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18-09-2008 07:00

I like to play basketball and I am a wana be gangsta lol thus the name gangstaballa.
Mr. Addy
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18-09-2008 16:33

The Lipizzan is a breed of horse closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria where the finest representatives demonstrate the movements of classical dressage, including the highly controlled, stylized jumps and other movements known as the "airs above the ground." (I love Wikipedia, lol)

They are beautiful horses and their performances are fun to watch

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27-09-2008 20:53

Conor, it was a spelling mistake as i was supposed to be named after the main guy in highlander but my parents messed up spelling(before that i most probably been named george) but in irish conor means strong willed or wise
steve changed
27-09-2008 21:19

Oh i bet everyone wants to know where mine came from... So for all of those people that think its religious ya you can throw that out the window I used to play Diablo 2 A LOT! had like 4 accounts, filled stuff on every account and characters blah blah all that good stuff. I would randomly pop into games and start dropping stuff on the ground just to help out.. and People would always comment about being a God.. and I'd always say naw im just a messenger.. So the name stuck with me there.. I created an account with that name there and It just followed me every where else.. Simple as that.. stop looking at me as a religious person now.. Or The Gods_Messenger on this game will show you the irony of him being in the outlands..

GM ^.^
27-09-2008 21:31

The word itself is a Punjabi word, and dance form...

Not where it came from as my Syrnian name though. I have a Live Action Roleplay character called Bhangra, and I decided to use the name here. The LARP Bhangra is a Voodoo Hyena.

Confused yet?
I am serious about nothing, but sincere about everything.
29-09-2008 02:08

Well, actually my nickname in Syrnia is Captain Flowers, but you may call me Cappy. Timestander is a name that gives nothing away from my age, and plus age somehow doesn't effect my look. I'm still the same as always. Plus I created this name on WoW which I quit.

With a litte hard work and positive attitude, you can overcome anything.

Edited on 29-09-2008 02:10
29-09-2008 04:50

Blade- my favortie movie but it was taken, as were a lot of variations so i just tried a bunch of random stuff and "Slayer" worked and 22 is my favorite number
01-10-2008 07:22

It's an old gamertag from when the Xbox first released. I kinda had a big head and named myself DudeIRok. But most games on XBL made the I look like and l and all my friends started to call me Dudel(doodel)...I liked it much better.
09-10-2008 00:09

i picked randomly um mad now
09-10-2008 08:29

Drakkar Noir Cologne-
09-10-2008 10:00

The Sewer

but honestly, from the Great Movie/Games, Starwars ;)

Edited on 09-10-2008 10:01
16-10-2008 02:56

I couldn't think of a cool name and my friend looked at my feet, and shouted out "little shoes!!" so that is how I got my name.
16-10-2008 02:58

i likes money
16-10-2008 23:34

my name comes frome king henry of england extra n no idea and 5 my favorite number.

Edited on 16-10-2008 23:35
17-10-2008 00:50

AuroraLife comes from my good friend from CheatMasters, mia12.

PS I've seen some people with strangely similar sigs to my cheatmaster friends.
27-10-2008 23:51

When I first joined Syrnia,'43 days ago'..my name was "anthrax".Somehow it just didn't(feel)right,so I asked the powers that be-'mods'-if it would be possible to change it to something I felt more comfortable with.I have a lovely 14 yr.old daughter and she calls me "Pappy".I'm usually in a good mood,so...hence the name Happy_Pappy!

Whats it all going to matter in a hundred years

Edited on 27-10-2008 23:55
27-10-2008 23:54

I was playing some kind of online game before that involved war, so I put the word Combat and pressed a random letter on my keyboard...eventually I just stuck with the name Combatd for many online games I have played.
28-10-2008 04:25

mine is a nick name from my friends,it dates back about 20 years,they all say that i have a losekrew do to some of the things ive done.
28-10-2008 05:57

tobias=my RL name
M=initial of my RL surname
and 9998 my lucky numbers :'(
28-10-2008 15:36

Made it Up
02-11-2008 15:36

DragonicKnight is only in use here. im all into dragons and the whole serpents thing. but i thought "sean why cant you have a Knight who is part dragon. a Dragonic Knight" so i replied " great idea head. we'll use that" and so my own little universe was created...
02-11-2008 15:37

Aklay7 came off of another game. I forgot about it, then I just made it up independently, then I relized that I had that games username. :
03-11-2008 13:00

Nice story. For my name just go to Google earth...
03-11-2008 13:05

Mine's just really sad

It's actually one of the names that Serena from Sailor Moon is called when she becomes Princess Serenity, she was the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, hence Moon Princess.

I liked it, but it's from a kiddie anime from when I was a kid, and I've become obsessed with it once again...
03-11-2008 14:00

From the game Harvest Moon my favorite game, Harvest then add boy then 12 it must be harvestboy123 when I'm still playing Runescape but it fills up then so my username is harvestboy12 then I get used to it and now its my username

Edited on 03-11-2008 14:04
Merry Christmas to all!
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