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03-12-2008 19:56

i think Orange
Mr. Addy
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07-12-2008 23:33

It wasn't in Help Chat I got my first friend/helper.

The Sinner
07-12-2008 23:35

Woohoo!! Shout-out to the whole of [Resq] clan, who helped me excel and become a super nerd!!
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07-12-2008 23:39

Calgor was the one who introduced me to the game and also helped me alot!

True Legend he is!
Proud Member Of Phoenix! [RBorn]
07-12-2008 23:59

Mine was mainly Mungbean but also Barry
08-12-2008 11:06

I would say,santha85,chatbleu,dlioncourt,and wrm [all from x-bonz,R.I.P]
~~The Baker~~
16-12-2008 23:55

lol Ryan [RESQ] is the best
22-01-2009 14:15

22-01-2009 14:36

Mainly Murderdol22 (Best friend in RL) got me addicted to this game. ^^

A few others;

Shimizu, Scoffer, Shard, i think a few others, just cant remember there names.
22-01-2009 16:26

Calliope first helped me. Answered all my questions and helped me alot
22-01-2009 16:28

The first one who helped me was the manual lol, but in chat it was Orange...
Thanks Orange!
22-01-2009 18:53

Dont think I have ever posted. First players to help Me include Bonsoy, one of the most helpful players I have came across. Kind and willing to help, be it items or answering questions. Fave player from snake.
Gunsmoke, St0rmz, Moc1 also helped.
Ladyraven helped mostly, by answering other players questions in chat as at that time, no help chat was around.Which then meant I knew the answers to help other players, seeing as have seen my name, by people i didnt even realise i had helped . And the general syrnian community helped by being what it was back then, if it was not as interesting, would not have stuck around.
22-01-2009 19:02

Look to the person above me as to who helped me first Viper gave me an ogre tool or two back in the day when they were still hard to find. It was a noob's fortune to me and I've been playing for 2+ years and still haven't forgotten it.

In-clan help, I still remember when Markenthol gave me a full ogre set (back when the sets were 10-12k for all combat gear) and I was giddy for days over that one too.

Thanks to you both!
22-01-2009 19:08

Clan Resq! good group of people they be!
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22-01-2009 20:12

ladyraven and orange
22-01-2009 20:27

When I first started I read the manual, biggest help there was. So thanks M2H and any mods that helped put it together way back
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22-01-2009 21:09

I think Prom was the first person to ever help buying the Garnet I mined in the Tutorials. Then [KSR]..the first clan I was ever in.
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22-01-2009 21:36

23-01-2009 01:05

Stein, allycat and all of Carpe Diem/Panta Rei helped me when I first started
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Wood Goddess
23-01-2009 01:13

Orange and Calliope for me

Thanks you guys!

Edited on 23-01-2009 01:14
_Lady Iso_
03-02-2009 03:29

Killurna gave me most of what I started with, Silverbakk helped me out loads (including saving my death drop for me ;) Burdman and Indiamae were awesome... and last but no where near the least was Pyjamas... oh where would I be without my pj's ;)

Thanks all
03-02-2009 07:09

the first person to help me was pandor. He gave me a complete bronze set and got me set up. After I played a while I looked him up to try and repay the favor but he apparently no longer plays.
10-02-2009 01:26

Trosey.....Or Orange..I forget
13-02-2009 06:12

I'd have to say lace and flag... and sky when he was on. all of my ExRo clannies helped me
Lord Of Fire
19-02-2009 15:44

aqaudark and then i joined x-bonz thats not a clan anymore but all the members helped me so much
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