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21-06-2010 21:11

Because i kick ass

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Mr. Addy
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Ihit Youdie
21-06-2010 21:13

i tent to hit things.. they tent to die..
23-06-2010 08:14

Username MindukasD came from my name (Mindaugas) and first character from lastname Besides, my name came from first Lithuania king - Mindaugas
Lord RTM
11-07-2010 22:56


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12-07-2010 07:59

My actual name followd but a zero in the begging and end.
14-07-2010 04:15

Raorenson = 'cursed' Minotaur in a midevil language.

14-07-2010 04:26

The color
Rogue Zerg
14-07-2010 04:54

I got my name "Rogue Zerg" because when I played Starcraft, I mainly played as Zerg and my tactics were well, unusual. So, my attacks were like a surprise, there you go "Rogue Zerg".
14-07-2010 05:11

From the letters P-i-s-c-i-u-m are how i got my username

But it is latin for posession of fishes (genative plural). I got it cause i was in the computer lab in school with a friend and we were thinking of a username for me while doing latin homework, he suggested using the word fish and i thought Piscium souned the best out of all the other ways to decline pisces .

I found out it is also a star system o.O

Edited on 05-08-2010 14:19
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[3]15:51 Valiancia[Zen]: A fish fishing fish? o.O
19-07-2010 02:50

Thorryn is the brother of Jarrius Silverent (Married to Kira) that I started in the late 70's around the inception of TSR. . I have used all 3names {in some form or other} online in almost all games I have played. I would only share my real life name with someone I trusted implicitly.
19-07-2010 03:15

I went to a french immersion middle and high school .. and my group of gals gave me the nickname Fee (means fairy) for my abnormal obsession with fairies and the fact that im a rather scatter brain .. I later learned the translation into elvish was Nissa .. it then became my name for certain rpg board game.. i liked how it sounds (i pronounce it Knee-sa) and thought it was cute it has been my "gamer" name ever since.

I heard once that it meant sister in Japanese and a rather common name for a girl in Nordic that's is suppose to mean young girl

I never found out if any of those translation where true .. but i have always liked it and kept it

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19-07-2010 12:21

the dragonslayers come from a long clan of the slayers who were ravaged by rampaging wild dragons that destroyed villages with their unbearably hot fire and unusually strong strength (), and although most of the slayers wanted peace, a big bunch of them wanted to destroy the dragons but although slayers had a lot of strength too, they weren't able to match the dragon's biggest advantage - their flight. A secret group was formed, cloaked in the night and all participants named themselves the "dragonslayers". they had their own shaman, who had mystical powers that were as dangerous as any warrior, but were subtle enough to hide from a slayer enemy's point of view (most slayers regarded humans as common rabble, so you can see why they didn't think of humans when regarding enemies, which turned out to be a mistake by their part later on in the story). they were able to move things at will, explore into a person's body and impose their will on it, read a person's mind, if that person was touching them, send powerful strikes of whichever form they wish, but most importantly was their ability to shield - any shaman without proper shielding technique was unable to be worthy enough in battle, because without a shield, anyone with mystical powers would be able to control an unshielded individual's mind, kill them, or do whatever they wish to them.

their own battle-hardened warriors were warriors who had lost their honour and were banished from the army because they had killed dragons in offence, and late at night while they were sleeping, the dragonslayers approached them with an offer they just couldn't refuse. With the warriors, their life was simply based on brutal training day after day, and in battle, nothing was more effective than their deadly swords and hardened muscles that could cleave a helmet in two and bash straight through the sturdiest plate armour. They were usually smiths, practicing their smithing until almost every smith was a perfect one, enabling them to have powerful, enduring weapons and their and the army's disposal.

The archers were accurate and agile to the point of being a blur in movement, while they use their deadly bows to sharp-shoot anybody foolish enough to remain in their line of sight, and anyone who got close enough was rewarded by either a crossbow bolt in the heart (or head, whichever) or their poisoned daggers which could paralyze opponents in 3 seconds and kill them in 10 more seconds, unless the antidote is administered to the victim's body, but the victim will still remain paralyzed for a couple of days before recovering.

