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19-11-2007 12:20

I was fortunate to receive help from several Syrnian legends,

TIW, Pixieslave, KK, and LadyRaven. TightyWhitey was a big help as well.
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19-11-2007 12:26

the first 3 pepole to help me was

and allycat

my question was
i need help? how do i stop mining

I look back at that and laugh to see how far i have come
19-11-2007 15:51

The very first person to ever help me, was dear Promie, every question i asked he answered without laughing in my face, even if it was dumb, still does to this day. I thankyou sweety so much.

I also owe thanks to BLOODYSKY, Maggie, madskillz306 and Bantha for also helping me out.

Thanks guys
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19-11-2007 16:05

i was on TT and saon321 helped me thanks!!!!
19-11-2007 17:21

Im not to sure who it was but i know Maggie helped me a lot at the start she was a real gold mine of info.

McBloody was my first clan leader of the awesome PArtY clan.

Adnerb, stopped me from quitting the game when i was at my lowest and is a shining light of what people can achieve in the game.

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19-11-2007 17:38

the first person to help me wasd PLATIC... he is a legend
19-11-2007 19:12

There wasn't a help chat when I joined. I read the manual for most questions but then when I joined the clan Syrnian Wolves (which no longer exists) and the leaders Sarradin and Clownboy helped and answered lots of questions.
19-11-2007 19:20

Dolmarion...was my hero when I started and remains my hero today as he is a great clanleader. He has helped many throughout the time he has been playing. Also, I must mention Onenjr he was and continues to always be available with any question I might have. Dolmarion and Onenjr are great teachers, leaders and great friends. I'm proud that I was able to learn from them. THANK YOU to both they are a great duo!!
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19-11-2007 22:00

LadyRaven was the first person to help me... She Rocks!!! Thank you all you guys that stay in help chat!
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19-11-2007 22:08

hmm let me think subzero, pippy in the way of pk ing umm lady t but who hasnt she helped cute clan when i was with them syerith of chaos for showering me the ropes of trade and how to mange a shop umm and tons of other kind players out there have help me tons become the player you see before you today
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19-11-2007 22:13

I think the first time i joined the two people that helped me were:


They were very nice to me, helped me with everything...
19-11-2007 22:13

There were several that helped me when I first started but the big 4 that helped me, when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in the Manual and DW-HQ were, in no particular order

1) Falstaff
2) Luna
3) Ryno
4) Tranq

There are many, many others but, these 4 were especially cool and helpfull, and for that I thank them
19-11-2007 23:16

Loubeelou was a pretty helpful person I think
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20-11-2007 02:28

the person that helped me was flag
20-11-2007 03:30

Thank you Panda, for your Kind Words. The people who helped me most (because they were the only one's that would) Was LadyRaven and Maggie. My thanks go to them!!
20-11-2007 05:37 far as things and showing me around Syrnia.

Mods...for teaching me to avoid the use of the "censored phrase"
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20-11-2007 10:39

Judas_Goat helped me the most. Bummie showed me the greatest kindness.
20-11-2007 10:46

WhiteDragon was wonderful on my first day here!
20-11-2007 15:45

Same as quag, Judas_Goat helped me in every way he could.
23-11-2007 23:53

stormz answered lots on my old gally acount that i forgot passord for i knew for this one though
24-11-2007 14:32

24-11-2007 14:47

I'd have to say the person who first helped me in game was Devil_of_Death with trying to find ways for gold. I know Bhangra, Jester92791, Billth, Hellfyre, and other players have helped me, but I remember DoD being the first. =]

I'd also like to mention my old clan leader, SGT-T. He ran a good clan.

Thank you, everyone. =]

Edited on 24-11-2007 14:48
24-11-2007 14:55

The first person to help me was: S10. I knwo her in RL, she told me everyting about he game.
24-11-2007 17:00

i think flag helped me out first
24-11-2007 18:40

200+ days ago BMaxwell helped me out first!
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