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j risk19
27-11-2007 04:52

i do believe it was auquadark also
Mr. Addy
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27-11-2007 08:26

Ok *takes deep breath and prays she doesn't forget anyone thats helped make her who she is today, A Syrnian Proud and True*

( in no particular order)

Blessit, Manda, ( both for being so helpful in my early days), Excidium, belial, vigilante ( before the original Black Sails clan dissolved), kilor, eleana, ( both from those early days in Blacksails) ookami, wolflord468, zeek267, Mistery ( now known as The_puppy) , TIW, WhiteSnowWolf, Jag, Ragnarok, MADitude, Steve4c ( the first to pk me), Bull ( for repeatedly scaring the day lights out of me in the OL, ) DeadKennedy, KoolKitty7272, Kenn, Astaroth, Amwes1, Survyvn, Piranhattack, Lalamiller78, vamplord ( my first Syrnian husband,) Chem ( forget the full name, but his inactivity is what first drew me to the land of the pirates and put me on the path towards the captaincy,) Rodney1 ( for teaching me not everyone can be redeemed no matter how hard you try,) ... Spindoc & theodor_adorno

I'm sure there's many others I'm forgetting.. I'll add them once I remember who they all are...

Edited on 27-11-2007 08:28
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Pirates of the Carribean
27-11-2007 08:29

I learned most things myself by exploring the island when I was ready for it. Only asked questions to higher leveled players for difficult questions about skills and places i've never been. Pretty much learned all by myself/manual/dw-hq.
27-11-2007 08:31

27-11-2007 10:49

Viperslfc, Ladyraven, maggott, Cancun, Honch, Leash....I'm sure I'm forgetting loads
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28-11-2007 05:22

Falstaff, Nata011, and Resque!
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01-12-2007 01:07

beleave it or not, zubzero100 helped me learn the game the first week i played. look how far ive passed him now

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01-12-2007 01:38

Well Kizilkurk and Canasian137
01-12-2007 03:09

I believe it was riedell
01-12-2007 03:55

And I am still playing because of that help!
01-12-2007 08:43

ELH and Canasian137
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01-12-2007 09:26, and mrtwiki
01-12-2007 10:02

Rictor Introduced me to the game, and helped me out in the beginning.

After that I went into a clan called AUV which doesn't exist anymore.

Then joined Rictor in a Fake clan, until I made it into [Skill] which taught me just about everything.

Edited on 08-12-2008 00:59
01-12-2007 12:11

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02-12-2007 02:01

Anton. I know him in real life, and he introduced me to the game.
02-12-2007 02:52

Kuli who actually worked with a few people in Lemur trying to answer simple questions and get everyone rolling along. Tiq was along for what may as well have been Syrnia School 101.

After that Kedron was helpful and easy to deal with from the very beginning until now.
02-12-2007 05:41

I can't remember who first helped me, but there were lots of ExRo clannies that helped me early on in help chat. That is why I joined ExRo.
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05-12-2007 04:41

Fixer523 has been a big help to me. Very knowledgable about mining/smithing and has given me many pointers at getting started. Kudos!
05-12-2007 23:24

lethal he has showed me the basics of this game and how to sell
06-12-2007 01:48

I can't remember, But i think Ladyraven, and Rudilyn(Or however you spell it.)
06-12-2007 05:06

Moc1 and allycat helped me the first time. They showed me the game before I even created an account.
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11-12-2007 03:53

I think Serge my clanie from world wide players clan he ahs helped me the most out of anyone. And if your reading this serge thanks a bunch you have help bunches.
11-12-2007 03:57

the Viperslfc noob helped me and probably Allycat too
13-12-2007 11:24

a couple of absolutely mint people
13-12-2007 13:12

Many people have helped me, but I think the very first person was Lady Raven. She is always in helpchat, always a font of information, and is always kind and polite.
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