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10-11-2010 15:24

I was going back and forth with the mod team trying to find a name , to no prevail. ( all the good ones were taken)
Coming up with a proper screen name for this game was starting to look futile, then I glanced at all the messages from the game to me concerning the name , and I thought WoW! Thats alot of babble!

So I thought Id call my self Babble On! cause thats exactly what I had been doing with the game staff .. I changed the spelling slightly now I am Babylon
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10-11-2010 16:24

Bashere and mazrim taim i put my two favorite characters out of a book together to make my name. Im also know as the dragon reborn in lots of games.
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23-12-2010 00:25

My name, AuronXx22 is the same thing I use for Xbox Live. I thought of that because I loved playing Final Fantasy X for the PS2. Of course, Auron was taken, so I used AuronXx22. It now makes me wonder if the name "Auron" is taken on Syrnia, it'd be nice to find out.
23-12-2010 04:03

Divinity means Godlike.

Kinda ironic considering I don't believe in any God/Goddess', but to think of what one's simply amazing. Such knowledge, such power they possess...something every man/woman would love to have. To be can dream.
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23-12-2010 07:55

I derived my name from one of my nicknames in real life. My last name is I am sure you can imagine the nicknames
23-12-2010 09:38

Bought it on E-bay.
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30-12-2010 00:10

My favorite horse breed are Appaloosa's and their nickname is Appy, plus i wanted to make sure people know I was girl! hence: Appygirl!
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30-12-2010 00:55

Title of one of a 4 book series by Jack Vance (Chasch, Wank, Dirdir and Pnume). I'm a SF fan.
30-12-2010 00:57

My name in real life. My ACTUAL real name is Andrew, but everyone (excluding most family members) call me Andy, and I like Andy better also.
KTF Practice
30-12-2010 02:37

A korean professional Stacraft: Broodwar player named Park Chan Soo(nick: Luxury). He used to fake-nick Practice, and KTF was the name of his team so: KTF Practice.
30-12-2010 02:42

got mine from the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan. morridin means "forsaken Angel" as in i was disowned by others... kinda fits
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30-12-2010 03:06

I have always been fond of the Ents in Lord of the Rings, fancied a name that was Entish..chose this one..stuck with it
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30-12-2010 04:15

My name...Well lets just say it comes from hell.
Pick N Hamer
30-12-2010 04:25

I picked this name because my main skills are mining and smithing.
12-01-2011 06:30

I was pheasant hunting with a few of my friends and stumbled upon a skunk in some grass. Sprayed me real good.

Later that night we were at a huge party and a couple drunk girls freaked out on me and started calling me "Skunk Boy" for stinking up the house, thus my new nickname around town, "Skunk".

Punk Rock is my Religion.
12-01-2011 06:44

mine is from robert jordan book means the forsaken angel, also called the Father of Lies
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12-01-2011 07:29

The name of my country our own diaLECT.
12-01-2011 20:43

A friend gave me my name
12-01-2011 22:26

From the Mario character Yoshi But Yoshi sounds like a shortened version of her full name, like a nickname, so, hey ho, I added a Bo on the end

Edited on 08-08-2011 17:16
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21-01-2011 23:52

Striker 3...

soccer position
soccer number
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22-01-2011 00:03

Flight of the Conchords. The band.
Dark NeroxusTemp
22-01-2011 00:25

aww conchord i thought you were named after the Plane XD
24-01-2011 10:59

I am Baphomet and my name came from a game named Ragnarok Online.
25-01-2011 05:08

Grew up in Saratoga NY, site of the famous 1777 Battle.

Lord Balcarres, commanded the British Light Infantry under Lt. General
Burgoyne during the engagement.

Just always liked the name.

Edited on 08-08-2011 07:08
06-02-2011 14:56

<~~from the deranged machinations of a seriously twisted mind
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