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02-02-2012 18:54

Not sure but the first person that helped me get started and gave me a clan was Gary Hans Slug. You rule girl! ;)
~Liu Bei~

Some may know me as Lu Bu some may know me as Guan Yu however any of these three names is fine. :)


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02-02-2012 22:39

A very good friend of mine who use to play called eagleeye123..

Not sure if anyone remembers him, or is still in contact with him.

And I still get help from my TSoH buddies, years after joining, because I'm a forgetful sod, so they keep me in the loop.

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You Married MissyLee ! (:
28-02-2012 03:42

Mostly TLgrounds and the manual. I rarely had a problem that couldn't be answered first. However, when I did I most often asked in clan chat and Soonrgon was the greatest instructor ever.
You may say, I lost everything. But I still had my bedazzler.
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[2] 21:35 (Mod)Moderator: Rudolph - De-nosed
28-02-2012 21:34

Gary Hans Slug FTW !
27-06-2012 16:50

the guides and my first clan ~ExRo~
Anarcho FooBear
27-06-2012 19:01

I have no Idea who helped me first XD, but I do remember that it was Cancun who got me addicted to the game .
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28-06-2012 14:57

Truscot,skills,flightmare,dieisaid,antiwolf,bratz and the rest of ~x~ without them I would be lost <3 you guys and gals so much no better clan than this one
09-08-2012 02:38

Liu Bei then i joined -Ice-, which is his clan
09-08-2012 03:11

Dirk, Jehan
09-08-2012 10:31

I think the guys (girls?) name was Ragamuffin, or something along those lines. Explained the relationship between crowding/level/timer to me, and then gave me an Ogre Hatchet. At the time I was amazed that anyone could have made enough gold to own a 500gp item, let alone give one away to someone who they'd only just met (I'll admit, I was new to MMOs at the time)
Remember that guy who decided it was too difficult, so he gave up?

Neither does anyone else...
28-09-2012 17:31

i would def say thanks to Arwen and Sasha Mkai, if not for them i would b totaly lost. Thanks alot ladies!!!
Kit fisto
17-09-2013 21:45

Eugenekoh2 helped me out, as soon as I logged in and asked for help in Help Chat he whispered me and gave me some really really good advice, upon eventually getting me a spot in BoS.

137 days later I am still here, active every day and loving every minute of it. Thanks Eugene and all of BoS, of whom I still ask for advice/help

Edited on 17-09-2013 21:45
17-09-2013 23:35

Lurchable and the Texans were the first to explain things to me.. they helped a lot including explaining to me that i should gain my first 20 or so levels before joining a clan so I had a better understanding of the game before I made a decision of a clan to join..
They also gave me only what I absolutely needed to start and learning how to support myself convinced me that I should not have to rely on a clan to play.
The Godfather
18-09-2013 18:40

few to name.
Fate, Marley, Bloodysky.
18-09-2013 20:38

i don't think i asked for help, but had BoS clan to guide me after the tutorial and take me in

Edit- During time in BoS I also had LadyTabitha who guided me(and also guided me right into Pog clan, lol

Edited on 08-02-2017 08:45
25-10-2013 04:40

Even though it pains me to say it.

Typo and A_Snickers_Bar both helped me!
25-10-2013 04:46

M S Scott first helped me
#341 in woodcutting
[2]19:46 typo[BK]: Congratulations! You've gained a woodcutting level (50) 6/24/13
#500 on 9/10/2013
[To: aelias] 06:31 typo[=SoA=]: you are nutty
[W] 06:31 Aelias[Fresh]: as a peanut :P
27-01-2014 22:41

zmbislayr <3
28-01-2014 10:08

[N_H], in particular Nate, N_H himself and Mithrae
21-08-2014 15:52

The very first time I joined the game years ago M S Scott helped me out
21-08-2014 18:08

Someone gave me a free white horse within 10 minutes of completing the tutorial...that's all I remember.
16-09-2014 19:12

I would like to thank Pedro for helping me out , he gave me a ton of stuff and 2.5k of gp for free
Lord Beerus
16-09-2014 19:27

HenryCrun, Treize and HHH. Ah the good ol days
mida veel
22-09-2014 22:37

18-11-2007 19:50

''Blessit she was absolutley wonderful. ''

Yeah, she was. Blessit helped me too. But Muaat helped me too, because I was one of ~10 players that knew he was a brother/relative of M2H. Think I liked Blessit too much...
23-09-2014 09:03

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