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31-05-2009 15:15


I came across this once when i ws younger and i liked the name
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31-05-2009 20:31

Wirt was the name of a dead NPC in Diablo II. And 07 is the year when i started this. No affiliation to known personalities or places . And yes, i do know what Wirt means in Deutsch.
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31-05-2009 21:22

Well... Because I'm a Filmmaker... ^.^
01-06-2009 00:37

dyla is short for dylan and i made my account in 08 do = dyla-08
01-06-2009 01:55

Kayla + Nicole
04-06-2009 07:06

zaliba, i have no idea, i just came up with it and it sounded cool. lol
04-06-2009 22:13

well the good names were taken like fury, blast and stuff... so just random words...
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12-06-2009 17:56

A friend and i were discussing wet paint signs and i decided it would make a good gamertag/username etc. :]
13-06-2009 21:19

mines cus i love fire >= )
13-06-2009 21:34

it was gonna be aswd but i just thought it looked dumb so i got Ddaa
29-06-2009 04:03

mine is the first letters of my name, my middle name, and my last name
but the 262 is just a random number lol

Edited on 29-06-2009 04:04
29-06-2009 06:23

I might have already posted on this thread once (or twice xD) but my name comes from the video game Jak and Daxter. My avatar is a picture of half Jak, half Dark Jak from the game.
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05-08-2009 17:45

i see them dead hehehe
18-08-2009 06:54

well it comes from my real name shelby and my soon to be age 14 and my nickname is shelbaby well thats what my friends call me so i just used my nickname for this and added 14 to it...lol...
18-08-2009 07:11

stole it from my friend it was his rs name (ags up yo as) was my rs name and i dident think this game had an ags so i stole his
20-08-2009 04:53

Mine comes from the Arthurian Legends/Tales but more concerning Uther Pendragon and from a dream of foretelling that Merlin had in a book I read once. Don't remember the name of the book .. there's been so many!!

Plus I have a red beard & my nick in school (all those years ago) was Bookworm, shortened to Worm. Wyrm is another name for dragon.

Hence RedWyrm
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Kaze Enigma
20-08-2009 05:15

Ok the Name Kaze is japanense for wind, describing my personality.
And Enigma describes mystery

So it means the mysterious wind

20-08-2009 12:30

I got my name because I do parkour.They are like ninjas.
20-08-2009 13:32

proster = i want to be a pro o.O but now changing name to resorce cause i am a resorce gather-er
20-08-2009 13:37

Mine was given to me by the nice doctors
24-08-2009 23:58

My name is sasha im from wales My name comes from russia and is also well known in france.. i was named after a man acctually haha sacha distelle... and my mother loved it so much she changed the spelling from sacha to sasha!

and im a lady hence the ladysasha

altho before i was lady sasha i was more well nown as ladyswiz!

Edited on 24-08-2009 23:59
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30-08-2009 02:40

Well my name: whatup

i didnt want to have to greet every1 i see log in so i just say their name


whatup: mikel1456
30-08-2009 02:52

im evil and peanut butter cups XD
evilpeanutbutter looked ugly and i think its to long so evilbuttercup it is
12-09-2009 04:35

My name I heard in a game,sorta,it was actually "Ishtar" but I just dropped the T because it sounded weird.
12-09-2009 05:24

My mom called me my name!
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