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14-07-2016 18:30


And a bunch of other oldschoolers that are no longer around I believe.
Mr. Addy
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14-07-2016 18:39


He invited me to his clan and helped me out with the game early on.
Been in his clan since that day..
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14-07-2016 23:26

Unfortunately my 1st real assistance was from deedar... If only I could have avoided that day I could be in with the cool crowd....
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15-07-2016 01:30

I would say Askew.

I used to buy veggies from him.
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16-07-2016 16:23

Gumby and Buzz
01-10-2016 19:58

I dont read through forums often enough obviously, or else I'd have seen this thread while the first guy to help me would probably still be playing.
So, a belated huge Thankyou to Silverbakk, who introduced me to Syrnia a lifetime ago, and helped me get started answering all my silly questions, and also to Borneo, who also answered a fair few at the time as well!
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14-10-2016 16:17

Designthelie. and all of === Clan Colonize!!!
Then I heard how Bad he was In world. LOL
one on one he a crazy fun guy.
is he still around?
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10-02-2017 06:49

when i first started Bondgirl helped me out, as a new player i was getting swarmed with clan invites and she was the first to offer help without anything in return which lead me to join her clan anyway
06-04-2017 22:08

While the answer in all technicality would be the [Fangz] crew, I like to think that [CLEAN] has done me a great good in my conflicted state when Poj decided to pay fangz a visit. Love you guys and thank you for all the help you gave us in our time of need!
07-04-2017 03:05


Wonderful lady
07-04-2017 10:57

Mine also was deedar
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Kit fisto
09-04-2017 11:04

RamblinRoss! Hope some peeps remember him, I quit for two years came back and apparently he quit a year ago, hope to seevyou again one day buddy
Jungle Rose
12-11-2020 02:03

Lace and flag for me ^_^ Forever indebted for them putting up with my childish self in ExRo.

Edited on 12-11-2020 02:05
14-11-2020 00:11

Kuli, and I see some others said the same.

Serpenthelm was not an island yet, Help Chat? and many things were different.

Kuli had a clan where you joined up, he helped you get to about TL 100, then you were booted or went into other clans who kept an eye on the "newbies".
17-11-2020 08:03

Killruna/Shinji Ikari

Barun511/Bacon on the 2nd round
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12-02-2021 19:52

I was a loner for a long time and didn't use chat, so I never really used Help Chat. So the first person to help me didn't come From Help chat, but instead by the person who orbed me probably 5+ times in a row.

Svava Helped me first and helped me most in this game to date. Without her id still be wandering around wondering why the rats keep appearing as i try to kill em off with no success. Thanks
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05-01-2024 19:21

The late great and groovy DJ Kozmik Ken

R.I.P Brother, you're dearly missed by many. <3
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