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11-01-2008 17:55

Cancun is my favorite "away from home" place for me to be. I go as often as possible and have tons of friends there.

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Mr. Addy
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~~The Baker~~
11-01-2008 18:05

~~The Baker~~ well baker is my last name p.s i dont like to bake.

you can call me baker, t~B,
11-01-2008 19:40

eeeeh, hmmmm...............no idea, just was in a lame state I think
11-01-2008 19:42

Umm i broke my leg in a bad car accident
11-01-2008 22:04

My name comes from my favorite basketball player in the nba. His name is Paul Pierce, his nick name is the truth, and his nuber is 34.
11-01-2008 23:39

Cuz i like the underworld Ogh yea and greek gods like in AoM
12-01-2008 01:10

Lucifer, b/c it rolls off the tongue lol
Awakens, b/c i dont like to b awake, and when i awaken i hate every1 for a few hours till i am fully awake, and lucifer n hate go together so hence Lucifer_Awakens
12-01-2008 01:16

Is my DJ/Producer name, my name is Kieran, and people have always called me Kiwi

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12-01-2008 01:32

My name comes from my favourite rpg of all time, Morrowind. One of the nastier monsters
12-01-2008 03:54

I like this post.

designthelie is a word I made up about 8 years ago.

When I started using the computer a year and a half ago. It was the first thing that pop in my head to be my screen name.

What designthelie is its a thought process.

Everything is a lie until I make truth of it.


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12-01-2008 04:08

My RL name, yeh i know not very imaginative XD
"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control!"
12-01-2008 04:17

I'm backwards.
12-01-2008 05:55

my daughter plays this game (she is 11) and i signed up to baby sit her. she wanted to be called peanut, so im "big peanut" now im just as hooked as she is

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12-01-2008 06:17

well, i listen to rock, metal, hardcore, deathmetal, etc.

and you call a person a "Metalhead" if they love metal
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12-01-2008 06:30

Mine's based on the ancient deity Mithra. He existed as a covenant god at least as far back as the second millenium BC, across much of the known world. In Persia, after the initial strict monotheism of Zoroaster's reforms, Mithra was eventually said to have become Ahura-Mazda's chief servant in the fight against the evil Ahriman. Later legends even held that he had been incarnated as a human, born of the virgin Anahita in the third century BC. Some scholars suggest that he was believed to have had twelve followers and died and rose again. Amongst the Romans he was known as Mithras, and his cult was a siginificant rival to early Christianity. Some of the rituals initiates went through included baptism and a shared meal of bread and wine. In the third century AD, the festival of Dies Natalis Sol Invicti celebrated the 'birthdays' of an amalgamation of solar deities including Mithras, on December 25th. Some later Muslim historians such as Tabari and Mas'udi appear even to have confused Jesus with Mithra, saying both that the Messiah lived three centuries after the time of Alexander the Great, and that the Messiah lived less than one century after Alexander.

In ancient India he was known as Mitra; one of the earliest references to him is from the Rig Veda, where he appears alongside several other gods in a passage teaching that "To what is One, sages give many a title."

Aren't you glad you asked?

Edited on 12-01-2008 06:39
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12-01-2008 09:18

placky123, no idea where i got this from...

but i think all of the games i played... my char-name was placky123

up to now it still is...
12-01-2008 15:52

Metalhead yes the toaster and '59 car scraps yes i remember him metalhead
Mine comes from my last name
12-01-2008 16:17

I made it up ^_^

Edit: recently discovered it's also hail backwards, but I really did make it up ;)

Edited on 18-11-2008 19:13
13-01-2008 16:58

I am quite embarrased by mine XD.

I was in a phase where I named all my characters after weapons .

Other names I have had include ElvenSword, AbyssalClaw, DraconianBow, AncientStaff, SlightlyMagicalTwig...

People sometimes call me BOD which gives the possibility that someone may mispell it as GOD, it would be interesting if my nickname ever becomes that XD. Though, used as a reference to a singular entity, it might be offensive to some.
13-01-2008 18:40

It's a personality trait for me

and I love the SlightlyMagicalTwig. *laughs*
13-01-2008 19:32

Well im a lady
ha its my nick-name
22-01-2008 22:22

Mine was a stupid thing I thought up, originally my runescape username. I had no idea where to get it, I just kinda thought I wanted a nonsensical gibberish so I would have done dfsnhstdgukesh or something but thats hard to remember so I thought gunggung but that was taken on runescape so I used gunggung1 and now in most games I play I'm called gunggung1!
22-01-2008 22:30

I chose my name because I love scifi, specifically timetravel.
23-01-2008 16:51

im flag...means freedom from opresion...its your life..be proud of it.protect it ..protect others and theirs...
all are free ..we in exro dont party the most we party the best !
Angelo the Mage
23-01-2008 17:16

I always use name "Angelo", but it is alredy in use, so I'm what I am, because I love magic as much as I love games. And why Angelo ? It reminds me of angels and they are totaly magic. (My real name is Jaroslav Chnúrik.)
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