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05-02-2012 22:50

From the ancient musty recesses of a diseased deranged mind!
The line between sanity and insanity is VERY thin...and my balance ain't been too good mwuahahaha!!
Mr. Addy
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05-02-2012 23:49

I like sharks
06-02-2012 04:12

My name comes from a combination of letters
Not every plant can go without water. But look at the cactus.
Not every flower signifies Love. But look at the rose.
Not every idiot can read. But look at you go.
06-02-2012 04:14

My name comes from an old wooden ship built during the Revolutionary War.
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03-07-2012 07:37

From playing AD&D back in the mid 80's. This was my Fighter/Thief characters name eventually retired to using as an NPC while Dungeon Master. The name itself came about from sounding very tough under the influence of delicious Licher Pils in Giessen, Germany.
03-07-2012 08:59

Scruffygomez is my hubby.Real life and Syrnia.So i'm ScruffysWife
04-07-2012 14:25

From my Brain >
04-07-2012 14:40

Mine is from one of my fave books... I loved the name. Jeshickah is the book is an evil vampire

Well... And my name is Jessica, so I liked the variation
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04-07-2012 22:11

My name huh? I have no clue, it just and to me whilst eating breakfast I think.
04-07-2012 23:31

Called like this for "Mars the God of War"!

Ular mean "United Loyal Army of Rome"!
Where I stand, high between heaven and hell, I guide all my fellows to an unreached place called Knowledge! "Give troops food and skills, they'll move mountains, give erudits whispers and thoughts, they'll bring us a New World Order".
05-07-2012 06:42

my names daniel.80 8=i wear specs 0=always shocked
05-07-2012 17:36

Cornflakes is the best name ever cus it makes me hungry o.0
19-07-2012 18:50

My last name is Frownfelter, and everybody calls me Frowney.
Eagle Scout, class of 2011

Proud Co-leader of Honor and Justice

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"I like walking in the rain because nobody can see me cry"
~Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)
21-07-2012 08:26

I dug this name out of my imagination for use in Asheron's Call in 1999, for a mage character.
21-07-2012 08:27

Because I am.
05-09-2012 21:06

The first game I played my username was brogen222 every game I have played since I always use this username.
27-10-2012 22:50

From my favorite god in RuneScape.
28-10-2012 19:20

one of my favorite books "War of Honor" by David Weber
17-12-2012 07:54

I used a name generator
"Maybe this world is another planet's Hell."
17-12-2012 12:02

Resident Evil (Game)
Catfish Mike
17-12-2012 13:44

Original name was Father Angelo which derived from my nickname Priest and I changed it to Catfish Mike later down the road cause Im big into RL fishing.
19-12-2012 21:49

Kadaj is one of the children of Jenova in Final Fantasy Advent Children, he is also a cocoon form of Sephiroth, master combat specialist for Shinra, owners of Midgar, and evil corporation, bent on controling the world. He is also the worst evil on earth. Kadaj wields a dual bladed Katana, which is t a very interesting and formidable weapon. He is Aslo vastly mouthy, and quick to anger, much like myself.

but i love the name and decided to take it on as a reminder that i'm not the same (for lack of better term) Evil i was when i held the name Darkain, the evolved form of the Vampire Jett Von Darknight

Edited on 19-12-2012 22:00
Proud leader of PsyKo

Death will come swift and painful to those who deserve the hell that guides my soul. Kadaj son of Jenova

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20-12-2012 01:17

Latin for Blood Bird.
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20-12-2012 05:26

Wanted a bird of prey name.
Osprey was the first one I found that wasn't already taken. (Too many eagles, falcons, and hawks)

*skimmed through the whole thread, to make sure I hadn't already posted in here.*
Fleet of wing...fierce of talon...master of sea and sky.
20-12-2012 05:48

my head
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