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Mr Tiddles
12-09-2009 15:45

Mr Tiddles was my pet fox.

~Rest in Peace~
Mr. Addy
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Just Joe
12-09-2009 16:25

it stands for the first website i created (no longer running)

12-09-2009 17:51

I decided woodcutting would be my highest skill

(after 996 days its still only 22 ;o)
12-09-2009 17:55

Dunno, sounded alright.
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12-09-2009 18:29

Mine was a random name on WoW that interested me and became my Character there. It just stuck with me since.
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27-09-2009 19:54

newy, my real irl nickname and it wasnt taken
27-09-2009 22:11

28-09-2009 01:35

The color green?
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10-11-2009 08:34

I'm a turkey...
10-11-2009 08:35

Wherever I make a name,I always enter some random names like this.
My little Martian
20-11-2009 00:10

Umm... My name comes from doing an illegal thing and I don't think the Mods will accept me putting the reason why so I'm just going to leave it at that
20-11-2009 01:04

So many have had their name changed and not updated their post
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20-11-2009 01:13

Well I don't even know if mine is in here :/

So yea.. Why add an extra one? XD I'm sure most know mine anyway
20-11-2009 03:26

a Clydesdale horse
20-11-2009 04:59

my mind was undecided at the time, still half is, and i couldnt think of a new name to change from my old 1 when we got given 1 change each. so i decided undecided as in a undecided teenager about what to do work wise and location wise
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20-11-2009 05:14

be seein you
20-11-2009 20:52

grandma used to call me freddo and 814 is my area code
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20-11-2009 20:54

Bellmont is a nick name i got in grade school and has stuck with me for 20 years now
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29-11-2009 22:28

Pharaoh, cause I'm you know, Egyptian..
02-12-2009 18:00

the stunt guy, lance murdoc
Lord Poot
08-12-2009 12:34

Lord (cause who doesnt want to be Lord whatever) and Poot (cause its a body function usually blamed on the dog )
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15-12-2009 11:53

Mine is Irish in origin, from some Irish king during the iron age i think.

Cept there's a Latin version as well.

Conorensis, and i put emperor at the front because i normally stick a title of sorts in front of my name.
15-12-2009 15:10

* For Emperor Conor ;)

At the time of Christ, as said, there reigned over Ulster - residing at Emain Macha (Emania) - a king noted in ancient song and story, Conor Mac Nessa. He was the grandson of Rory Mor, a powerful Ulster ruler who had become monarch of Ireland, and who was the founder of the Rudrician line of Ulster kings. The memory of Conor Mac Nessa is imperishably preserved in the tale of the sons Of Usnach and in the greater tale of the Tain Bo Cuailgne. His first wife was the Amazonian Medb (Maeve), a daughter of Eochaid the Ard-Righ of Ireland (High King). Conor separated from her and she became Queen of Connaught

And my Parents said I'd never use my Degree XD
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15-12-2009 15:24

Used to be just arne which is a RL nickname I got for some very strange reason that I never really understood
My account was deleted due to inactivity and when I rejoined "arne" was unavailable
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16-12-2009 05:30

from a movie
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