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17-03-2008 04:50

Darqies: Years ago i played a game called Everquest when it started. i lvld fast and as such i had a lot of new player friends who needed a boost to get started. a young man created a monk and named her Darqies. after running with me for a bit and learning the game, we parted ways but still kept in touch. He leveled that monk to 60 in a freakishly short time. bypassing me like i was not even playing.......then sadly, he passed on. He was 23 years old and died of cancer. I do not know his real name but i shall never forget him. he was one of my best in-game friends and i tribute him by naming at least one of my toons Darqies on any game i play Here's to ye bud.
Mr. Addy
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17-03-2008 05:14

my nick is what i like to do in my pass time
17-03-2008 05:38

My real name is James Micheal Vierling Jr. (Not a typo on Micheal). I prefer to go by Jim, but James is ok. You can google it if you want, but there was at least once when a forger used my name and e-mail address to post some very ignorant racist and anti-holocaust garbage. (meaning the didn't happen type crap).
17-03-2008 09:27

My Nick is the name of my Half-Orc Rogue in dungeons and dragons( the old school style) from about 6 years ago. I've kept it since and I use it on every game I play for at least one of my accounts.
18-03-2008 00:03

Valerian I'm from Valera!
18-03-2008 00:13

My name comes from some book (a math book mabye) and there was the name Kwami, and I thought it sounds cool and the 182 comes from one of my favourite bands, Blink 182, so I use Kwami182 on every game I play.

Edited on 18-03-2008 00:14
Mr Tiddles
18-03-2008 01:55

my name came from my runescape name broken611. but it got banned. i made a new runescape name R_I_P_Broken which is like 73 cb and 1609 total... skiller ftw. but i decided i always like my mains name better so i made it when i found this game. =]
18-03-2008 02:00

the name exodus was already taken when i joined so i threw in my lucky number at the end
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18-03-2008 04:52

It comes from the awesome keyboard
All the letters in my name are close together
so it only takes a second to type it
21-03-2008 12:15

well what can i say i like poptarts and im a pimp
21-03-2008 12:23

Im a bad speller so I spelt chimpanz instead of chimpanzee
6 has helped me throughout my life but I wish it was chimpanz37 becuase 37 is the awnser to life if you ask me.Im also fat so I couldnt be bothered to think of a good name and I like bannana's
if something is assured to happen but it dosnt happen at all it was blocked out by a light vortex conjured by great power of an exploding star therefore happened and was seen but didnt happen and wasnt seen.
21-03-2008 13:41

Rinnegan, from japanese manga Naruto.
21-03-2008 13:41

I like fighting and thought that 100 wars might sound like there was a lot of fighting . Besides,i made it up at 9 for my first game account,runescape.
21-03-2008 22:13

everybody likes tellytubbies... right?
8 because someone else already was named dipsy (of course someone else was dipsy, tellytubbies rules)
22-03-2008 05:26

Random typing on the keyboard, reversing typed letters and removing of letters which hindered pronunciation.

I found out several years later than there is a song called 'Veridis Quo' by Daft Punk
22-03-2008 06:24

Carlos Zambrano is the man!
Go Cubs!
26-03-2008 21:52

It's a strange geek word (maths/prog) that exists but not in any dictionary. So I guess that makes me rare and indefinable.
Summer is also my first name and SomeSum is usually my account rather than character name.

+ Granny's Garden is a Acorn/BBCMicro c.1980s game + I've been a geek ~ long time.
*,'* Nerd Pride! I cut my teeth in Granny's Garden *',*
26-03-2008 22:23

From the letters R-i-c-t-o-r
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30-03-2008 21:55

Ra = the ancient Egyptian sun god. He is a major deity in ancient Egyptian religion by the fifth dynasty

Anubis = Anubis is the Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in Egyptian mythology.

I just combined the two names into one XD
30-03-2008 23:59

i made it up(i lot of ppl think it is Sharon then think i am a chick but i dont care) and it is said like this (SAR-ron)
02-04-2008 21:16

I'm a fan of old John Wayne movies, nuff said!
02-04-2008 21:35

Originally a very derogatory word for an Irishman, not always used as an insult nowadays.

In the 1700s-1800s, the English often referred to the Irish they oppressed as "uncivilized bogtrotters", as the English have historically had the habit of calling anyone of a different nationality "uncivilized".

Bogtrotter (n): another word for a culchie
Culchie (n): a city dweller's name for a country person

So I guess I'm an Irish "Redneck" and I'm am good with that.
02-04-2008 23:38

it is a word that means a person with no morels I usaly have Monkey after it because they have none but ppl always say they are so kind and cute but it is not true lol they bite and dont cair who they bite
05-04-2008 23:39

its wat i am
<=== my baby hes my favorite rooster lol hes a retired fighter

"Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again." Jefferson Davis
06-04-2008 00:38

was stumbled upon after I had several names rejected while registering a name on my ps3.
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