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27-07-2010 01:25

only1 clan helped me alot
Mr. Addy
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02-08-2010 07:54

clydex annd pendragon
06-08-2010 00:53

Kuli (Lemur) & Ladyraven143 (Cute)
Monterey Jack
06-08-2010 01:01

Probably someone from pond...lestro or radiognome? Of course they also taught me how to get used.
So likely a better choice would be either bellabell3, Booger or St0rmz_
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06-08-2010 01:10

Amnesiaa helped me! Thanks amne
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06-08-2010 01:16

A_f_c The Nub nub
06-08-2010 01:24

orange the orange
21-08-2010 18:26

21-08-2010 18:45

i know, it was Rose,
she sold me a 2000/100 house at eully for next ta nothing,
this made it possible to concentrate on getting enough wood together to have a sfb made ;) ' which started the 'happymouse tour' yaa!
but seriously i later tried to sell/give back her house to her, and she wouldn't have it.
thank you again so much rose,

Edited on 21-08-2010 19:55
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-Vince Lombardi
22-08-2010 02:39

Cherry was my biggest help (Bless her soul)
31-08-2010 01:22

I can't really remember. But it was Astia, one of my exes that I don;t think still plays...and PvP...and all the wonderful members of ffx turned ~fos~...
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31-08-2010 01:47

not completely sure...but i remember that Masterdeath did
31-08-2010 03:40

No one helped me. I got to where I am now by myself...everyone I know though just provided chatter, which is fine.
She heals me, she heals me, she heals me!

She heals me with her call....
31-08-2010 17:52

Silverstar8, she was always there for me since the very beginning, helping and guiding me in learning the concepts this game has to offer. We soon became close friends and we are now up to the point of being married XD. So Thanks Silverstar8!
31-08-2010 18:11

777 was the first person to help me.
I felt so rich when he gave me 200 carrots and a 250 slot house. Not to mention loads of great advice.
07-10-2010 19:07

Celadawn...and Calliope? anyways I really appreciated the help.
07-10-2010 23:53

I pretty much kept to meself when I first started, but ororo was my biggest help when I decided to start asking questions.
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14-10-2010 02:46

for me... my first person to help me was, Ragnarok, D1sruptra, Cast, Raimche, Traveller and St0rmz_...... this was all before the multi chat system came
i will for ever and always be the first full time fisher of TF no matter if i no longer have the highest fishing title
14-10-2010 08:25

Leash was the very first person that helped me. Thanks Leash.
01-11-2010 06:54

there were 2 people who most helped me actually!
Spartaness answered all my questions in help chat
and Dale, he is a well known player, he took me under his wing when i got out of the tutorial, he gave me some free stuff, complimented me all the time, and got me addicted to the game
then sparta offered for myself to join her clan, which dale was also doing! Then a big thing happened and spartaness took me with her! Eventually i realised i was taking too much from sparta and broke off..
but she still helps me too this day!
Dark NeroxusTemp
21-11-2010 02:45

well when i 1st joined all those years ago it was a nice clan temple of taiia or something along those lines the clan leader was great allthough i cant recall his name sorry but when i re joined and had to adapt to all the changes it was scarycereal and harmoony who helped me alot and then CFH
29-11-2010 17:55

the first person who helped me was HenryCrun
30-11-2010 00:47

That would be Kozmik, helped me through my first couple of hours (his own account was only a few hours old) and we've been friends ever since.

nice thread, i like this
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30-11-2010 00:55

30-11-2010 01:00

First time around, the biggest help was Mithrae in Night Hunters. that was about 2 years ago. I just started up again, and this time it was bakertommy
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