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03-11-2008 16:30

Umm... it's my online name... and it kicks ashes!

*kicks a fire* OUCH!
Mr. Addy
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08-11-2008 21:22

all one that read the books "dragon lance" know from where my name came...
09-11-2008 18:19

i used to be called magicplayer on a magic the gathering online group. and then i changed it to magicbum because all i did was play magic the gathering, so i was called a magicbum... and a couple months later a couple friends started calling me bummie... had this nickname for at least 7 years
09-11-2008 19:05

I like the colour blue and Lady seemed like a nice touch. I hear now that it's a carachter from a book. I'm going to read up on that sometime.
09-11-2008 19:06

Obviously, It;s my name, Crystal Lee.
Ghost Rider
10-11-2008 22:35

Ghost Rider a movie that's really cool
10-11-2008 22:41

I ate some alphabet soup while I had a stomach ache and this was the result on the way back up.
Lord RTM
10-11-2008 22:43

stands for Rix Trix Mix
17-11-2008 03:42

I dunno, I just came up with it.


Is it aginst the rules to act like I have an avatar?
18-11-2008 17:34

I am from Tennessee ( USA ) you can just call me vol,or mike or just to dinner
18-11-2008 23:32

OH, this must be a new one of these posts, I could have sworn I already did this
Anywho, I go by Kim in RL but my real name is Kimberly , and I was only called that as a child when in trouble, so I have always disliked it. So I decided a Princess doesn't get in trouble and this is the land of Ladies and Gents, so PrincessKimber it is But I prefer "PK"
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19-11-2008 00:48

A packet of crackers found in the UK, couldn't think of a username for syrnia and well I saw the brand and thought that that'd do
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Dark Lord Resck
19-11-2008 00:58

My name means/comes from is my first name intials R and my last name intials K ESC I just made it up.
dragon god7
08-12-2008 00:24

im a dragon guy, and im the lord
17-12-2008 03:02

Mine comes from the second highest mountain(K2). Also, all my brother's(1) and sister's(1) names start with K, and I am the 2 second child, thos the name K2.
17-12-2008 04:23

my friend had this username for a different game, so i just copied him
18-12-2008 17:32

Lemon WAS my nickname a while back but now i always use it as my name in games.
19-12-2008 19:46

Segria is the first initial of each of my nieces: Sarah, Emily, Gina, Rook, Idella, and Allison
20-12-2008 01:54

perhonen is finnish for butterfly. I used it because I was in a phase of using it as a name. I've moved on, but there are still a few places where this is my username, especially browsergames.
20-12-2008 22:00

I play for a Flag Football Team, the Pimps.
My player "Pimp Name" is Trick Tickler.
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02-01-2009 21:26

I just like to solve Riddles, Riddle was taken, and The Riddle was taken, so I did The Riddle 1.
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~*The Riddle 1*~
02-01-2009 21:34

My friends (the girls) gave me the nickname "Mr.Perfection" and i am italian so i just used the italian word for Perfect! thats all
02-01-2009 22:40

my bf's online name is thrasher194. So i'm thrasherschic.
03-01-2009 06:03

idk, just a name of one of the Outlaws in one my videogames.
03-01-2009 09:00

Its the nick name of jim morrison of the doors
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