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07-02-2011 09:22

Its a nickname I heard used to Clay Matthews, and since my name is Clay, and I'm from wisconsin, I stole it
Mr. Addy
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07-02-2011 10:42

i have to wonder if posts like this might be providing useful info to password thieves ... just a thought
2011-01-27 22:34:29 outlawsweb killed Lurchable
2011-01-27 22:34:29 outlawsweb(47) did 28 damage to Lurchable(49). Lurchable had 0 HP left.

outlawsweb won and got a Desert arena medal and 200 combat experience (3 players)
07-02-2011 11:36


Your an idiot

You found 1 Four leaf clover while walking !

The Gold scaled gaman died. You got 144 defence experience.
17-02-2011 10:35

Siendorei. Sin'dorei = ________
Google it, and you will find answers.
19-02-2011 03:24

Tsunami is the first part of my Youtube channel, TsunamiGamerFilms...
19-02-2011 06:05

Well my name is zach and I was talking about my socks. My uncle said zox's soxs and now I use for games.
20-02-2011 09:59

South Park
28-02-2011 20:25

From John Wayne; "Howdy pilgrim."
The Punisher
28-02-2011 23:06

my girl cat's name
28-02-2011 23:22

Since Aston's are a sexy car ;D
and cuz me and afc decided on it lol
01-03-2011 09:03

Chapowits means many coyotes in Nez Perce, an American Indian tribe. No. I don't belong to that tribe.
02-03-2011 05:43

My intials spell WAR, so having a name and intials with WAR sound cool to me. My birthday is March 1992...bout it...
07-03-2011 08:07

I'm a steel melter, born in 1965
You are now fighting a Dalek in Lemo Woods. Exterminate!
08-03-2011 17:10

Argonautica is the only surviving Hellenistic epic. It was an epic poem written by Apollonius Rhodius in the 3rd Century BC about the myth of Jason and the Argonauts in their quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

Argo was the name of the ship used in this epic quest.

Nautical is a term relating to sea-faring.

Nautilus was the submarine vessel owned and operated by Captain Nemo in Jules Verne's novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

So basically, Argonauticus is the combination of mythical and epic adventure and sea-bound awesomeness. That, and it's a name unique enough to be available in any game or forum, yet still falls within the realm of a fantasy-quality name acceptable in stricter RPG formats...and it's easily pronouncable.
11-03-2011 15:23

12-03-2011 17:38

Fallen (pronounced Fall-ane) is my real name, and when i came to canada the first person who talked to me mis-pronounced it as Fallen, as in to have fallen down. It just stuck.

Edited on 12-03-2011 17:39
27-04-2011 09:35

Off a Diet Coca Cola can sitting next to my computer.
01-05-2011 15:12

Clearly because I am gangster-ish and prankster-ish. And it rhymes
07-06-2011 04:10

From Harvest Moon.
Burnt Cod
07-06-2011 04:50

Madbomber625 - My original XboX live name (doesn't exist anymore, so Dont try it)

Madbomber625 changed his name to Burnt Cod !

Burnt Cod goes way back to the days of [CFH]

I told the clan I wanted to be a fisher, and a name change. ScaryCereal, Spartaness, and a few other members gave me some ideas. Someone recommended "Parrotfish". I denied that, but thought of "Cod". I was about to choose that, but I didn't want to be confused with "CoD" or Call of Duty. So I added the special Burnt-ness on the front. And now, I'm the useless item you all are forced to love

Thus, this is I, Burnt Cod, let the legend live on...
07-06-2011 13:32

The Names Bond, James Bond.
--Hurdle the Dead, Trample the Weak--

Wildly Imitated, Never Duplicated.

BondGirl + Bond
07-06-2011 14:45

This name is not even worth justifying. >.<
-My Life is a non-stop Disco-
07-06-2011 16:03

Sephiroth.. hmm. Bought it on eBay, iirc.
As I drift away
Killing sacrifice
Here I go insane
What a price to pay
Little sacrifice
I set off to heaven
And found bedlam
17-06-2011 03:40

komuro is the name of the main character in my favorite manga.
17-06-2011 21:59


Written by Tad Williams

One of my favourite books ever there is a terminally-ill teenager named Orlando Gardiner who has become the most celebrated warrior in the online Middle Country, a VR MMORPG, in said RPG our heroes name is Thargor, hence my name.
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