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13-07-2011 03:03

Was forced into a harry potter rpg by a dear friend of mine. The "house" I belonged to was named Jero. I was Lauri. Added the "nyx" to change the sound of the name. Pronounced Laur-inks. Sucky story. But i likes mah name
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13-07-2011 03:25

Im a Striker in soccer (the one with your feet) and my number is 3
2011-04-11 05:00:26 Striker3 killed Ardarel

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You ate a Cake and gained 21 HP
Nom nom nom
The Couch YetiTemp
13-07-2011 06:32

Three Years late;

My original name Sourpowder came from one of those "Dipstick" packs...

Before that was Devilin in Other games, Devil/Devin.

Now, I go by Varience because my moods Vari.
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22-07-2011 06:35

name says it all
22-07-2011 07:59

First initial of my first name + first initial of my last name + favorite number.
Don't really know where the rocks part came in. Think in one thing I tried to sign up for, cc11 was already taken or too short, so there you have it...
Cardboard Box
22-07-2011 15:15

I don't really have to explain mine.
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08-08-2011 05:45

mines a color
*Slides in*

[2]10:59 Turquoise: Aslong as i dont get muted :P

[2]10:59 (Mod)Moderator: 0.o *watches*
08-08-2011 14:13

name from modorn warefare 2 makarov the evil russian terroist and im russian in rl lol.
11-08-2011 08:41

The chick in the movie The Book of Eli.
Anarcho FooBear
12-08-2011 08:40

When I was little, I went on to this "whats your pokemon name" thing and after I entered the info I got the name foozard. Your Pokéname is:
You live in the snowy mountains of Norway, and your diet consists mostly of macaroni and cheese, small rodents and ambrosia.
(Combat and Non-combat)
You have intimate knowledge of kung fu. You can puke acid. You can puke maple syrup. You have a discoball. You can throw nunchucks. You can eat poison. You can spit hot death.

Edited on 12-08-2011 08:43
12-08-2011 13:47

^ That's peculiar.. but amazingly original, yet awesome. Nice. XD
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01-10-2011 22:54

Mine's the nickname for one of my fave video game characters, Isabela from Dragon Age 2
02-10-2011 05:50

Death Note
02-10-2011 07:40

The Legend of Dragoon
02-10-2011 14:25

It means fear in Serbian, but it also means the same in Russian and (I think) in Bulgarian...
02-10-2011 20:29


02-10-2011 20:54

Chinese history... :
~Liu Bei~

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03-10-2011 05:23

Hebrew meaning fierce lion. Or the god of chaos from my favorite series by Michael Moorcock.
Where is LadyHazel when I need a spell Check :P

What do you mean, my birth certificate expired?

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26-11-2011 22:32

my character names used to be "Wolfgar" then I mastered the power of light and now I am aurawolf

Edited on 26-11-2011 22:33
Dark NeroxusTemp
26-11-2011 22:34

arioch they are a great set of books by michael moorcock
R.I.P Anubis 6th February 2011 wont be forgotten mate :)

~X~ Rated since 05/10/2011
02-12-2011 09:24

Even though I have given brief reasons,I have decided to go into great detail of my name choice.

1st off, I am a HUGE Metal Gear Solid fan!

In MGS2, Raiden (Who's real name is Jack) was given the nicknames White Devil, and Jack the Ripper due to his skills in combat.

In MGS3, Snake (Who's name is Actually John) is sometimes refered to as Jack by those close to him (Big Boss later in the Storyline).

With the Basis of Jack, I sought to expand and develop it.

Jack the Ripper (From one of Raiden's nicknames, and the British Serial Killer) was an obvious choice, but was too common for my liking.

I decided to combine it with my favourite mytholigical creature, the Grim Reaper.

Thus I arrived at Jack the Reaper.
I sometimes refer to myself as Jack Grimm (utilizing my fondness of the Grim Reaper)
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02-12-2011 10:55

<<-- my real name ;)
Jaka sembung bawa Golok, ga nyambung goBLOK
20-12-2011 05:33

my original name was pole dancer lol but i had to change it so poley was the closest thing to that and no i am not a rl pole dancer lol
20-12-2011 05:41

i like being terse.
28-12-2011 20:45

Lucky is my nickname
12 and 78 is me favorite numbers.
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