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18-02-2008 10:22

i am entitled as such because i have always been and will forever remain the Archangel.
and as soon as a flaming sword gets introduced into the game you will be sure i will be the first to have one.
Mr. Addy
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18-02-2008 12:53

Was watching a random anime one day and the word nai meaning death was said alot
and at one time in a dialog it was said robie but i didn't catch the words in between, so my name became nairobie meaning death lobby, so not inspired by the city ore the matrix xd
18-02-2008 18:04

Karis = grace in Ancient Greek (charis), Sade = from the Marquis de Sade (who popularised Sadism). Karisade = sadistic grace/ a gift of pain to others.
Most appropriate, yes?
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18-02-2008 18:20

My real name is my username, except for the numbers
28-02-2008 20:22

oh oh my turn!!! AstiA is the English Spelling of My Alter Ego.. A character off of the Anime "Trinty Blood" My Full Name is AsthaRoshe Asran and the dragonkill part... it was my screen name on my very first RPG (adventurequest)
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28-02-2008 20:39

I am the living reincarnate of one of the greatest movie karate masters ever!! Need I say anymore?
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28-02-2008 22:59

Well. I don't really know why I'm posting this because everyone knows where I'm from...

---->All credit goes to J.K.Rowling!

~Chosen One
29-02-2008 06:11

My name is Spanish for "Dove". I wasn't actually aware of the meaning when I chose it; I just liked the way it sounded
29-02-2008 07:36

trojan war
29-02-2008 07:50

meh RL name.
29-02-2008 08:05

A good friend gave me this name after a character in Epic magazine (That reference gives my age away).
29-02-2008 08:12

korniton is a old legend fighter so i gave this name
04-03-2008 09:13

my name 'seisan' comes from the name of a kata in karate. i am a black belt in karate,so i thought to give my name a touch of karate.
04-03-2008 19:18


Well, this took a lot of time and imagination to come up with: here's how I got it

My real name is Charles (people call me charlie)

And my last name is Best
04-03-2008 19:41

Where there is a chiapet, there is a chiaboy
04-03-2008 21:03

well it had previously said NobieN, which is No Good in spanish however it became easier to just go with obie, since ppl read it that way anyway.

Edited on 04-03-2008 22:54
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04-03-2008 21:11

My Real name is Nathan Harper, simple enough
10-03-2008 15:46

charest is my last name! and the 666 just shows my love for metal!
10-03-2008 17:35

all-round nickname in real life and online.
closely resembles my surname and it's dutch for 'woods', there is an interesting tale attached to it but i'd get forumbanned for telling it.
10-03-2008 18:01

My name comes from my actual surname, minus the fact that i have a 1 instead of an l
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14-03-2008 04:24

my IGN (in-Game-Name), use this in every game i play

16-03-2008 22:48

Charecter From NARUTO. I look just like Ino Yamanaka. .gif>
16-03-2008 22:50

cause im a skater put that together imaskater
16-03-2008 23:10

Mines random, sounds a bit like my real name.
I feel your pain, I feel your shame, But your not to blame
16-03-2008 23:41

Willow was just a random name that I chose, I just like it!!
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Albert Einstein
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