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11-11-2008 07:05

Waldini and Jewel
Mr. Addy
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11-11-2008 07:52

Pyjamas(To pull me to my first real clan, and starting me on ~one~), Stoney_Smurf(Who has helped push my thieving), Aussiebeast(Always there for a trade, and to let me know of anything I need, or have a question for), Hellfrye523(My first Carrier in the OLs, listens to all my complaining), Bramp135(My first Bodyguard, that ended up killing me, instead off dolmarion. But picked up my death drop in OLs and brought it to me.) Thanks for my first heart attack , and Goatsandwich(Who first helped me on ogre side, when I had nothing but a fishing rod, few and few gold. Gave me 2 rods. Was around when BRamp killed me by accident in the OL's, but was quick to send a msg to see if I needed anything) Thanks for always being a sweetheart.

Thank you all for everything

Most of all to my best friend, Rictor. Has been there to help me, with any problem, whether good or bad, including my crazy times xD If it wasn't for him, I would have quit long ago. Thanks for making me such an addict. *huggles*

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Thanks Rib for the donation ;)

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11-11-2008 09:34

Loubeelou, and then i ended up joining her clan
11-11-2008 15:36

No1 ever helped me. And no1 ever will.
14-11-2008 01:56

Tryffid...then Bhangra and Votter...That_Guy and Eannain...Evertonianmark
14-11-2008 02:00

I think it was vincius
Thanks Merlin for the Donation
Lady Of Shalott
15-11-2008 06:40

PrincessKimber, my RL MOM
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15-11-2008 07:05

witch37hazel, and all of [===]

and some guides (Orange, trosey, and calliope)

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16-11-2008 02:40

sticker was the first 1 there for me!!
16-11-2008 03:05

16-11-2008 03:08

Prometheus really helped me at first, the manual, my clan and thanks to all the other Syrnians who have answered my noob questions
16-11-2008 03:10

oh yeah and him
16-11-2008 20:42

um..... well orange helped me through the beginning and then baal sent me a guide on making money. Thanks to them both
24-11-2008 04:00

My first encounter when i joined was with Bhangra, who guided me and introduced me to the origional WOTO and to many friends. These all gave me advice, guidance and of course friendship. Without these guys and gals I would not be here today/ So I give a big shout to my first friends here, Bhangra, Bramp135 (sticky fingers) and Votter! The leader of my first clan and the provider of my first house and farmland.
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24-11-2008 04:15


VERY Late Edit: Merlin (who doesn't play anymore) helped me alot.

Edited on 03-05-2009 00:07
24-11-2008 11:51

xrcist,then he locked me in the basement of the OL 38 store
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24-11-2008 12:29

good store that!
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24-11-2008 17:45

As far as i remember,it was mostly Orange and Aquadark when i started.
24-11-2008 18:53

Chase Miracleborn
24-11-2008 21:55

My brother ONEMIKE Helped me a lot with how to play and items. Thanks Mike!
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24-11-2008 21:58

24-11-2008 22:33

It's been a while so I can't really remember but I'm pretty sure that BLOODYSKY and LuciousKri gave me a few tips on getting started.
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24-11-2008 22:40

Cancun, Viperslfc and most of all Gunsmoke.
03-12-2008 07:48

orly was the first one to help me...he's such a doll!!
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03-12-2008 16:15

indisponte was the first person to help me, is he still around?
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