn't very good hahah

I also misspelled my name. Rawrzers is how it should have been spelled. Not Rawrezers Bahahah
27-01-2014 22:46

28-01-2014 10:01

Name + Year of Birth
05-04-2014 10:24

From a movie
05-04-2014 11:54

I was a huge Final Fantasy fan when I first started the game. I thought Sephiroth was the most badass antagonist ever.
~Life is like a playground swing. The higher and farther forward you go as you swing, it carries the risk of falling just as far back. Your life's swing that's fallen all the way back, can only make a big lunge forward now.~
05-04-2014 13:23

Music band..

"What you get by achieving your goals isn't as important as what you become by achieving your goals."
05-04-2014 13:55

Dr.Muto is a video game where a mad scientist accidentally blows up the world and travels to other worlds gathering parts for him to recreate it.
used the name for several years and condensed it to just Muto.
Arch Enemy
09-04-2014 05:24

Well Ed's Pilot Car is a small "company" I inherited from my Granddad, Ed. I thought maybe as a user name it would attract some fellow syrnians in the same line of work and maybe even bring me alittle business lol...didn't work...My name isn't even ed lol but all my fellow clannies know me as that. My rl name happens to be Josh xD
Moon Shadow
03-06-2015 04:14

My name is a combination of 2 characters from another game I play. It's also the reverse of my character name from the games Movoda and Amaranthine. ;)
The Puppeteer
03-06-2015 11:37

"The Puppeteer" is my favorite CP character.

03-06-2015 15:46

I thought about how Marilyn Manson came up with his name was pretty interesting...take something beautiful and combine it with something horrible. So I kind of went with that idea.

I started using the name with my Diablo II accounts back in the day, long before Syrnia. Hammerdins FTW!
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05-04-2017 21:32

My username on another game I play called Toribash (TB) is Flow, and since I never checked if Flow was taken I used a combination of the name and the game. FlowTB->FloatyBee
Plus I like the Muhammad Ali connection since I do a lot of fighting.
07-04-2017 02:07

it's faker's korean account name!

I'm planning on doing a name change into something much more creative this september however! look forward to it!
07-04-2017 13:57

See my avatar for reference.
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