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14-04-2008 01:10

This term is used in a few different branches of science these days. The original meaning comes from Thermodynamics.

In a thermodynamic process it is a measurement of the energy that is not available for work. As you may have guessed, I like science.
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14-04-2008 01:14

woh that hurt my brain
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14-04-2008 06:58

i wanted to be different
14-04-2008 07:49

Wow i've learned alot from this thread

WAR is really my initials ....SWEET!! and 392 is my birthdate, so they go hand and hand....hehe.
16-04-2008 09:31

Called myself after my favorite character in Elder Edda, Scandinavian Epos. According to it, Thervold was the first person to accept and follow the Knight Code of Honor. Interesting, that he had been a famous thief and robber before XD
16-04-2008 12:45

my mental sickness+my country code
16-04-2008 13:00

My standard username, honestly cant remember where it comes from now
16-04-2008 13:50

nelor101 taken from my wow name and my rs name
16-04-2008 18:54

Lucy_Model - Lucy is my real name and am a model in rl
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16-04-2008 23:22

17-04-2008 00:51

Wiilover11. Well... I guess I created this name when I first heard about the Nintendo Wii, right at the beggining of '06. And for people wanting to know what the 11 means. Thats the age I was when I created this account. And of course... I love my Nintendo Wii. Most people dub me "Wii". Used it on all my MMO's since.

Edit:added info.

Edited on 17-04-2008 01:01
17-04-2008 06:16

Greed is the name of an anime character off of my favorite anime
"FullMetal Alchemist".
He is a one of the 7 Homunculus named after the 7 deadly sins.
17-04-2008 07:04

It was a random name I used in a chat room some years ago. >.> not telling how long ago. (3339) < obviously I wasn't the only one who thought Hope was a great name at the time. I just decided to revive the name when I chose to play a game with a chat.
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17-04-2008 07:05

I got some skillz, dats fo sho!

17-04-2008 17:26

Liridon is my name and Kaká is a player that plays on AC Milan and his number are 22...Liirdon is for that in another game i wanted to be named Liridon22 but someone alredy have it....then i took Liiridon22
20-04-2008 07:15

i didnt want to seem old
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20-04-2008 16:37

Godzilla in Japanese
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30-04-2008 11:13

I made my name up...at least, I thought it was made up. Being curious, i googled it, and found it derives from the Hebrew language, meaning ancient, or senator. I liked it, thought maybe it was meant to be

Aside from acting immature in Syrnia...cuz hey, I am never going to meet any of you, people have always told me that wisdom is for the elderly, not for a young person. Yeah, I know your all thinking, Zeken? Wise? Some intelligence? All Lies!! Well, in RL, you would be surprised on how I act much MUCH more different than I do on, online games. <.<

So, "wisdom for the elderly"..."ancient"...

I lost my trial of thought...ill get back to you on that one.
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30-04-2008 11:36

30-04-2008 11:41


well my name.Im littlest in the house by 2 hours so here comes the little,which
after a while changed into "lil".The Ryan thats my rl name and 19 is the day I was born.
01-05-2008 01:52

MaddSheep gave me a pirate (from another online game) who was named Zercie,
so I brought the name here with me.
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01-05-2008 01:54

Basically 2-3 years ago a friend of mine on AIM was talking about ninjas and lemons, so a couple days later I remember and used ninjalemon as log in names ever since
03-05-2008 07:02

some (MOD edit: people) in school started calling me "Rish"

Moderator edit:
Edited for content.
05-05-2008 16:24

I made mine up, though later I found there was a character named Artix on another game, and a brand called Atrixo. Lol.
06-05-2008 03:43

I picked Dragonfuries because ilove dragons.I've found on most online games Dragonfury is always taken....but Dragonfuries never is. So that is how I picked my usename.

But everyone can just call me Dragon.
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