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06-05-2008 04:25

Mocking the Syrnia log-in:

"Welcome to Syrnia Basic !"

Will there ever be an Advanced?

"Welcome to Syrnia Advanced !"


The truth is, I don't remember.
But I like it.


('cause people have messaged me before and asked if I was an M2H creation or some such nonsense. Or, back when I had faith that chat was a decent place, I would answer pretty much every question I could in detail, using a mix of Syrnia's manual as well as DW-HQ's site, http://www.dw-hq.com

Mr. Addy
Keeping this game free by adding ads to every topic
06-05-2008 12:57

My names is another way of saying werewolf which is an old nickname i got cause my hair is unmanageable and im not a morning person so i can be very vicious lol
06-05-2008 13:51

made mine up, but its my online name now. Look me up I play Travian and Fallen Sword too
06-05-2008 16:11

I played another MMORPG and had an internet friend called "ravenholt".

I kind of love his name I like this person very much thus copied from his name. At first it is raveholt, but it is too obvious that i copied from that name, thus i added a "xp" behind which will make my name sound weirder xD
06-05-2008 20:53

The story behind my nic is not exactly suitable for an all-ages chat...so I'll just say it came from rp'ing in the History Channel's forums years ago and you can message me for the rest of the story-
07-05-2008 15:03

my favorite word was enigma which means baffling or confusing so i wanted my name to be enigmas but then i started playing older games where you cant have too long a name and i shortened it to enigs
08-05-2008 23:15

Mine came from the name of the band i'm the lead singer of Band: Codename:Maddness
11-05-2008 21:00

Well my name is off of the last spider in Charlotte's web (my spidey sences are tingling) and 911 is just a cool number and its the cops lol

Edited on 01-07-2008 03:50
11-05-2008 21:02

initials followed by a random number
12-05-2008 14:56

Mine is from a youngsters-fantasy-novel, written by tamora (tammy) pierce. she is an us writer who writes her first book with the age of 16. She mostly writes for tenns, but also children books. the quarter where Alanna of Trebond first appears is named Song of the Lioness.
My favorite US-Edition is printed from Athaneum. Its Covers are the Best!
The German old Edition got very nice inside pictures.

The story: In the medival and magical world Alanna lives in, noble girls cant be warriors and her twin brother, who is the only boy of the family had to become a knight instead the great socerer he want to be. So they chance place, Alanna goes to the capital city to do the training as a knight, named Alan now and masked as a boy. Her brother goes to the convent near the City of Gods in which he later on go on with his training as a socerer.

Alannas Adventures are really intersting and exciting, she had to fight her way to her shield against a strong and evil enemy and through other problems, but also finds friends and love and get great skills on her way to a knight. Shes a strong girl, know what she want, shes been gifted but also so human.

I read this book first long time ago now. Its my favorite book since then, and i also like the following books like the immortals-quarter and the daugther of the lioness. the last ones are really good!

I ve also made a homepage about the book, heres the link: http://www.meinewebseite.net/chaoskind81
(but i havend done something there a long time. i got the same in german, the english one was a project. if you wanna see some fan art i did from the books, visit the link on the "fan art" page)
12-05-2008 15:02

willx8u will excite you my dad came up with it a wihle ago
17-05-2008 03:19

two words in czech or polish dobre/dobrou = good, noc = night. pronounced doe brew notes (depending on area dialect)

I thought i was cool while playing mafiaboss, standing over a downed enemy saying "good night". also went by the name nucular. i'm on FS as dobrounoc, look me up.
17-05-2008 03:20

Demolition = Bike Company
LTF= My BMX bike frame
17-05-2008 04:26

Nickname that stuck to me in high school for doing something stupid.

Edited on 17-05-2008 04:29
"Stand with those who seek the truth, not those who claim to know it."
Lord Of Fire
17-05-2008 17:39

pyro cause i like fire and jerry is the name of my dead gerbal
17-05-2008 17:46

it comes from my name Salvatore gambino jr represents 2 letters from both names into one
Proud Member Of Fangz
Owner Of The Largest Shop Chain In Syrnia
Ranked 5 Th In Trade
AKA Provider Of The People For The People Of Syrnia
Master Trader Of Syrnia
Always Looking For Smithed Goods
17-05-2008 19:19

It Started When I Started RS Become1 Was A failure Become 2 Was No Better Become 3-12 Didnt Work Either So Become123 It Was
17-05-2008 19:56

My name is from a movie I once watched. In it the bad guy wizard did a spell and killed 50 people. The spells name was Prifior ratora matikalara. My name is the first word of the spell.
05-06-2008 04:51

bribaetz first name brian last name baetz hince bribaetz brian- an
07-06-2008 12:54


marco is my first name
man is the first three letters of my last name
55 is my favourite number
Rising Cougar
09-06-2008 04:51

my name is from my name nanose'hame'ehne = Rising Cougar.
11-06-2008 00:32

it's my name and B'Day folks. First name : Marc, Middle name : Scott, B'Day 6/ 19.
11-06-2008 07:53


Crystal Lee

Fairly Obvious. yeah, I guess google me, haha.
11-06-2008 08:41

Completely random, not much though whatsoever, apart from the fact it contains my real name Kelly

PS - Love esnows idea of flipping the username for another site!
I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down and the flames went higher...
15-06-2008 22:40

Maltose is the ingrediant on the back of a juicy fruit wrapper, and I am a man. I couldnt think of anything good for a username and everything good was taken, so i went to the back of a juicy fruit wrapper for my name
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