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07-03-2009 23:41

You missed a trick there Mango, you could have said your name came from trees

I've been using this name for years, so long I can't remember how it came about
Mr. Addy
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12-03-2009 11:09

mycorrhizae= symbiotic association of fungus and the roots of a plant
added the "L" because "-ael" is a common ending to the name of biblical angels
12-03-2009 13:38

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M S Scott
12-03-2009 17:57

It's my pen name and I'm published on www.poetry.com
The "M" is my first name initial and Scott is my middle name. he "S" is my last name initial.

Edited on 18-04-2010 05:52
19-03-2009 07:16

Tabby and I were looking for a name to spy on my x in laws on a messaging service and came up with this well I liked it so I kept it. So much of life is filtered and yet completely chaotic.
19-03-2009 07:20

I got it from over there *points* XD
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*faith in love*
19-03-2009 18:57

Made it up when i was 9 (didn't knew what disorder was) and i like it
20-03-2009 02:20

Oh mines Kelly, pretty sure its Irish

Means warrior by a lot of definitions apparantly haha I wish it were true *is a wimp* ;)
21-03-2009 10:39

It just sort of evolved into this >.>

Edited on 11-04-2010 01:54
Caution; I burn, :D

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By Tor
25-03-2009 02:13

can't remember if i posted in this yet.

it comes from a song from my favorite band. Rush.

By-Tor and the Snowdog

seen them in concert 14 times over the years.

"By-Tor, knight of darkness,
Centurion of evil, devil's prince."

and that's all i have to say about that.
brandon toast
25-03-2009 07:34

My name is Brandon and I like toast
05-04-2009 17:50

Well, when i first met ladylalaith, she knew too many people with my name. so, while i was off working (i think) she met up with vert and asked, what should my nickname be. thus it was born, FRITZ!
the last name is a combination of Fritz and Felicia (my pet name for ladylalaith)so FritzFricia was born!
05-04-2009 18:54

14-04-2009 02:58

Ratka is the start of the Finnish word for Armageddon. My favourite bands happen to be finnish, hence the language.
25-04-2009 12:19

i say often lol so....

Lolled!!! xD
Toxic Rose
27-04-2009 20:26

Need for speed girl ;)

Edited on 20-05-2009 18:57
28-04-2009 00:00

I'm a very religious person. Sabatykos is one of my Ecce names also the name of one of my many Characters. I wanted to pick one of my Characters that sounded the most mysterious and interesting to me so I picked Sabatykos.
28-04-2009 02:41

I picked Calliope because years ago there was a character (a ditzy nurse) on Days of Our Lives named "Calliope". I liked the name, and I can be a bit of a ditz sometimes (I choob almost as much as BEX, right?) so here I am!
Leroy Jenkins is my hero!
28-04-2009 12:33

tudensky comes from one movie..
I just wrote it wrong, no like in movie, and it stayed like this for, um, about 4 years.. But that's only my "virtual world's" nickname..
10-05-2009 02:40

lets see hidklad... Ah yes. The product from typing random keys.
30-05-2009 14:40

well duh XD im a knight that is infused with dragon DNA
30-05-2009 15:17

Mitchell is my name, and my last name starts with an L, so the L is supposed to end my name instead of saying 'ell' i say 'L' for MitchL.
30-05-2009 16:55

I saw it in an old video game i was playing where u picked ur characters class and one of them was a Rogue so i just added blood in front of it to make it look cooler
30-05-2009 17:01

"Jinx" comes from my last name. Before I played syrnia I played other games, but the name "Jinx" was always taken, so I span it and ended up with "Jinxter". Then when I joined syrnia, some inactive guy already stole "Jinxter" so I had to add some pointless numbers to the end of it.

Edited on 30-05-2009 17:01
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30-05-2009 18:26

Played a game long long time ago that involved capturing and keeping all the crystals. I think after that, when I discovered and joined SecondLife, and had to choose a name; I chose Crystalkeeper. After that, it sort of stuck and pretty much use crystalkeeper for all games I play.
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