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31-07-2008 02:52

The first player who even talked to me was Azny(now known has someone else )

And after that Marsular, KillerSpawn, and The DrkFws.
Mr. Addy
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31-07-2008 03:02

When i joined the only non existent chat was help, but I was first helped in the game by a player named crown.
31-07-2008 03:10

gumby2469 showed me how to play the game and make it fun, she let me in the first clan i ever joined
31-07-2008 03:42

Will out a doubt, mill21a, tag_u_it & the rest of MoS.

Thanks guy
13-08-2008 21:09

Mine was Snipper64 and all the members of EotD and DoH!,
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23-08-2008 02:49

mine was when 1 chat excisted (good old days) imagion that now itd be like no tv but thanks to viperslfc and shadowstalker im doing fine
02-09-2008 21:52

NinjaCorpse he gave me all my starting armor and helped me be the great miner I am today!

Thanks Ninja!
Blackout Vision
02-09-2008 23:57

Jean Grey, aquadark, Redneck, Ravan, and probly alot more, just cant remember (short term memory loss )
04-09-2008 20:57

When I first joined = You joined syrnia 285 days ago, about 2 weeks later, he rejoined the renamed clan.

beavis, who was always there with answers to our questions, advice about every skill in the game, and who I still ask advice, and follow them too. I have the utmost respect for him as a syrnia player, and he will remain a dear friend outside of this game
04-09-2008 20:58

ragnarok from SaS.
04-09-2008 21:10

07-09-2008 09:22

aqua is on when i am so helps me heaps
07-09-2008 11:20

When I joined Syrnia, it was 3 days after the release of Syrnia. The first guy who helped me was... I have no idea who because it was too long. That time i asked on how do I travel to other places and someone taught me.
07-09-2008 11:36

i got muted the first day i played. so i guess no one helped me
09-10-2008 00:01

dtown is my favorite player! he helped me start off my great experience of syrnia! i was the first player ever in one of his clan's and no i made my own im on my own thatnk you so much dtown! you helped me so much!
09-10-2008 02:11

God's messenger gave me a few rides to Sanfew is that helping lol.
Semper Fi
09-10-2008 02:19 wasn't in help chat actually it was when i first joined a clan...that was xarn ...been with him pretty much since i started
09-10-2008 18:25

09-10-2008 19:49

i know most people wont know who im talking about

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08-11-2008 15:09

Nate harper and the Nighthunters.
08-11-2008 15:13

xarn,hazel,bryth, and All of colonize. THen All the friends back in Rei!

And anyone else along the way.
Lord RTM
10-11-2008 22:45

Chazo i think.
10-11-2008 23:20

Selena and Zeken. There was another person but I can't remember who anymore.

I was new and had not even THOUGHT about training combat yet and I had just made level 15 woodcut and was so excited to go and chop at lemo woods.
I accidentally clicked on enter the woods instead of woodcut and I was panicking in world chat. They tried to help me but I was a mad clicking woman and I died.

Selena gave me all sorts of things to get restarted and Zeken gave me 1k gold.
1k gold was a LOT of money to me back then!!

If it weren't for them helping me that night, I likely would have quit I was so upset about it.

So thanks again guys!!
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10-11-2008 23:25

in help chat, aqua

in game tiggger and rudi
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11-11-2008 05:51

I think it was Ninja and Diane41.
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