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13-08-2008 09:43

Pedro, you could be part of SPAIN clan
First known spanish player
Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
13-08-2008 09:52

I think its prety obvious, it describes me in everyway!

Edited on 15-02-2009 09:56
16-08-2008 12:01

Metal Gear Solid Legend Raiden in MGS4 , also featured in MGS2

total fan of MGS series
17-08-2008 15:22

mine came from my two nicknames
dady death and blaze
just put em together
and the 9191 was a typo
suppose to b 911

Edited on 17-08-2008 15:22
17-08-2008 15:44

One N junior
17-08-2008 15:59

gez was taken so added the 1000, now i use it everywhere, bebo, myspace etc.
29-07-2008 04:08

sorry i had a brain fart, okay avatar.
17-08-2008 22:06

The Chele comes from my real name ....Michele, but most people call me Chele
and the Lady because I am a lady
18-08-2008 01:30

Well usuall have Become123 Cos i wanted Become but i thought why not have 123 on the end so it became Become123
21-08-2008 09:49

I'm a massive fan of UK Hardcore and Freeform music.

My favorite DJ is "DJ Sharkey" and I named my character after him.
However, if DJ Sharkey joined Syrnia, and he wanted to use the name "DJ Sharkey" I thought that he'd be annoyed that I stole it...
So I just named my character "Sharkey"
21-08-2008 22:07

This character, as well as my character on Marcoland, was named in honor of my Runescape character of the same name, which originally came from a fighter character I created long ago for D&D, but sadly never got to play.

I created the name "Aslon Dak" as a variation on the name "Abslom Daak", a very cool character from the Doctor Who Weekly comic strip.
21-08-2008 22:38

Was searching for a name and I had ribs sweating off in the oven hence-ribven
~~ Critic's Choice- "Favorite Rib" ~~
28-08-2008 19:03

latin for "air".
28-08-2008 19:06

real name and year of birth.
29-08-2008 05:29

looking back in this thread reminds me off old syrnia days before the update and the clan tag in forum and all that good stuff hehe
29-08-2008 05:35

My name is Cruz Brian Hastings. So cruzbhasting, the mod forgot the s when changing my name.
29-08-2008 10:22

Mine is a combination of Panda and "ikke" wich just means me in dutch and Panda is the name of the volley team I was playing in when I came up with the name.

Had to come up with something unique cause I got tired of trying over and over agian to find a unique name in games. I used to pick a lead character from any book I was reading, but It seemed alot of people read the same books.
03-09-2008 03:40

Read it backwards

Sorry, no, it does NOT stand for another way to spell 'asylum' Although that would be a cool way to spell Mulysa (Melissa/Milissa/Millisa etc)
03-09-2008 03:47

i played this game called magic the gathering,
a trading card game.

in one of the newer editions, a card named minamo,s school at water edge came out.

i liked it so much, i chose minamo as nickname
06-09-2008 11:21

at first i was casper...but this was a very common nickname...then i became kasper but this was a very common nickname too.....so i cut off the vocals and became kspr )) [i like the ghost and i have a little from his personality, very friendly]
06-09-2008 13:49

my nick is syanara
its comes from sayonara which is japanese for goodbye.
i customized it to make syanara, which i use to say to my enemies.
(say to dying enemies: syanara(goodbye) mutha f**ker - then walk away)

its been with me for a few years, first heard sayonara from spiderman on ps2.

so next time you see me, just hope i dont tell you my name


ps: i sometimes use harakiri (japanese suicide) (dont know how to spell it so this is also customized)

and i also use THIR13EN ( it has 13 and thirteen in it to, after seeing the advert of THIR13EN ghosts)

Edited on 06-09-2008 13:52
07-09-2008 17:56

it s my name starting backwards and then normal way.Luis is my name.I ve been using it a long time and you ll see it specially on playstation 3
07-09-2008 22:16

i played rs and my cousin made this name tipsey51
she gave me the account so i all ways us this name now
07-09-2008 22:26

Olson Rug because i named it after the carpet company. its not olsen, everybody calls my olsen but its olson!Profanity deleted get it right! lawl

Moderator edit:
Please read the Rules, Symbols masking profanity is not allowed
18-09-2008 00:49

MY nickname comes from the best anime EWER - Naruto!
18-09-2008 06:26

i am married to goatsandwich. so thats it.
but i didn't want the sandwich. you never can trust a goats cooking
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