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hero heroric
04-10-2009 08:59


He is a kind person ;)
Mr. Addy
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04-10-2009 09:57


04-10-2009 10:50

orange for me
04-10-2009 11:46

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Holy Axe Lord
28-10-2009 02:35

Lemon, mistook him for and old friend and then started eating him.. XD
30-10-2009 01:44

ICE and OutlandOverLord from S*D*D
Cool Ghoul
10-11-2009 03:49

5.Game Help
10-11-2009 04:11

Didn't use help chat when I first joined. Never have really used it. I just search when I try to learn new stuff. Person who probably helped me the most was GM though.
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10-11-2009 08:05

The first person who helped me was bones10994 thanks bones
10-11-2009 08:28

The first one who helped me was Marcscott619 .
10-11-2009 13:28

Ah yes! Those good ol' days.

Well I remember cold_octo (before he went completely crazy) first of all.

And then my ~LoL~ family, PJ, Fatboyzcaraudio, preacher, Xartas, and the rest of you guys. I still love ya!
26-12-2009 22:15

The Tutorial, The Manual, and Orange in the help chat who filled in the blanks without any sarcastic comment about my noobish questions and an outstanding depth of patience. Thanks Orange you're my new favorite flavor of LifeSaver! Also a big thanks to Grix for explaining whisper to me. Thanks to the folks in the help chat. And to Silverthing for being so patient with me and my ignorance. You all are great

Edited on 27-12-2009 04:20
02-01-2010 03:33

DAcs helped me well... I saw images of Syrnia in the 8 or 9 September 2008 at his home ... and he was my mentor in Syrnia
02-01-2010 03:39

I joined when help chat existed. Calliope was the guide on duty at the time. Huge help to me
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18-01-2010 17:50

Redx . Clan [HelpU]
mr leathorn
18-01-2010 23:29

Madame masque thanks MM!!!
05-04-2010 12:46

I realize this topic is rather old, but I'd still like to add who 1st helped me really get started on my Syrnian Journey.


Thanks bro
~Rwar! Ima Lion!~
05-04-2010 13:59

HardTime-From my first clan
BOOYAKA-From my second clan

and everyone in help chat

Edited on 05-04-2010 13:59
05-04-2010 21:36

Em.......Alot of you guys may hate him XD......Blazer123
05-04-2010 21:43


I received alot of great advise from many players and help chat has proven to be very helpful, sometimes too helpful and a bit creepy. Anywho.. Pendragon really impressed me with his/her playing style and also offered me some items because of him or her I was able to overcome a great obstacle in the game and move forward onto greater things.

His kindness to a new player will not be forgotten nor will it go unrewarded. Thank you.

Edited on 05-04-2010 21:44

Edited on 05-04-2010 21:45
06-04-2010 00:34

Can't believe I never posted on this...but as its near the top I will now!!

All of clan mumu, we all started together and helped each other...

but especially Hexis, now I think of it he got my my first tools, my amber for the bluebell quest, ltbs and lmc for the thieves quests and numerous other things that as a noob I really struggled to get hold of! He also talked me through joining up with the pirates and my very first trips into the OL...I will never forget all his help

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Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn :)
06-04-2010 01:50

06-04-2010 02:17

[3]15:51 Valiancia[Zen]: A fish fishing fish? o.O

[3]23:12 Piscium[Zen]: The Sorer hunter died and forgot to drop a webbed item, maybe next time.
[3]23:13 keg[Zen]: I hate when they do that

Proud fish of [Zen]
06-04-2010 11:24

Bond and Orhoz helped me tremendously when I first started - they still do Both fantastic players and good all around people . It is my pleasure to know them . Big thanks to you both , couldn't have had better mentors .
19-04-2010 21:12

I'm not sure who the first was, but the player whose helped me the most so far is C4LV1N. quite the player.
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