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12-01-2009 20:11

My nickname
Mr. Addy
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23-01-2009 01:28

Cornflaker... I just went to Microsoft Word and started spamming.. then I highlighted a few letters and went to word unscrambler.. and it came up with cornflake and I just added R

I have actually never had 'Cornflakes' in my life.. I heard they taste good though
23-01-2009 14:58

My names really not that special.

I was actually reading a few posts on the forums and saw a player with "Dragon" as the front name and decided that I would name my character "Dragons".

I have also wanted a rare name too, so I guess this will do
23-01-2009 18:22

Mine is a character from a book that I am writing.
The mighty Gryphs are the emblems of valour and magnanimity!
23-01-2009 18:34

My last name is very similar to smitts - has been my nickname since I was about 11 so it just stuck
31-01-2009 00:29

Finealy somewhere I can say this outloud for everyone. My name was random it has absolutly nothing to do with the harry potter books ok just so everyone knows
31-01-2009 00:49

This was the name of my fighter when i used to play D&D all those moons ago
31-01-2009 00:55

A fusion between my friends username for everything krazyboy11 ( he got so mad when he found out I took it ) and when I played the lead roll in my first play I was the monkey prince. I now use this usernam for everything!

The Monkey Prince + krazyboy11 = monkeyprinceboy11
13-02-2009 10:53

local mickey taking sheffielders anr deedars barnsley folk are dingles im from sheffield but now live in barnsley so i get called a deedar dingle
13-02-2009 21:43

it all started on another game... but i wont go into that,
long story short, i couldn't think of a name, so i just put "mee" on the end of my name...
13-02-2009 21:55

It's irrelevent...and what's with all the questions anyways?
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Triple O.G. 4 Lyfe!
13-02-2009 21:59

I like sporks... Mmkay?

(Yeah, that is it)
14-02-2009 20:10

A Very old nickname, Knot because I listened to slipknot, and tom because my first name is Thomas, so it became tomknot.
14-02-2009 23:12

MIne was made for a remix of pokemon because I am an adict
15-02-2009 00:26

Because it's the Breakfast of Champions
15-02-2009 09:36

It's part of my last name.
15-02-2009 09:45

I have a Big cranium, and I Rule!

it has nothing to do with those silly stickers
15-02-2009 11:09

I have a silky bunny that i sleep with at night, an old childhood habit i never grew out of, i also have an ickle bunny rabbit called betsy
17-02-2009 14:03

Started using MilneCat over a decade ago. Used to be Tigger and was the only one. Then the WWW happened, and Winnie-the-Pooh got popular, and I started seeing others stealing my name.

Figured A.A. Milne wrote Winnie-the-Pooh for his son, Christopher Robbin Milne, so I figured Milne's Cat was CR's cat, which was Tigger.

Hence, MilneCat...and still the only one!

"Do that again and I'll harvest your soul with a spoon..."
17-02-2009 17:38

I used to have a strange obsession with Greenday 0_o

& yeah, it came from the album artwork from American idiot

& i cant remember any other usernames, so yahh


Edited on 17-02-2009 17:39
Lord Of Fire
19-02-2009 15:48

mines abit werid.

Pyro sounds cool and i had a gerbil who was called jerry and when he died it became by internet name i always use!
25-02-2009 22:52

fav food and its a nickname cousins gave me
The Corn Has Traveled
03-03-2009 19:16

it's a breed of horse, i like horses, and i had seen them perform recently
04-03-2009 02:36

I used to play a PC game called CounterStrike. My now ex-husband also played and he was Terminator and so gave me the name Mrs.Terminator. But, being a female (and not being very good at the game) got me a lot of stick so I wanted to change it. My clan leader came up with the name TermaMatrix because Terma was similar to Terminator which the clan knew me by and Matrix because he is a big fan of the Matrix movies.

I use TermaMatrix for all forums I subscribe to and all email that I use because it is unusual and it is seldom ever taken. Also I have used the name for over 7 years now.
04-03-2009 02:43

Hmmm.. Good question. I guess it was the first word that came to my mind.
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