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09-07-2009 07:57

Harvy (harvestmoonaway)

and then when I joined [Peace]


They are both great
Mr. Addy
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09-07-2009 09:49

I can in to the game already "knowing" it
(So I guess I am indebted to Gates of Survival to getting my general "noob" out of my system; Freddo814(?) for telling me about Syrnia).

Xartas and [~LoL~], with Fatboyzcaraudio & Baron_Alex (and others), were tremendous fun to play with.

After I was inactive for 6 months or so, and I had to start all over, Fatty and [~Fam~] have been awesome.
09-07-2009 14:41

the first person who helped me was DeMear the great leader of the temple of taiia
09-07-2009 16:34

When i first joined FaM in the beginning everyone helped me, thanks goes out to fatboyzcaraudio, shannon, rockwell, kat, clopoyaur, and rhu from my other clan. thank you all!
many more helped those were just the big ones i could remember!

Edited on 09-07-2009 16:34
09-07-2009 16:47

The first people to really help me out was the clan of snake, especially viper. Who I've bombarded with all the newb questions over the time I've spent in the game. So thank you viper and all at snake.
09-07-2009 21:44

osvajac and huffytactic, we been good mates for nearly a year now
11-08-2009 21:32

Well if you consider a mod muting you for talking in chat 5 then him but it was AA.
11-08-2009 22:05

Well, LadyR, Ook, moi, punkie, nirv, b20soccer, pete, Crow... and the rest of [Cute] as it was back in the day
Ihit Youdie
11-08-2009 22:16

Smitts did hes a good guy
Then the ~DOS~ clan, and *I*C and then Snake.. and viperslfc has helped me the most! thanks all!
15-08-2009 00:01

Derf helped me First!
15-08-2009 02:04

I think it was KingDuppyDoo
*stopped playing along time ago tho *

Edited on 15-08-2009 02:04
18-08-2009 02:50

cali helped me thanks
Demon Hawk
18-08-2009 03:07

pipster and the whole Rborn clan
18-08-2009 03:28

Xarn and witch37hazel Great times back in Colonize
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18-08-2009 05:02

Have to say the first ones to help was kenny666 for getting me into the game after watching him play for about a month.

After that would have to go to the Orginal members of Union, Liljoe, Blessit, Jessa,lilzar and many others.

But Most of all would have to be all of DW and their evil guidance thru the Dark Shadows of Syrnia ~All Hail The Dark Warriors~
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18-08-2009 05:10

my 1st 4 ppl who helped me ALOT,

18-08-2009 08:03

18-08-2009 08:14

first person to help me was dangerous but
18-08-2009 21:09

Viperslfc helped me tremendously when I first joined up.. then I guess just about everybody in the clan now really. If anything.. just by being there to talk to
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29-08-2009 21:37

Designthelie.. Orly.. Bryth.. Kimmy..
Sure Noob clan But best Noob clan around..
in help proly LadyR. She is a saint.
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We simply exclude certain types of people

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Star Flame
30-08-2009 14:16

i believe it was Velvet that first helped me

04-09-2009 22:06

Takk was the first person who helped me in the game. He got me started, was my mentor, etc. Once I got started freakyzeb (Zebby) was kind enough to help as well, and so did biggins.

Thanks to ALL of you who are helpful and friendly to new players, instead of making fun of their innocent questions on how to play this fabulous game!
Today is tomorrow's memory ~ Make it worth remembering
04-09-2009 22:19

trosey, mostly. But after a couple of days, Reynn Dogg was also a really big help.
03-10-2009 22:17

Son of Hassirar
03-10-2009 22:26

no clue since it was sooooo long ago, but aquadark, spindoc, gunsmoke and bull all helped me at different times
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