Ironically, the savior of them was a slayer who liked dragons. One day, he found a wounded dragon and took him home and hid him from his parents because although he was a dragonslayer, he supported the peace theory most people had on their minds, and the only reason he joined the dragonslayers was because his parents forced him to, and they threatened to disown him and banish him from the slayers clan if he didn't join the dragonslayers and get those "idiotic notions" out of his head before a dragon came on him and obliterated him. He tended to the wounded dragon and cured it almost back to normal. Of course, he couldn't keep it a secret from his friends, and he knew they supported his theory of peace, so he was sharing the news on the dragon with them when one day, a scout of the dragonslayers overheard him talking about it to his friends, and went back reporting what he knew to their shaman.

i could go on with this story i wrote before, but now isn't the time (and this isn't the post, is it?), so this was just a brief history about the dragonslayers.

sorry, i was in a mood so i usually write when i'm mad.

too short for a name though, isn't it?
sword buddy1
20-07-2010 19:20

I think swords are cool
so i am a a buddy of themXD(and my dog's name is Buddy)
1, well, i just picked it cause i'm the only 1!!
21-07-2010 09:48

The Pendragon Series, by D.J. MacHale. Look it up.

*Not to be confused with Arthur Pendragon, or any other than Bobby Pendragon*
22-07-2010 00:48

My player name is my real life name (Tiffany) and it was a total lack of imagination to use tiff when I joined syrnia... but people got to know me in here and I didn't want to lose connections with people because they could no longer recognize me if I changed to another name so I kept it.

My game player name in Amaranthine and Movoda is Katani. All the avatars I use for gaming and for work are Japanese anime samurai warrior chicks. I like the meaning and the sound "katana" (basically a samurai sword) but I didn't want to be too literal, so Katani. Also, I thought it sounded like a girl's name with an "i" at the end... but still a lot of people think I'm a guy in these games even with a girl sounding name. lol
My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
~ Dalai Lama
01-08-2010 03:48

Like the band avenged sevenfold.
01-08-2010 05:58

The name Koth first and FOREMOST does NOT originate from anything to do with KING OF THE HILL!!! I primarily chose the name Koth from the inspirational writings of Robert E. Howard, where the name was used to designate one of his fictional "kingdoms" in the Hyborian world he created as the setting to his Conan The Barbarian tales. The Hyborian Age is chronologically situated between two other eras: The Pre-Cataclysmic Age of Kull (circa 20,000 BC) and the onslaught of the Picts (circa 9,500 BC). The kingdom of Koth is similar in culture to that of dynastical/pharaonic ancient Egypt; a land of priest kings and exotic warriors. Koth is also inspired from a hand "sigil" or magickal warding sign of protection used in,The Sign of Koth, a tale from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath by H. P. Lovecraft. "These most potent signs shall be so formed with thy left hand when thou employeth them in ye Rites" as such "In ye third place goeth ye Great Sign of Koth which sealeth ye Gates and guardeth ye pathways"
11-08-2010 13:53


Actually, the guy in Twin Peaks was named Dale Bartholomew Cooper, but my memory failed me and I named my online identity Dale F Cooper. Even better, actually, since then I don't risk any confusion
Greetings from
Special Agent Dale F Cooper, FBI
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11-08-2010 17:24

I just wanted short and simple. Its not my real name.
Pronounced: 'yon'
I got that boom boom Pow
13-08-2010 21:35

mine is because of my birth date 6 days before hallows eve ;)
14-08-2010 18:35

Silver: Pure Star: Cat Spirit My name means Pure Cat Spirit

Edited on 14-08-2010 18:36
15-08-2010 21:51

Darastrixen is Dragonese for Dragon-Fire
Lord Despair
10-11-2010 06:09

Lord Despair is my gothic name in real life. I felt it fitting to make it as my online Syrnian name as well.

As to where it came from, I consider myself an intellectual somewhat, and the title "Lord" came into my mind, and since I am a reaper of misery and dread, "Despair" came as the second part, thus making the name "Lord Despair".

Edited on 10-11-2010 06:09
10-11-2010 10:52

Zangetsu is Ichigo's sword in the anime Bleach
10-11-2010 15:24

I was going back and forth with the mod team trying to find a name , to no prevail. ( all the good ones were taken)
Coming up with a proper screen name for this game was starting to look futile, then I glanced at all the messages from the game to me concerning the name , and I thought WoW! Thats alot of babble!

So I thought Id call my self Babble On! cause thats exactly what I had been doing with the game staff .. I changed the spelling slightly now I am Babylon
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